Friday, August 01, 2008

The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I'm a huge movie buff. Dammit I watch a new movie every week, sometimes twice a week if there are enough movies to watch. But somehow, I never get to write about them often enough so I'm going to write one now for a new movie that has just come out.

A few days ago, UIP invited a few of us Nuffnangers to the Press Screening of the new Mummy movie from Brandon Fraser.I was always wondering when they were going to make the 3rd Mummy.

Mummy is one of those movie franchises to me that makes you come out of the cinema not necessarily emotional attached to the movie, but certainly with a smile on your face from all the good entertainment value.

Lots of fun humour, good action and great computer graphics.Now in another typical Mummy movie, I was a little worried that they might do another Egyptian Mummy which gets boring after you've done it twice... but this time they actually did a Chinese Mummy! A good change!

And the Chinese Mummy was none other than Jet Li!

Yes I'm a fan of Jet Li!

For me, he's all the way up there along with Jackie Chan.

And to name another member of the cast worth watching the movie for...

Datuk Michelle Yeoh!The best Malaysian actor of our time if you ask me.

Anyway I'm not going to spoil the movie for everyone before you guys catch it this weekend but I'm going to tell you what I liked and what I didn't like about it.

I liked how the story although fictional still blended in with actual Ancient Chinese History of the Terracotta Soldiers. I've never seen a movie that had Terracotta soldiers actually fighting as an army.

I liked how the movie had a lot of explosive entertaining scenes... gosh I can't ever get enough of all that.

I liked the computer graphics of the movie, thought it was great.

I liked Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh in the movie, and Brandon Fraser too.

But let me tell you what I didn't like.There were two couples in the movie, Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) with his wife and his son in the movie, Alex O'Connell and his Chinese girlfriend Lin.

I thought that as much as they tried to play on the romance of Alex and Lin, the two just had ZERO on-screen chemistry. They were such a bad couple!

But overall, I think it was still an entertaining movie certainly worth watching. So catch it this weekend if you have the time guys!




JacJac said...


I know jet li's inside but Datuk Michelle Yeoh??... now im for sure gonna watch it

RealGunners said...

actually, i didn't really enjoy the movie to be honest.. i think too much mummified skeletons fighting have negative effect =.=

Unknown said...

wow. for once you've actually reviewed a movie before I did. hahaha.

KY said...

clubbing? where when how?

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Monica said...

does i mean rachel weisz is not in it?

Kay said...

i wan watchhhhhhhhh! 8D

Tim said...

MY the best Malaysian actor of our time?? SAY WHAT?!?

Leon said...

rachel weisz is much much better. yeah i would say all the romance were crap including brendan fraser's.

McGarmott said...

Eh, terrible lah ... I like the first two movies so much and this movie ... sigh. And you know that I know pretty much every aspect about any film before going in so my expectations were already adjusted accordingly; I still left the cinema so disappointed that I didn't write any review for it.

The problem is it's a different team now. The previous director Stephen Sommers (who hasn't made a good film since then) knew how to blend witty jokes with the action, and knew how to shoot the scenes. This one completely lost the magic - the 'fun' here is forced and artificial, tacked on like deco on a Christmas tree rather than being the twigs of the tree itself. The characters don't seem interesting anymore (and they tried, I noticed how Luke Ford tries to copy Brendan Fraser's ironic smile ... too many times ...). And worse is Cohen insists on shooting the damn thing with medium shots; compare that to predominantly panorama and wide shots in the first two films. Cohen really doesn't know how to do action adventure; I'm sure he's good with action such as XXX.

Also, Rachel Weisz's absence is damning.

And yes I agree, the writers didn't have a clue about what to do with Lin.

Also, the scene where he turns into mud - damn cheap lah, the effects! How is that good?!

Just compare the jokes from the first two:

Evelyn: [after destroying museum library] ...Oops.
Alex: [after destroying temple pillars] ... Woah.

[Jonathan and evil minion running away from pygmies]
Jonathan: Look! There's a burial ground! We're safe! See those sacred stones? They'll never cross those.
Minion: You are sure?
Jonathan: Yes, of course I'm sure!
[A pygmy runs past and STABS minion.]
Jonathan: [running away] Aaah! Sorry! My mistake! this one:

Jonathan: I hate mummies! They never play fair!

Hmm, now why did I write a mini-review here ...?