Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It is 3.30am and I am awake.

Not because I've been up all night working or partying but because it is time to announce the soft-launch of my leetle dotcom's website.

Ming consulted a Feng-Shui Master of some sort to come up with a "good date and time" for the launch of the website and unfortunately the good date came out to be 27th of February between 2am-4am.

So to all my dear readers, I now present to you what we've been working on for the past 6 months: Nuffnang
My inspiration to start Nuffnang came about from my Leng Mou days.

With a fast-growing readership, I found myself spending more and more time blogging so it only came naturally that I began to want to earn some advertising dollar from it.

I initially had a taste of the glamarous ad networks that scour the internet but found disappointment for a few reasons.

i) They didn't pay as much as I hoped for.

ii) I was annoyed that it took so long before I got my USD cheque and even after I received it and banked it in, it would take 2-4 weeks before I get my money (or whatever is left over after the bank has taken its commission).

iii) In some cases, I can't stand being paid in Paypal dollars that I find sooo hard to convert back to cold hard ringgit!

iv) I felt that the ads were often irrelevant to my local readers.

I promised myself that by the time I returned to Malaysia, if nobody had already started a website that brings the blogging community together to achieve the kind of advertising dollar that each blogger on his/her own can't possibly achieve, I would set about to do it.

So with the help of Ming, we started on our journey.

We spent a good deal of our time studying the business models of existing blog advertising networks like Blogads and we observed how most of these networks were set up only to serve advertisers to high-traffic blogs.

Blogs with small-medium sized traffic were neglected and for good economic reasons as well (they were just too small on their own to command any advertiser dollar).

That however, was something both Ming and I were not willing to accept. We envisioned a website that could offer a piece of the action to as many bloggers as we can, even those that have as low as 20 unique visits a day.

Attempting to cover these smaller blogs proved risky but we innovated and built a system that would solve the problems surrounding such an action.

Today, the Beta Version of our website is finally ready to be made public.

Starting from today, we will be gradually opening up our website to the initial group of prominent bloggers who have agreed to be the pioneers of this community (among which are Jeff Ooi, Kenny Sia, XES, Petertan, Rojaks, Shaolintiger, Suanie, Cheeserland, MasakMasak, Smashpop & Gang and a whole lot more).

In the mean time, to all my dear readers, please feel free to join our website and tell us what you think.

Note we're still in a Beta Stage so if you find any bugs, do e-mail us to let us know. And to show our appreciation of you helping us out,
we're giving away prizes like an iPod Nano in our monthly lucky draws.Okay okay it is late and I think I'm going to resist telling you guys all about Nuffnang myself.

I'll save the rest for the coming blog entries.

Here's the URL


Jackson said...

You should post more often on 3 am. That gives me more time to say


Okay, i'll read your post now

Jackson said...

Wow that's a pretty sweet idea.. Hope it all goes well!

And I love the ad below ^^

Jackson said...

7am and still nobody up over there? Sheesh, I guess I'll take 3rd as well...

Hope you'll post more about Nuffnang, I'm very curious as to how you're going to do it. I guess I could check out the link, but I'd rather spam here :P

hahah j/k, site looks good too (because of the chicks of course ^^)

Unknown said...

good job boss... you've got our support all the way.

Anonymous said...

Supporting you in all times!

Boss Stewie said...


william: thanks very much dude!

meekie: :P awww thank uu

Anonymous said...

Congratz and good luck. I registered edi :p

Anonymous said...

I hope I wasn't too harsh on you till you decided to revamp the netccentric website...sorry.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for the launching!
All the best, man!

陈一豪 said...

Signed up dude!

Wen-Qi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boss Stewie said...

cely: thanks for your support cely!

anonymous: dude! definitely not too harsh. we were never quite confident with the website that web dev company came up with in the first place and we were thinking of what to do with it. Your comment made me realize that taking it down for now would be best. I should be thanking you for your feedback instead of you apologizing. I love constructive criticism, and that is exactyl what you gave me yesterday. Thank you and do feel free to voice more of your thoughts.

bryan: thanks dude

dr.tan: ahh really appreciate it! thanks dude

electronicfly said...


why when I cannot sleep you don't update, and when I can finally fall asleep early you update?!?!?!


hmmm..what about those sites with less than 20 unique visits? heeeee =P

Daphne Maia said...

i havent signed up!! but i think its such a neat idea! wahh this makes me so proud of u n ming! heh! malaysia boleh! (ok la singapore also, since ming is frm sg hahaha)

ok i wil sign up ONCE my exam is over tmr!!!!!!! (cos if i sign up now i sure cant study, muz chk out everything abt nuffnang)

ps write abt how u got the name. it sounds strange to me. hahah..

