Thursday, December 27, 2007


I have never used this blog to rant before!


Let me tell you why!

Two weeks ago... I was driving home from the office minding my own business when suddenly... A *)&#$&# RED TAXI TURNS OUT OF THE ROAD AND HITS THE LEFT SIDE OF MY CAR JUST WHEN I WAS PASSING HIM.

It wasn't my fault... but I got over it.

Just 1 hour ago I was driving back from dinner at KLCC and sitting at the Sultan Ismail traffic light opposite Beach Club minding my own damn business and listening to my music while waiting for the light to turn green.

Then what happens??!?


Now what happens when you know you hit something... you STOP RIGHT?!?!

But not this lorry driver.

No he continued plowing the back of my car down.

I got out of the car yelling at him in English and he yelling at me in Cantonese.

I don't speak Cantonese. Finally we settled on cursing at each other in Mandarin.

He said that I shouldn't have moved where I was.


All the pedestrians walking by starting yelling at him, obviously knowing that it was his fault since he drove his lorry up my A$$!!!

Finally both of us calmed down, I took his phone number and number plate and left the busy road.

And tomorrow I have to spend a whole day making a police report and going to a workshop to hopefully get my car fixed within a few hours which I am PRETTY SURE THAT AT THE EXTENT OF THE DAMAGE.. THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!! NOT TO MENTION ALL THE BLOODY MEETINGS I HAVE TO CANCEL TOMORROW!!!


When bad luck hits you... it hits you ALL AT ONE GO.... that's Murphy's Law INNIT?!?!

And I'm certainly enjoying that now!!! The last string of bad luck I had was just 3 months ago when a car tried to run me down on Sunway and I woke up with an injured cornea for whatever reason!


Maybe when the good luck comes it'll all come at one go too.

Boy I wonder what extent of good luck is going to make up for this.

Maybe a Saudi Prince might hit my car next and as an apology, pay me RM100,000,000 in cash.

Tomorrow morning I am going to post up a proper entry.... by then.. please ignore this entry... I'm probably going to delete this entry then.


Magdalene said...


Unknown said...

friend, be grateful that the loss of material is any time better than the loss of life.

glad that you're still able to sit there and blog about it ;)

Aaron Tan said...

fren... my experience (just last month) -->

on my 6 days old car... damn tu lan.. at least you kena hit on the road..and while moving..

i kena hit when the car is parked nicely at the road side! @#$%^&*....

but of cos the damages is not as bad as yours... hehehe.. :P

Super Gentleman said...

chill boss... i noe ur pain... since u gt d money to go on a USD1000 cruise i think u gt enuf money to rent d big ass lorry that carries NASA shuttles in d US... rent dat for 1 day, ship it over, find all those drivers hu crashed into u b4, den, guess wad, giv dem sum bad luck lahh wad else... LoL... hope u cheer up soon dude...

Christine Wong said...

cheer down...

you did have a great cruise and christmas right? Think of your happy moments..or just cursing the lorry driver is enough to make your happy...Oops..that's your choice!

Come on! Be happy...laugh out loud!!!

p/s: If you really want to, i'll hire someone rich to crash ur car..but i dont think that's a good!

Cassie said...

chillax mr tim...bad stuff happen to balance out the good stuff..ok bad way of comforting you..

but tee hee..remember that there were good times too =D

it'll all soon be over and you'll be happy bappy again

ZB said...

lolz.. boss take care!

Genova said...

calm down boss.
get heineken extra cold

Unknown said...

oww. feel sorry for u..
sigh, tat's wat road bullies are.
hope ur car able to survive!
happy new year =)

Simon Seow said...

You should learn from FA on this kind of ranting. Eventhough she didn't get hit. Still the driver kena belasah like hell from her post.

Boss Stewie said...

ah.. ok ok thanks guys

i have cooled down now

bibliobibuli said...

really sorry for you, tim. the standard of driving is shocking. i'm grateful for every day i don't have an accident.

SaeWei said...

Aisehman.. May the NEw Year brings you Better Luck on the road k.. =) If you have any problems with claims.. Let me know la.. Insurance Claims Officer over here!! Hahaha

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Yeah.. like ppl say, when shit happens it happens in one whole load.
Don't delete la. This is part of u man. ;)

Besides bad stuff happens to all of us.

XiangMei said...

HAH! In ur dream lah that saudi prince going to hit ur car....I hope u will be a Happy-Go-lucky person in 2008!