Monday, August 25, 2008

Nuffnangers Get Together

Ok I am really really extremely busy right now but I'm going to write a really really quick entry about a dinner we had with some Nuffnangers yesterday.

Well here goes.

Nuffnang has become increasingly famous for having huge fun themed parties among hundreds of bloggers to get the community together. The problem with these parties though is because of their size, they tend to take a lot of time and money to plan so we limit them to at most once every 3 months.

Yet as a Community we've always wanted to have something consistent, something where we could get together with Nuffnangers regularly in the most casual manner.. just to hang out, have dinner and get to know each other better.

Then one day we all had an idea. Why don't we have just small dinners of say 25 Nuffnangers just to meet up and chat. The downside was that we wouldn't be able to host as many Nuffnangers so we might have to rotate... but the upside... was the opportunity to get to know these few of them a lot better.

Last weekend we had our first of such dinners at Italiannies in 1-Utama at what we call a Nuffnang Sharing Session where we would all have dinner together and then get one or two bloggers to share their experiences in blogging or anything else.
The two bloggers we had that night were Cindy and Ringo, 2 of our Malaysian Dreamgirl contestants who were there to share their experiences being in a reality TV show.

The night turned out to be a lot of fun. Good food and great company.

I personally got to know a lot of Nuffnangers a lot better, many of which I met before in some of our earliest parties but couldn't remember.

Here are some pictures I managed to take on the night... before I spoilt my camera which is now sent for a 3 week warranty. *sigh* That's a whole other story.

Sorry guys in my rush to get this entry out... I didn't have the time to link up everyone that I managed to take pictures with.

It was great meeting you guys! I actually had so much fun.

If you didn't manage to get one of the limited seats for this session, we'll be having another one next month ok?

See you guys then.

Alright I'm off!!!


Summer said...

Chey, pui. Celebrity bloggers again and wanna proclaim it to be a community affair. Why not tell us more than half of those were from your nuffnang office, and then the rest were filled up with other celebrities or some of your close friends.

Then you call this a community affair? Don't pull my leg leh. Since when you ask people to apply to go to the event? Don't bull this your nuffnang advertising/promotion dinner.

bryanlyt said...

woooot! when's the next one?? hope its not in 1U again, too far for me... T.T


Boss Stewie said...

bohtong: aww u sound so sour but you obviously never did any of your homework. First... only 4 including myself were from the Nuffnang office and they were all there to set up the dinner. 4 out of 25.. is that half to you? Learn some math


That is where we asked everyone to apply for invites.


It's hard to define a celebrity blogger but if you want to define it loosely, there were 2 of them there. Some of the other bloggers were people I had met before, many of the others weren't. Either ways I had no role in deciding who went and who didn't.

Consider yourself lucky that I am in a good mood today to respond to your poor attempt at putting us down. On another day I would simply have deleted your comment.

bryan: haha ok.. we'll look into it.

R said...

i see balless blogger. hidden profile? now that's really new for me. lol

RealGunners said...

hey i thought this is supposed to be a quick entry? looks more like a long entry ~.~"

electronicfly said...

sorry for spoiling your camera boss!
the lens or lcd screen crack after taking our pic right.. *sniff sniff*


Mz said...

haha, congratz on the successful event. hope u'll be able to find a place big enough to fit more.. perhaps a catered event the next time? that would be fun.. =)

congratz n well done!!
*2 thumbs up* ;)

Utterly Frustrated said...

wah Timmy!
you've got muscles now!

Nigel Sia said...

Thanks for the invitation! It was a nice, simple and casual get together, which I liked.

Too bad two other Nuffnangers could not make it. Oh well, there's next time!


panda said...

hey timmy!!

Thanks nuffnang!! I was pleasantly surprised that I received an invitation from you guys!!

Looking forward to more small gathering like these again :D

DiEsE said...

Hhmmm.... Somebody pissed me off..
bohtong, please do your research & homework before you throw any accussation.
I'm not a celebrity, just a nobody blogger with average 20 uniques/day. Nuffnang sent out the invitation (via their blog.. do u know it even exist??) and I emailed my application. Nuffnang team replied my email as promised with the invitation and I WAS THERE, IN PERSON, whereby nobody know who the hell I am or where I came from. And guess what!??! I make new friends that day, enjoyed the good food and had fun. Sucks to be u!!

eyeris said...

aiyah. got free food and i didn't know about it.... :D

CWL said...

nice meeting you that night! =)

Summer said...

Tim : I dare you to put the names and blogs of those who went. I guarantee plus chop plus stamp 90% of those are your nuffnang inside friends who would get along together and sing and praise nothing but nuffnang.

I look forward to the day an event from nuffnang is organised for nothing but the common nuffnangers who are filling up the numbers. Was it 50k now? Let me know if you need to book the Kallang stadium for it, i have lobang for it. But then think of it, I doubt you would do it, i mean without celebrities who are interested? Its like a concert without a celebrity, go for what? lol..

Summer said...

robb : Oh, got profile means got balls? Since when balls are connected to profile? I dare you to put your address and phone number down if you got balls, no balls fxxx one side.

CWL said...

eh bohtong..i'm not a nuffnang insider...and that sunday was the first time i met timothy...check out my took me 2 years to reach 10k hits...

so its obvious that i am no celeb.

I think there 25 of us that night, and I'm one of them. One out of twenty five gives you 4%...So, if you are right, then I must be one heck of a lucky guy. 96% of those who went was either a celebrity or a nuffnang insider! lol! And I was the only odd one out. OH, I was so star-struck that night!

I think your 90% chop stamp chop guarantee is a lousy guarantee and I'm sure those who went can testify. Go to cheeserland, she has the pictures of those people holding up their blog address..go to their blogs and you'd realise that 90% of them are not nuffnang insiders or celebs....this I can 'guarantee plus chop plus stamp ' =p.

CWL said...

and about the phone number and address thingy, you should leave yours here too, since you are the one who started the dare *winks*

no offence though, just a little suggestion from a 'star struck blogger who managed to sneak into an exclusive nuffnang gathering the other day'.

Anonymous said...

Boss pls la next time have one in melaka..