Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Yakult Burglar

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So I've been in Singapore for over a week and been hanging around with the Nuffnang team in Singapore and I kinda feel a little left out sometimes.

You know? Because everyone here seems to watch Singapore TV and I don't.For example, on the way to lunch today Ming was talking to Cherie, one of our ad sales execs in Singapore about some real-life CSI documentary produced and aired in Singapore.

Apparently the story goes that there was this group of house burglars that would go robbing house after house and they stupidly got caught in the end because one of the burglars in the group would always go straight to the fridge when he breaks into a house and grab himself a Yakult to drink.Now here's the funny part, all of them were careful not to leave any fingerprints.

So they all wore gloves but the idiot who loves Yakult always finished his Yakult and then left it in the house.

If you watch enough CSI then you probably know what happened next.Singapore's CSI or dare I call it CSI: Singapore collected all the Yakult bottles from all 3 houses they robbed, collected the DNA and found out who one of the burglars was.

Can I just say this....


First you break into a damn house... and the first thing you look for is not the SAFE where the money and jewelery are probably kept but you look for the FRIDGE for where the Yakult is!!!Then he drinks the Yakult and leaves the bottle there?

WTF?!?!? Why doesn't he leave his business card there as well while he's at it?

And don't ask me how every house he robbed seemed to have Yakult.

For all you know this guy staked out the house before he robbed them to make sure they brought home Yakult whenever they came home from Cold Storage.
As I was expressing myself on what an idiot this guy must've been, Ming took a look at me and said
"Nah!!! This guy lar!!! Sure go for Yakult if he were to break into a house".

Niaamaa.... just because I live on Yakult doesn't mean I'm gonna be soooo stupid.

Dammit if I'm gonna do that I might as well bring a polaroid camera there and take some pictures of myself robbing the damn place only to leave it there for the cops to find.
Then I'll attach a Post-It note to the Polaroid pictures that says
"Hello Police, TIMOTHY TIAH WAS HERE.. BWAHAHAHAHAA... oh and uh when I mean Timothy Tiah I mean Timothy Tiah who lives in 38 Jalan Puting, 50030 PJ.

It's the blue house with the white gate. If you hit the McDs at the end of the road then you've gone too far. U-Turn and go a few houses back and you'll see my house on the left. Any problem finding the place call me at 016-693 2811 ok? Tenkiu ar!"


Magdalene said...

oo first again! hahahaha!
yakult's too sweet for me!

a n n n a said...

we dun have yakult here.. boo hoo..

XiangMei said...

OK! I will make sure i drink all the Yakult after i bought it.haha

Boss Stewie said...

maggi: what?!?! it's soo nicee

anna: where is 'here'?? i thoguht there's yakult eveerrrywhereee

genova: hahaha yah... noobbbbb

xiangmei: yes yes pls make sure of that ... :P

nyx said...

haiya.. even if you leave your DNA behind .. they must have something to match it to mar... that's why when you watch CSI, they keep mentioning "unknown DNA"...

since you so sure that if you leave your DNA, they going to find you ...


you wanna tell us how they going to find you?

tee hee!

immi said...

lol. amnesia kot...

Marla S said...

huh what show is that?! I think i dun watch enough tv here.

have fun in spore before u go back!

Boss Stewie said...

nyx: apparently they had his dna in some database... for all you know my dna is in their database too

immi: ish!

scarlett: i think it was crime watch singapore or something

michelleho said...

If I make crank calls to that number and send presents to the address, wonder if there's anyone on the other side to receive both? Hehehe...

Kimberly Low said...

thanks for the lupus day mention boss! singapore CSI got such awesome storyline wei!

~YM~ said...

for all I can say, singapore dramas are always lame, excluding the group who produce Ah Long Pte Ltd, which actually produce meaningful movies. Now it covers fake documentary as well. -.-"

Or maybe Yakult is Singapore's superbrand which every family must have at home, and the burglars are much more stupid to leave that there. Maybe there'll be an episode where a burglar masturbate in every house he burglarize and throw the condom in theh z. X'P

Well, jz to raise some ques, wudn't it be difficult to open a Yakult bottle with gloves on? Or Singapore's Yakult bottle is 500ml size? Why the burglars are not in a hurry to look for valuable items, instead go for Yakult in the fridge? Maybe Yakult is the sponsor for the show. X'D

Anonymous said...

jalan PUTING. PUTING is nipple, is it not!!! >___>

You live at nipple road ah HAHAHAHHA.


Anonymous said...

whoa is that your real add ah boss? O.o

LeangFM said...

got 8ppl(boss's so-called daily unique visitor) will rob that house coz that house surely got yakult

LeangFM said...

and btw,
your mini-poll at your sidebar is very the YENG!!

Anonymous said...

is yakult a lot like vitagen? haven't tried that!

Simon Seow said...

Hmm..I'll try calling the number and see what i get lol.

Zyraz Technology Group said...

I prefer Vitagen than Yakult. Gives me loads of Gas... and thank XBrains for the giving me my daily dose of Neurotoxins of Yakult.

hehh hehhh hheehh.

BTW, when U coming back? Any longer I will draft you into NS!


Anonymous said...

lol, what was that all about? i love yakult!

denise said...

eh, u publish ur address ?
not scared ar ?