Sunday, August 10, 2008

Basketball at the Olympics

"What do you mean USA didn't win the Gold for Basketball for the past few Olympics? They have the NBA!!!"

Well that was my reaction when my cousin told me that last night. He then later went on to tell me that the USA didn't really take the Olympics basketball too seriously in the past few Olympics, just putting together a last minute team and not putting in some of their best players.

This Olympics however, they put together a dream team with all the famous players from Kobe Bryant to LeBrone James.

Heck I don't watch or play basketball and yet I know these names. Shows how fehmes they are.

Now I don't normally watch Basketball but I just had to watch this USA vs China match.

And heck.. it's 11.45PM now in the fourth quarter and the score is

USA 74 - China 48


And Yao Ming couldn't change the situation.


It's 11.50PM now and the score is

USA 87 - China 54

Haih no need to watch di... I'm just going to bed now.


KY said...

China can't beat US in Basketball la, but wait till Spain and Argentina comes along, those will be interesting matches.

-tAkEmOtO- said...

USA haven't won the World Championships in a long long time lo...14 years to be exact...Yugoslavia and Spain have since kicked their butt to the wilderness and not even the skills of Kobe or Iverson or James can save them...

Coz basketball's a team game so even if u score 50pts u could still lose, Kobe Bryant can testify that, it's all about working as a team different from footie...XD

Unknown said...

Similarly, Brazil has never won the Olympic Gold medal for football.

Anonymous said...

RE: Takemoto's comments

Football is definitely a team game. Bball is suppose to be a team game too but unfortunately, based on my experience playing bball in my neighbourhood, it seems that i'm the only one doing all the passing whereas others would dribble and go for glory. Football is like that too sometimes but personally i find it a little bit more common in bball. thats my take.