Monday, April 07, 2008

20 Questions - Answers (Part 1)

Okay okay time to do my 20 questions I got from you guys.

Some questions... kinda really weird and not really about much and some questions... repeated by people over and over and over and over again. ISH!

Okay I'm gonna start answering some of the questions now, the first 10 at least.

1) "As a popular & famous blogger & rich & also a CEO, how do u feel with all the attraction u get from hot chick??? Do u have any POKEING session with any of this hot chick???"
Well dude, I hate to lead you on so I'm gonna break it to you okay? My blog ain't very popular or famous and I ain't rich. Believe me when I say that I'm one of the lowest paid in Nuffnang.

I'm also not quite the CEO of Nuffnang, I'm the Executive Director though I do run the Malaysian side of Nuffnang.

So with all that in place... I can't say that I get plenty of so called 'attraction' from hot chicks. Haha

2) "I know this question is going to be a bit formal but I am going to study Economics in UCL in September and I was wondering whether u can tell me more about your experience there."UCL and more specifically Economics at UCL is very very tough. At least I felt it was that way. Think about it this way, the minimum offer for you to get into UCL is at least 3 As for your A-levels which is pretty much straight A's.

Yet from the first year to the second year that I was there, 5% of the straight A students in my course didn't make it to the second year. From second to third year, 15% of the course didn't make it.That being said, uni is fun though I did get very bored of studying really quickly when I was there. I was impatient and wanted to do something of my own that could mean something which was why I jumped at the opportunity even before I graduated.

So have fun at UCL. And when you go to Four Seasons Roast Duck at Bayswater, please ask for "Ah Fei".3) "Where did you get your Mr. Happy shirt? Cos i wanna find and get the couple's for myself."


I actually bought it when I was in Sydney. It's quite common there. There was this brand doing all these shirts but I think you can find some of them in the flea market at The Curve on the weekends.I've seen some Little Miss shirts there.

4) "Ever thought of making it into CLEO's 50 most eligible bachelor like kennysia?"

Kenny Sia is on a wholeee different league from where I am. He's someone who has already made it in life and truly is eligible.

To begin with, I don't think I have the looks to make it for CLEO's listing. Besides, under the pressure of my parents, I've been trying to slow down on the media attention unless it's absolutely necessary or about Nuffnang.

Just yesterday I was in an article about blogging celebrities for Nuffnang in the Sunday Times.
Some businessmen tell me that all the media attention we've been ever so fortunate to get is good for Nuffnang.

I agree to a certain extent but in the past year, Nuffnang has been lucky enough to be in so many newspapers, magazines and TV slots sooo many times that I think before we set the expectations higher any further with all this hype, we all need to get down to pushing Nuffnang to the next level.

5) Why are girls so fascinated by guys' leg hair?

Uhhh... I didn't realize that happened.

6) Who do you want a blowjob from,brad pitt or an ugly transvestite?

Brad Pitt please. I'd rather have an elephant shit on me that let an ugly transvestite blow me.

7) What is the best pickup line/cheeziest line you ever said to a girl?

The best pickup line for me... "Hi!!!"

The cheesiest/worst pickup line for me.... "Heeeeeyyyyy.... you're actually quiteee prettyyyy"... (In my defence, it sounded a lot better with some tequila shots in my blood).

8) "Why are you called Boss Stewie and not Boss Timmy since Timothy is your name?"

Well Boss Stewie came from my Leng Mou days. Back then I was crazy (and still am actually) about this character in Family guy named Stewie.My MSN nick was Stewie and I was looking for an anonymous nick to blog under. At first it was just Boss Lepton and Stewie.

I asked Boss Lepton why he had "Boss" to his nick and he said it was because we called each other Boss all the time in real life.
So I thought I'd go along with it anyway... since hey... Leng Mou was supposed to be just for me and him. Didn't think anyone would ever hear about Boss Stewie.

9) "If you were a hangbag what kind of hangbag will you be? What colour, material, special features and price range."

Dammit! How do you expect a guy who knows nothing about handbags to answer a question like this.

10) "Who is the model you shagged before?"

Wah this one I cannot say cuz she reads my blog and she'll come after me :P


immi said...

yay finally answered ur 1st 10 questions! :D
wah u shagged a model b4? :|

MrChrispy said...

omg, so you really shagged a model!!!


Bursa Daily Trade Statistics said...

walao... u really shagged a model b4?

Jason Lioh said...

I thought Kenny Sia has... ermm... a girl friend?

Yeah, you don't mind getting a blowjob from a guy, is that it?Very disturbing thought, you know.

cc said...

errr... if i were a guy and somebody asked me question #6... I would have said neither lehhh... your answer is really... hmm... *raises eyebrow*

Twinkle said...

Alamaakkkkk.... #6. Hehehehe... Careful boss. Won't be suprised if suddenly gays give u their number and telling you," I am better than Brad Pitt". Jeng jeng jeng.....

Oh tidakkkkkkkkk....

Unknown said...

next question is, how much would you sell your iphone off for if one of us have thoughts of buying it..

Cheng Chun said...

Boss. I think you better expand your list to 100 questions leh. This 20 is too little la... :P

JacJac said...

waaa...shagged a model before...

waaa... willing to take blowjobs from BradPitt...

and really meh?... do girls get facinated by guys' leg hairs?

*long pause*

ah yeh... we do at times stare at it and totally lost in thoughts

now i realise that oso..:p

Unknown said...

hey.. how come u din answer the one question everyone is waiting for, first?

Belle said...

ahhaha kantoi!!!! now i think we have another question that u must answer

Anonymous said...

What about a PRETTY transvestite who looks jap?!?!??!

Genova said...

interesting. next 20 pls

Vlioxo said...

I'm new, don't know where to locate your e-mail for the question.

i have one question after i read your last question.

You can't tell us which model u have shag.

What about telling us which model you haven't shag.?
Then we will know who u did. You didn't mention her name.. She would not blame u .


Vlioxo said...

Yeah, list 20 model names out and just tell us which one u did not shag, Yet.


vss3t said...

I've been to Four Season's in Bayswater b4, boss! so nice can!!! gee i love tat roast duck rice!

michelle said...

same michelle, same mouse.

Horny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Bossy tq very for choosing my question ( No.1 )!!!Really no pokeing session arrrr???
Have a nice day!

Jaclyn said...

gahhh Four Seasonsss yummy...

u shagged a model!?!? >.<

Jaclyn said...

gahhh Four Seasonsss yummy...

u shagged a model!?!? >.<

Jaclyn said...

gahhh Four Seasonsss yummy...

u shagged a model!?!? >.<

Jaclyn said...

gahhh Four Seasonsss yummy...

u shagged a model!?!? >.<