Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meeting Girls Online

I remember the days of IRC.

It was the "IN" thing back in secondary school.

Students from all over Penang will spend their time on the channel #penang meeting other Penangites.

Conversations always went like that

CoolGuy15: Hi

BabyCrush14: Hi BabyCrush14: a/s/l?

Coolguy15: 15/m/pg Coolguy15: u?

BabyCrush14: 14/f/pg

Coolguy15: Cool... what skool are u from?

BabyCrush14: CPT... u?

Coolguy15: SXI...

BabyCrush14: oic

Coolguy15: so uhmm... yeah.... so how was your day?

Babycrush14: it was ok... u?

Coolguy15: it was ok too... soo uhmm...

Babycrush14: ...

Coolguy15: uhmm... so you finished your homework today?

Babycrush14: Ya... u?

Coolguy15: yeah I finished too... great... uhmm... do you watch ultraman?

Babycrush14: Not really...

Coolguy15: how about doraemon?

Babycrush14: nop

Coolguy15: how about baja hitam?

Babycrush14: nop

Coolguy15: baja merah jambu?

Babycrush14: nop

Coolguy15: smurfs?

Babycrush14: nop

Coolguy15: carebears?

Babycrush14: nop


Babycrush14: i watch cnn, bbc, cnbc and the discovery channel. daddy tells me that boys who spend all their time watching cartoon network grow up to be idiots who never get laid.

Yes, hardly effective at most times, though I did meet quite a few girls over IRC that way (including one named Yi Jun who $(#&*((*#(#$*)

Anyway, the IRC trend faded away quickly and then came the recent years where guys met girls through social networks like Friendster, something that I never quite caught on.

Yes... it is true...


I don't know why... maybe it's because I'm hardly the best looking guy there...

or maybe it's because I haven't updated my profile in years (it still says I'm in the UK and I am 'in a relationship')

or mayyybe.. it's because when girls think of sending me a Friendster message, they first see my Friendster profile that says
"Last Login : 3 months ago".

And they figure "Ahh forget it! The sonofabitch is never going to reply anyway."

WHICH IS NOT TRUE!!! I do log in to Friendster every once in a while to reply messages!

I just don't stay long enough to go around collecting 500 friends in 3 different Friendster accounts! :P

Anyway... meeting girls over Friendster is already fast becoming out of date!

Today, there is a new way for shy boys like me to meet girls online.

And that is... by reading blogs like


Meet William!
William has for long been one of my faithful readers from MMU!

He was doing the usual commenting on my silly blog entries until he caught the attention of a pretty Penang girl named Marian.

They used my blog as a chat base and eventually exchanged MSN contacts.

Today, they are officially ... a couple!


The very first couple to meet on

So there you have it everyone.

Just by reading blogs (or my blog), William has gone from shy boy

Once again, to the shy boys out there... reading is good for you!


Anonymous said...

WoooHHOOOO!! I'm FIRST!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've really wanted tol do that for ages!!! Can't believe it! I'll read your entry now

Boss Stewie said...


u're so funny bunny

u're a funny bunny

a fahney bahney

Anonymous said...

ur post serious one ah?
the previous comments by mae's friends sayin that she and william are a thing was real?
ooh gossip gossip!!
i likey!!
i also want! hahaha
come la gwen! ;)
wait..ur married..rite?
cis! haha!

electronicfly said... dating service r?

Daphne Maia said...

the screenshot of the IRC channel... what language is it in?!?!?!

Boss Stewie said...

andrew: gwen is married!! and with a cute baby boy too

fei: yes yes :P only for my dear readers

daphn: hhahah i have nooo clue... it was random. the friendster screenshot is real though.. that's how my profile looks like on friendster

mae said...

>< shy ony. Pahhh Sara speaks no lies. :P

mae said...

And you got your facts wrong. I didn't make the first move! *bluekzz*

miszmilk said...

woot! Congrats to William and Marian!

You can be an official matchmaker already!

Boss Stewie said...

mae: okok fine fine... william was the dirty one who made the first move :P

mizsmilk: hehehe yes yes i can.. i should charge per couple too.. :P

Joash Chan said...

It'll get more interesting if they start fighting at the comment boxes...

Jason Lioh said...


Jason Lioh said...

Introduce girls to me, boss!

Boss Stewie said...

joash: hahaha yes yes it will... go induce a fight between them so we can watch

jason: hehehe

Anonymous said...

bwahahaha aku pun nak!! boss introduce some chun girls whom u think are compatible with me lehhhhh muahahahaha *ah beng inside showing head* :p

wat are the chances of you yourself getting attached through your blog anyway?? hmmm

Anonymous said...

ur saying they met through your blog? really bo!

i've never met anyone from IRC before but i did meet someone i knew from ICQ and we have become close friends since :D.

the rest are from blogs la.

Sewjin said...

apparently, face to face dating isn't considered cool anymore.

(In the year 2020)
Me: What are you doing tonight?
Adrian (the playboy): I'm blog-hopping. It's ladies night at PPS tonight. I'ma leave suave comments on multiple blogs and get myself laid! What about you?
Me: I'm going to a club.
Adrian: You are so uncool.

Anonymous said...

Y'know there's this new way of dating that a friend of mine was talkin about sometime ago

1. Set venue at some place where there's wifi/free internet access, whatever and log on.
2. Proceed to the main agenda of the date by instant messaging with each other at the place sitting next or face 2 face with your laptops :p

If anyone here knows the exact term pls enlighten me~

Hannah said...

