Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Setting Up My Business Partner

While the Nuffnang team was at Sentosa we went on a ride called the Luge that partly required us to sit on sky swings to get from the bottom of a hill to the top. The sky swing is if anything... freaking scary!

Allow me to illustrate.

Check out this picture.
You are hanging from many many feet up in the sky with tree tops at your feet and if you think the net in the picture is meant to catch you if you fall off the swing you're wrong.

The net is only meant to stop you from crashing into the people down below!!!
One thing I learned though is this.

The average girl... is always less afraid of heights than the average guy.

That's right.. guys are generally more afraid of heights than girls.

And I notice that even in people like my dear business partner Ming.
Ming is if anything a very very aggressive character.

The kind of guy that you never want to step on his toes.

But put him on a sky swing and... Bwahahaha....

So knowing that Ming is afraid of heights, I put together a small team for my little ploy.

The Plan

First, I got Suet Li to make sure she got on the same swing as Ming and kept taunting him. Then I got our Singaporean intern Hui Wen to arm herself with her camera and take a video of Ming while Suet Li was taunting him. In Hui Wen's defense, she was afraid to play along at first.... scared kena scolded by Ming, not to mention, when it comes to Nuffnang Singapore (in which she was working under), Ming is the boss.

But I promised her that I'll take the fall if anything happens so she agreed. So the 3 of them got on and the video started streaming. Why don't you guys watch the video and tell me if the plan failed or succeeded.

The Result

If you watch the video, pay special attention to how both of Ming's hands were firmly gripped on the handle bar throughout the entire ride.


electronicfly said...


electronicfly said...

Ming looks different...less small kid edi... and nyahahha, not only was the video not deleted, it was uploaded to the internet!

Jayce said...

Cute girl... :)

Jess said...

like the hokkien phrase

"ok lang boh tah"

translatioin: fierce people don't have courage~


TNS said...

i also not fierce but dun have courage also

no alr, i got height phobia

Pookyma said...

Jess it's "ork lang boh lampah!"

Ming was such a pussy..i was laughing like mad and ...i didnt watch it coz of MING but coz of...cute girls that Nuffnang hired...haha

Boss Ming said...

what an EVIL partner.

Dun worry boss stewie, boss ming will get back at you for this ... scheming laugh ... mwahahahaha

Now josh knows my kryptonite leh ...

HK said...

hahaha good laugh!

JacJac said...

Boss stewie evil!

boss ming funny!

LOL... boss ming was so tensed the whole ride... hahahahahah

Boss Stewie said...

fei: hahaha lol!!! i am evil

jayceooi: cute leh hehe

jess: hahaha no lar.. actually ming is quite courageous ... just keep him and me away from heights

jason: lol.. same gang... see. guys are afraid of heights in general

pookyma: hahaha!! u notty lar u!! dun call ming a pussy!!!

boss: hahahahahaa whooppsss

philip: lol lol

jacjac: hahahaha...i was quite tense too

iwan c.m.n. said...

woi woi I'm laughing macam orang gila, not good la boss..!

I thought boss lepton laughing one was hilarious enough.. cis cis..!

suet li debuting somemore. duwan to be next to her in any ride..!!

Boss Stewie said...

iwan: suet li some more taunt him so much.. hahahaah ... say "girl scared nevermind wan"

lovey said...

I like it when boss Ming shouted 'Oii Timothy, you put them here to torture me aa?? '

Hilarious man..

Nicole said...

haha.. ming is so cute

Jayden said...

this is bloody hilarious!

Boss Stewie said...

lovey: hahahaha lol lol

nico: yah yah... he cute leh!!!

jayden: hehehe jayden

Unknown said...

shouldve stopped the cam only AFTER geting off the ride... see what happen afterwards to the cute girls. did ming make a comeback?

davienne said...

william: i had to turn it off quick, because we were reaching , and boss stewie landed right in front of us.

i had to make a dash for it with my camera safely tucked away. haha!!

-huiwen of nuffnang

nadnut said...

lol. the vid was hilarious!

jesspoh said...

notice how still/stiff his head is... doesn't really look left or right to talk to the girls hehe!