Monday, February 26, 2007

Penang Bloggers' Meet

Ok I've been extremely busy lately because my leetle dotcom is due for launch anytime soon and we've been working overtime.

But knowing that my readers expect something to read every day they log on, let me give you a quick update.

In the midst of all the busy work, yesterday afternoon I found myself at e-Gate's Starbucks.
I've heard much about this Penang Blogger Meet but I was never really sure if I was going. But thanks to Alcheong who insisted I go, I went and had a very good time!

Now you would think that the Penang Blogger's Meet would be tiny compared to the ones in KL.

Chanlilian once told me that she organized a Penang Bloggers' Meet before and only 5 bloggers showed up.But at yesterday's meet... there were over 50!!!

And of the 50, there were the young generation of bloggers who were ever so energetic.
And a couple of ancient ones like Sapiensbryan and I who walked and talked at a much slower pace than the rest.

Then of course, there were the LADIESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
And the group of girls who told me that they stopped eating taugeh after reading my post on it.

And of course there was Chanlilian who gave every blogger there a big ang pow!

And Jolene who was treated pretty much like a VIP considering she had always been one of the organizers for the KL Blog Meets.
Oh and lets not forget BRENDA... WHO IS FUKING HOT!!!

PS: Mae, a lot of people were asking about "The Couple Who Met on my Blog".


Anonymous said...


first again?!


Boss Stewie said...

LOL!!! boy are u lucky

MaN|acZ said...


MaN|acZ said...

"I came in my pants shortly after this picture."

What does this supposed to mean eh?

Why you not doing the "surrounded-by-chicks" photo like the blogger's meet in KLCC ar?

Anonymous said...

very lucky, thank you very much.

thats what happens when one gets too bored at work ;p

those blog meets look fun!
too bad i don't have a blog. i'd definitely join you guys if i did.

Unknown said...

what ang pow did u guys get? a cup of coffee each?

- PC - said...

hey boss.. i've never tot bout the taugeh thingy anymore til u mention again yday. n guess wat? i had chicken rice for my lunch today n wen i saw the taugeh, suddenly der's a whisper in my head.. "hey.. dont bother bout my blog. jes continue eating taugeh" i nearly throw out evrything ok?

thx to ur reminder.. i dont eat taugeh NOW!!!

electronicfly said...

I have been anti-taugeh since birth. Thankfully.

Did you know that the same thing can happen with Golden Needle mushrooms?

*evil laugh*

Anonymous said...

i happen to like taugeh and have yet to read that entry.. don't think I will anytime soon :p

Anonymous said...

Fuiyo... happening.. recently so many bloggers meeting.. and i haven attend any of it! hahahah

knew u are going to say me lansi again@!


andrew said...

eh will u didnt go to the meet ka?
boss ur damn disgusting lah!
came in ur pants all huh, wats this ah?
without an implicit meaning, how many times did u take a picture with her then? haha!

Anonymous said...

After soooo long and after visiting netccentric, is your company an integrated website branding company? And is nuffnang sharing the same office?

First thing first: for an entrepreneur, I must congratulate you for being brave enough to venture into the unknown which is a very scary place for salaried workers. It takes guts and a lot of coconuts and rambutans to do all these.

Now for the observations that might seem a bit potong stim:

a) Tim, you are a big fan of Apple/Macintosh and everything that embodies its founder, right? An analogy would be why did the founder name the computer business Apple, why name a company after a fruit, gila-ke? Which brings to netccentric and nuffnang, remember coconuts and rambutans?

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and etc, etc, etc but with some tweaking, I think you can succeed. All the best!

Unknown said...

andrew, u mean me?

im not in penang, how to go? classes start today.

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz; HAHAHAH it's a joke lar.. but okok i better take it down in case u all misunderstand :P

kristin: u don't need a blog to join! just come anywayz

william: hahah no lar.. lilian gave us cash

pc: HAHAHHA its a good thing that u don't eat taugeh

ultimate:: EWWWWWwww.. i actually love golden needle mushroom!!!

clem: LOL ignorance is bliss

cely: LANSI!!!

andrew: hahaa no lar i took only a few pics with her

anonymous: actually, netccentric is just a holding company that we use to run another business that will soon launch. The website is not meant to attract any attention or receive much traffic, it's just meant to be an information only website. We didnt design the website ourselves cuz we didnt want to divert any resources to buildign that website, we outsourced it to another company that obviously didn't do a great job on it.

mae said...



Hehehe, really flattered people asking bout me.. I think I'll turn up at the next bloggers' meet with Willy. Debut together. Hahax.

MaN|acZ said...

what's with anonymous's grandpapa grandmama long post ar?

Boss, I ask u explain lar... u take off for what?!.. adoiii.


Unknown said...

bosss.... why u took out the 'came in pants' part... put it back and add in explanation.

Anonymous said...

You guys are really quick at updating blogs! I'm still in CNY mood. La la la...

aL said...

hey you!!! you're welcome. wats a bloggers' meet without the Boss rite?

i was just kidding bout the taugeh stuff okie =P

Anonymous said...

wa.. KL & penang so happening. it's time the JB bloggers show everyone who's boss! bwahahahahaha


p/s: that was just meant to be in good jest k no offense meant i'm just men-jealous-ing again. :p

Anonymous said...

I envy William... =(

Unknown said...

why wor lance... u can also ma.