OMG HAHAHAHA great post!!!!! Mae, nice pic ;)

Boss Stewie said...

suicidal: hahaha i also dunno how to introduce wei.... mae and william found themselves

reallybites: hahah really lar! i was shocked to find out myself

benjamin: ahhaha! yes.. we should really spend more time at home then

taoke: what?!!? no wonder coffee bean can get so packed

babyblue: i'm guessing u know mae... have u met her wonderful hemsem boyfriend?

Hannah said...

lolz yeah I know mae, known her since 2004 when she moved to KL =D and nope...haven't met her boyfriend XP

mae said...

Boss, I've been meaning to say this for a long time..

THANK YOU!!! Thanks for setting up this blog, for otherwise I would not have found my better half. =)

Sha: Finally you got the guts to comment on his blog! =P

Miszmilk: Thanks.. =)

mae said...

Hm.. Sha is my schoolmate from 2004-2006. =D In case you're wondering also, Sara, Sha and I came from the same school. :P Damn kaypoh la me, butting into your lil conversation. :P

Anonymous said...

This story is truely a/s/l????

Unknown said...


F.Y.I.... i WAS never a shy boy and wouldn't BE one.

*further comment witheld*

Anonymous said...

This is my idea of an MIRC chat (dated April 12th, 2005).

And I agree that William was never a shy person!

Anonymous said...

wah timothy, hahaha you used CPT ..not bad not bad. :P

William, fellow uni mate, ada gf!!! congrats guys! :)


-blake- said...

must... comment... more...

lingghezhi said...

d day i entered IRC, was d same day i left. It was so weird in there...

Boss Stewie said...

baby: her bf is a very nice guy... and oh i did i mention.. he is a MAN now

mae: hahaha!!! alright alright... just invite me to your wedding

hasan: 23/m/pg u?

william: hahahaha!!! don't u look like one in the pic u sent me

narrowband: LOL!!!

maxine: see? i dun forget hehehe

blake: hahaha!!! damn fahneyu

ling: why? u must've gone to the wrong channels

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

boss, narrowband is my housemate back in 1st year. so, yes, u can trust his words for it. and dang! 2 ppl i know from uni knows...

and that pic was a candid shot, so i wasnt ready.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS...!!!...Stewie...u matchmaker...=]...!!!...hehehehe!!!

Boss Stewie said...

william: ahhh!! no u were ready... u're just a shyyy boyyyy

sara: hahaha!!! why thank u.. would u like to make use of my blog services to find urself a husband?

Anonymous said...

urm...HAHAHA...Yeahhh why not...? =p

Anonymous said...

gosh u promote your blog like this?...matchmaker? way off your blogstyle...=)

jlshyang said...

ah, reminds me of the IRC days.

wow, your blog is also a matchmaking site adi eh?

Wilson J Q Quah said...

boss friendster now can keep 999 friends in 1 account

u so out date 1

hahaha niama nvm u're not the only 1 who log in every 3 months, i guess that's y we so good fren wahahaha

birds of a feather mou?

Boss Stewie said...

sara: ahahahah alright... any guys interested in a very very hot girl that goes by the name of sara?

mic: desperate times!!!

jason: hahaha must know lar!!

lepton: yes boss.. we're too busy with nerd websites like wikipedia

Anonymous said...

Tim, not you. I was not asking you a/s/l. Ladies only. You're disturbed.

Daphne Maia said...

hasan: hahahahahahaha! this is really very funny. i'm sorry to announce that i spit out the contents of my mouth (peanuts btw) when i read this msg. hahaha.. so now we know tim's orientation ;)

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah said...

boss stewie : hmmm, the msg to baby, was it to me? o.O haha if its to me, just refer to me as Sha can le. I c ur becoming Sara's matchmaker too! haha

sara : wah seh, gdluck Sara! may u find ur soulmate here like Mae Ann did!! =D Lolx

Boss Stewie said...

hasan: lol! u know u love me

daphne: ahhh don't worry.. i feel secure enough of my sexuality that i don't mind people calling me gay

baby: ok SHA!

Anonymous said...

eh hook me up la ...

earl-ku said...

damn it ... you gotto hook me up man ...

HK said...

haha that is one cool thing to happen.

Ohhh well.. I think mine's really far far away :)

Gwendolynne said...

Grats Mae and Wills!!! Now all you other single girls go look up your so-called online bfs on

Ah yes, mIRC. a place for young females to get sexually molested and harassed by (generally) older males. The place for e-drama, flame whores and a lot of OPS ass kissing. I still get that in World of Warcrack so the basis of "online chatrooms" has never changed, even though it comes in a more interactive package.

Andrew ... you're too funny man. LOL if you wanna be mine you gotta do a lot of things that I don't think many guys would do just for a girl. ^_~

Boss Stewie said...

earl: hahaha eh eh... it's not like i purposely hooked mae and william up!

ares: heheheh well... for all u know u might meet someone.. if not from this blog then another

gwen: enlighten us on what that might be

AhPau said...

boss u r wrong d...if i remember correctly, we kinda met through friendster! =P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i wanna kau the blog owner.. can ?

stephanie j. said...

omigoodness! the floodation of comments.. why am I SOOOO surprised.. man, i dunno anyone here except for mae n william coz i sit next to mae in school.. n coz she talks bout william? cheh, me weird.

Boss Stewie said...

ahpau: NOooooo tht can't be true!

cely: HAH...u mean the blog owner has been trying to kau u

steph: let her talk about william all she wants ... :P

stephanie j. said...

will do.. only it gets annoying sometimes.. hehehheh

well that's just marian for you


mae said...

WOIII so bad la you stpeh.

no friend you liao.