Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

"Look... I have had enough of your stupid computer games!!! You spend 8 hours a day in this smokey cybercafe and no time with me!!! You are going to have to choose. Counter-strike or ME!!! You can't have both!!! SO PICK NOW!!"

When one of my ex-girlfriends asked me that before she became my ex, I knew that computer games had become a HUGE part of my life.

My answer to her was
And I went back to looking at my screen...

I'm going to write about My Favourite Computer Game of All time because there's this Samsung contest going on at Nuffnang and I am hoping that Samsung would allow me to win the 32" LCD TV so I could put it in our new KL office and buy a Wii with it!!!

But haih.. again because I am who I am.... I'm sure I'm not gonna win.

Though I'm gonna do it anyway because I like writing about computer games.

Now my favourite computer game of all time is......... wait for it... wait for it.... wait for it....



How can you ever forget a game with two cute little baby dinosaurs shooting out bubbles from their mouth and baddies and popping them to kill the baddies!!!

I was in Primary school when I discovered Bubble Bobble, and it was the very first game that I was truly addicted to for the longest time.

I've played it so much that I can still even remember the music from the game.

Any of you remember?
It goes something like this
"Tuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh"... okay fine a bit hard to humm that song with words but you get the idea.

Now Bubble Bobble is not the first game I was ever addicted to, but the first time a computer game got me in trouble.

Because I was so addicted to it, I never studied or did any of my school homework so much that my mum had to ban me from computer games on weekdays.
Ish, not like banning computer games would make me study anyway, I would have had rather watched grass grow than do homework.

But one day after school, I came home to see my old computer on the table, all lonely without any lights on. And the Bubble Bobble game music hummed in my ears.. seriously.. it's like it was tempting me.
So I didn't care I just went to play anyway. I played until I lost track of time and the next thing I know, my mum had arrived home from work and was standing behind me watching me play.

She said in a very angry tone
"Having fun?"

And I sheepishly said

I mean how could I lie right?

Then the next thing I know, she brought out the cane and whooped my ass till Kingdom Come.... and when my dad came home she told my dad too.. who again whooped my ass till England Come!

At the end of the day, my ass was so pink from the caning it looked very much like a baboon's butt.

And that my dear friends, is the first time a computer game got me in trouble.
So after hearing that... choosing CS over a girl doesn't seem like such a big deal after all right?

Nah let me show you all how Bubble Bobble is like.

Watch this video!

This is the Nintendo or something version... yes Bubble Bobble I think started off as an arcade game then only later adapted to the computer or something.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit... There was a time I gave up a chance for a one night stand to smoke weed... BUT NEVER FOR COMPUTER GAMES. Tiah you're such a nerd... Then again, I've been playing lots of DOTA lately. yea you forgot to mention dota huh? one of the ultimate LAN games. I have some pretty cool screen shots of CS too. if you like CS so much, you should download and install CS Source if you havent. the AI is pretty good. really smooth too. BUT DONT BE A NERD!

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

oOHHH You terrible terrible men!! you :P pehhhhhhh

FengY said...

computer games played during childhood somehow leaves a deep imprint in our memories!

haha, I can also remember my early pc games but I just forgot their names :-(

Genova said...

boss, CS got me into trouble too.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

oh my gosh i just saw the Nike ad!!! So cool!!! I also want one!!!!!

Hurley said...

Tim, gotta salute u! A true gamer worthy of being a "gosu" is someone who is willing to sacrifice his sex life away for games. This is a price needed to exchange for godly gaming skills.

Unknown said...

Holy crap!!! Bubble Bobble!!!

Unknown said...

Alamak... the guy in the vidoe plays very lousy bubble bobble!!!


Brenda B said...

I like Bubble Bobble too :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was a cool game. Played it before!

KY said...

I wanna challenge you to minesweeper!

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Omg! Bubble Bobble. I'm still playing that game!! Now I don't feel so childish anymore. That's one of my fav computer games too. Apart from Sims City that is. Cox that's the only two games I play on the computer. Haha!

And you're a mean mean boyfriend.

test said...

ARGH! another CS player, it seem nearly every Nuffnanger are choosing CS as my fav. computer games of all time LOL!
what can I say! counter-terroist FTW!

Simon Seow said...

Yes, I play it in the Arcade.

FeR said...

haha! yes..

it's funny you mention it here - just a few months ago i actually paid to buy this game from the SE website for my phone - played until my keypad crack...


just to break that default 1mil score.

Kay said...

i forgot how to play cs -_-

ahlost said...

Eeee... I want to play Bubbles !!

liongteck said...

I played bubble while I was in form 2 if I didnt remember wrong..
But it was in better edition one .. =P
Wei, CS got me into trouble also.
But I didnt play it for long time already.
I spent almost whole day in computer center shouting and shooting non-stop.
CS and Half-life.
I prefer playing Half-life now but no one want to play with me.

liongteck said...

Btw, I like the older version one, CS 1.3edition

Winn said...

ever tried prince of persia/

barghers.com said...

i hav somethin that beats CounterStrike-- Urban Terror :)
download free from www.urbanterror.net and see you there~

Jeffro said...

Boss Stewie:
ur parents really whoop ur ass till England's Kingdom come??