Boss Stewie said...

fly: well u can still sign up but we're not sure if we can find advertisers for you :P...

daphne: hahaha yes yes thanks daphne... i'll write bout how we came about with the name in time to come

Anonymous said...

More hawt models :p introduce them 2 us taoke ~

Anonymous said...

no invite to launch party meh?

Anonymous said...

Congrats and the very very best for the company!=)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations buddy! May your business be fruitfull and bountifull like coconuts.

I like what you've done with the site, kudos.

Anonymous said...

the logo's damn cute! and the overall layout of the website is very very friendly to impatient people like me. I'd sign up but my sad sad blog isn't going to be of much support anyway. I'll just stick to toking kok here. :p Ganbatte boss! HoOOoooOOoOOoo

Jason Lioh said...

Congratulations. I want that ipod, and my birthday just passed not too long ago! *hint hint*

Boss Stewie said...

arsky: hehehe okok

bunny: no launch party ar bunny.. this is just a soft launch

may: thank u thank u :P

hasan: really? thanks dude

suicidal: aww thanks so much for the feedback

jason: hahahaha u know.. i should show u that the lucky draw really is random based on the number of lots u have.. there is no function that allows us to manually input a winner.

HK said...


I'm not really sure whether my blog has 20 or not, since it's more of a personal blog. Sad :(

How about >10? hmm .. need to generate traffic..

HK said...

which means.. need more friends!! wuu..
Will you be my fwen~?

jlshyang said...

i've signed up and pasted the code but i can't see the banner which directs ppl to the website. :(

anyway, great idea! Hope you'l make it big!

jlshyang said...

it's working fine now! I hope i can maintain my minimum average of 20 unique visitors to get this thing working, hehe.

andrew said...

wah lauuuu fulamak fwuah!!
kacho kachi!!
respect respect :)
as u know, i dont blog and thus, i cant join in on the fun :( :( :(
i do have friends who blog alot, and i was wondering if i can just pass the site to them?
do u think the sentence "wanna earn money thru bloggin?" is too cheesy of an attraction?
hehehehe cause thats wat i wanna use to get them to sign up ;)
u know, u should have like a reward system boss, say..how many ppl u intro equals money HAHAHA
just a thought, pls dont block my comment HAHAH :)

Jason Lioh said...

Apart from that, I want to buy the rights of your up coming exclusive interview on newspapers when you make it big.

The price : A pot of your favourite fu zhuk bah kut teh.


Boss Stewie shall not accept any interviews from anyone except Jason Lioh.


pj said...

congrats boss!! all da best to u!! =)

Boss Stewie said...

ares: hahah yes i will be your friend

jlshyang: our server has been suffering from a bit of an overload... never expected so many bloggers to come up and join so some things are little unstable at the moment.. we'll working on it.. :P this is what the beta stage is for :P

andrew: hahaha i won't block ur comment lar!!!

jason: pls lar.. who want to interview me

pj: thanks thanks :P

Unknown said...

boss ah boss, can i join also r? if i help advertise ur nuffnang, will u buy me lunch r? hahaha.

Unknown said...

All the best to your nuffnang. may it flourish and the "beta" can be removed. hehehe.

Unknown said...

Boss, Boss, I just joined. Din receive the activation email geh? Does nuffnang violate adsense r?

ummizz said...

Great job, I already signed up

Unknown said...

boss, boss, can i suggest something r? in the login page hor, can u change it a bit that after i key in my login name/email and when i "tab" it goes to the "password" and not the "login" button r? just a piece of my thought.

Boss Stewie said...

andy: you should have received it. Did you check your spam? Which mail service do you use? It shouldn't even be going into spam.

ummizz: thank you so much for the support

Unknown said...

i just received. lol

Boss Stewie said...

andy: it didn't go into spam did it?

Unknown said...

din go to spam. rest assured. hehehe.