Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nuffnang's Rush Hour 3 Screening in Singapore

The whole Nuffnang team was down in Singapore last week not just for a company trip, but also for the first Nuffnang Community Event in Singapore.
It was massive, 200 over bloggers and advertisers met all at Vivocity for a movie screning and a cocktail reception before the movie.
Ming and Hui Wen, had done much planning for the event and they left no stone unturned.

You name it, we had everything from name tags for bloggers, to goodie bags... over 200 of them... pink for the girls and black for the guys.
Heck they even went down the detail to have many types of name tags.

The name tags for the bloggers wrote
"I'm a Nuffnanger I blog at ________"

The name tags for the Nuffnang team wrote
"I work my butt off for you" (or something along these lines)

The name tags of the guests said
"I'm just here for the free food".

The name tags of our advertisers/clients said
"I pay your bills!"

And for the VIPs it said
"Ming thinks I'm important".

That day was the first day I really had the chance to meet soooo many Singaporean Nuffnangers.

Heck just about everybody who's anybody in the Singaporean blogosphere was there.
Xiaxue, Cowboy Caleb, Dawn Yang, Sassy Jan, Sheylara... all were there!At one point, a Nuffnanger at the event came up to me and said
"Tim... Nuffnang events are great... you guys have somehow built the reputation of having events where the top bloggers whether in Malaysia or Singapore take the trouble to attend".

I told her that we're just lucky and these bloggers were just being nice to us.

Halfway through the registration process at the event, Ming's friends made a grand entrance with a nice customized Nuffnang banner that they made... and they laid it out on a table for Nuffnangers to sign!

We accumulated hundreds of autographs on that one banner by the end of the day.

I don't know about everyone else but the event to me was a great success but credit for that success isn't just due to the Ming and the Singaporean Nuffnangers that came... lets not forget our team that put in the effort in handling the registration, logistics and planning of the event.

To you guys and girls... (you know who you guys are)... thank you!

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention.

That day we also announced our new upcoming Nuffnang logo and showed a sneak peak of our coming Nuffnang 2.0.

To those of you who missed it, check it out here.


WhatMyFriendSay said...

wow nice presentation. is there any plan in the future to attract teenager blogger in singapore? i see alot of singapore teenager bloggers o.O

Jason Lioh said...

Why Nuffnang Singapore's movie screen is so much grander than ours? Huh huh? Somem ore got free food!

mae said...

Congratulations on Nuffnang 2.0 Boss!! We are loving it!!

Jason Lioh said...

Can't wait for the 2.0 NN! :D

Cowboy Caleb said...

Dude, I had a great time at the event :)

MikeM said...

havent watch yet... sad sad...

eStee said...

awesome job, thank you!

Jen said...

hey, i want free food too! and cool nametags. and goody bags!! i like goody bags very much =P

when's the next nuffnang msia event!!

Boss Stewie said...

vivala: we already cover many Singaporean teen blogggers

jasonmumbles: hehe cuz now we're a lot more established so can afford to spend more :P

mae: hehehe thanks mae

cowboy: thanks dude.. i had a great time too

michael: hahah watch lar.. quite nice

estee: thank you!

jen: hehehe i'm not sure...sooner than you think :P