Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Speech at the Malaysian Media Conference

So today I was at the Sime Darby Convention Center for the Malaysian Media Conference where I was going to give my speech.

I was there early in the morning to hear all the other speakers talk. I mean why wouldn't I right? With such a star-studded panel of speakers.

My turn to speak actually turned out to be the slot right after lunch.So during lunch everyone cleared the function room and went into the adjacent room to fill their tummies. I quickly gobbled down my lunch and headed back to the function room to prepare my laptop for my Powerpoint Presentation that I was going to use in the speech.

I stood on the stage and stared at the many many empty seats in front of me.

Now I've given speeches to bigger crowds and more seats than this before but this time it wasn't the number of seats that mattered but the butts that were going to be warming those seats.

All of which belonged to really really important influential people in the media industry.

This is me looking stressed right before the speech.

No wait I mean THIS is me looking stressed before the speech.

Soon after everyone started coming back into the room for the next session: MINE.

The moderator, HAM of Adoi Magazine gave me a very flattering introduction to the audience and before I knew it, I was taking steps towards the stage.

As I got on to the stage, I looked at the audience and I just had to speak my mind.

First I thanked Ham for inviting me to speak at the conference.

Then I said that it was truly an honour to have so many people there who have had far more experience than me in the industry, all sitting down listening to me speak when I feel that I should be the one listening to them.

Then I started talking about Nuffnang and blog advertising.

It turned out that the speech wasn't so bad and at the end of the speech, I had quite a number of people come up to tell me that it was a great speech. Nicholas said it was far better than the one I did at the National Entrepreneurs Convention in January this year but I guess practise helps.

The good news is, a very big client who has always been against the idea of advertising big on blogs was convinced by the results I showed them during my speech and gave the go-ahead to spend a lot of money advertising on Nuffnang in the coming months.

So I guess... today was a good day for me. But it feels great to have it all done and over with :P


Terrence Cheang said...

fantastic job. Keep up the good work and your blog is always inspirational.

§pinzer said...

best :)

Ah Hian said...

It turned out that the speech wasn't so bad >>

That means it must be fucking fucking bad LOL. It's either good or bad. IF you cant say it is good then...LOL.

ahlost said...

I know you gave a great speech...

Congrats :)

§pinzer said...

thought this interview about a failed dot com but returned realising her mistakes would interest you:

Jason Lioh said...

Did Nicholas record the whole speech down?

Its time that Nuffnang has its own video recorder to record moments like this and also record down the speeches for us / readers to listen.

I mean, I really really want to hear your speech.

Jayelle said...

ditto to jason! :) Nuffnang is a community and we're proud to be part of this community. In a way, Nuffnang feels like it belongs to us bloggers as well, especially those of us who have seen it grow to become what it has today. :)

Do share your proudest moment with us, Tim! :D

Kai Wah said...

Well done! Keep it up!

May be I would like to invite you to give a talk to my students in the future :)

Unknown said...


deaf-knee said...

you so cool I want to be just like you when I grow up!!


anyway. yeah. I like your blog. yay. :D

liongteck said...

Good JOB!!

Quite envy you, what a smart business brain you have..

I like doing business, but I know it's not the time yet..

Any good suggestion? =P

I Like your blog toO!!

Cynthia said...

i havent heard you speak in front of a crowd, but i have heard you speak. I'm sure you did good :) confidence la sikiit

Unknown said...

WOW i wish i was there. 20 years from now, you'll be representing malaysia and speaking in some global media conference in Singapore. Why Singapore? because its a fine cuntry.

electronicfly said...

yay! everyone, give Tim a hand!


Wat, I said a hand ma, so one clap oni.


Eximius said...

I would be worried if you were not nervous. Its OK to be nervous about things you are still not good at. Its when you are just at good to as others and a bit better than others you put yourself in danger of being complacent.

I bet no one else did business at the conference and they were pretty confident of themselves. They are complacent..

ANDY GROVE SAID ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVE and on the web its very very true...

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

congrats. =) summore get business! fwoaah...terror wey! xD

Simon Seow said...

More Moolah.

julie said...

LOL...decided to check out your blog after your presentation at i know how u feel presenting to us...hahah...just kidding..