Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sneak Peak into Nuffnang's New KL Office

1 Year Ago

: Oi!! Your KL Office is pathetic lar! Could you please do something about it? Clients come to your office also damn shameful!

Me: No lah Dad no need lar!!! Save cost a bit!! The clients also understand that we're a Dotcom startup.

6 Months Ago


: No lah Dad!! Save cost lar... we're a Dotcom Startup lah!!!
2 Months Ago

Dad: OI!!! Do you still call yourself a Dotcom startup after how the company has grown so much? CHANGE YOUR OFFICE TO SOMETHING MORE PRESENTABLE CAN OR NOT?!?!

Me: *sigh*

I gave in to the pressure and today our team in KL moved into our new office.

Let me give you guys a sneak peak and a short tour of our office right before we moved all our stuff in.

(Please forgive me as I am a terrible photographer and had a hard time trying to take good pictures of the place, can't seem to get the right angles).

When you walk into our new office, the first thing you see is a glass meeting room in the middle.
Then there are two sides to the office, the so called West Wing and East Wing.

I'll be sitting on the East Wing on this big table here.

That's right, I don't have my own fancy office or anything simply because it's just not really our culture at Nuffnang for the bosses to sit in their own private office.

We all sit together, laugh together, joke together and listen to the same music together and that's just the way I want it to be.

The office has two seperate toilets. Meant to be one for guys and one for girls but I think the Nuffies have instead allocated each toilet by "virtue of business".

If you want to do big business that will stink up the toilet for half an hour, then you use the toilet on the West Wing.View from the corner of the West Wing to the East

If you want to do small business that will have no effect on the air around the toilet then you use the toilet on the East Wing.

Then on the East Wing where I sit there is our favourite "NUFFIE'S CORNER".

Bean bags, big pillows and blankets to sleep in if you're tired during working hours.

I think we might be expanding on our Nuffie Corner but well ... all in good time.

Oh and unlike the previous KL Office, we now have a.... KETTLE (or hot water dispenser or whatever you call it) and a microwave.

Oh.. and to dear Mehlin and Ron... you gotta see this.

We finally have...

A FRIDGE!!!!! Something both Penang and Singapore office has had for the longest damn time in the world but KL office never had.We were all so deprived!

Anyway, whew... more moving to do. Next month I hear the team in Singapore is moving into a spanking new office as well.

Don't think they'll have as much space as us though... right Ming?

Land in Singapore is expensive.

PS: Eh speaking of our Nuffnang Team ar.. if you haven't signed up to challenge us and other Nuffnangers in Counter-strike at the WCG, quickly go sign up before it's too late!


=chuan guan= said...

wow..cool...setting everything is just great...maintain it pls..haha..

Boss Stewie said...

haha we will.. will be adding more things in time to come.

will post more pictures then

Unknown said...

damn...nice office....

KY said...

put ping pong table!!!!

Boss Stewie said...

edmund: haha thanks dude

ky: hahaha no ler.. thinking of putting plasma tv and wii but need to save money for plasma tv!! so ex!

JenKin Yat said...

put Wii to exercise a bit when 1 is feeling stressed and sleepy..Google US do that as well!!

Josh said...

Ei, damn nice lar the new office. Got any open house for public? ^_^

Shaun L said...

nice office!
but.. that isnt a kettle! lol.

joshuaongys said...

fuhhh..... i wana go see... lolx

Jason Lioh said...

The address?

Kimberly Low said...

wii wii wii wii wii!

Michelle said...

not bad... u sure do love "transparency" ya... hahaha
ought to put in some of ur nuffnang's corporate color to feel more at home eh?

just a suggestion. =P

Jeffro said...

WAH!! Where the place??
I wanna go visit! hahaha..
Hmm.. all see through wan O_O
so that can catch ppl wen they not doing their work, or wen they doing "other work" and post it up? LOL!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

the office looks really really posh and modern looking! :D but one thing I am afraid is that...those glass-like/cubicle/separators/ mirrors?...People can easily walk into it, no? xD funny view nonetheless...imagine you're working then suddenly one of your colleagues bang into the glass thingy....expression = priceless! xD

Monica said...

is it me or the "nuffies corner" is robb's style? ;)

Simon Seow said...

But I heard Singapore got swimming pool in the roof top. LOL. Too bad no excuse to drop by Nuffnang new office yet.

Shu said...

Very nice new office you have there. Eh, your company still got vacancy ar?? I'm looking for a job with a comfortable atmosphere. XD

Huai Bin said...

OMFG! The new Nuffnang office looks great! I wish I was working in it. ;)

PingMyLife said...

cool office! but if the boss is sitting with the rest... they cant gossip about the boss :p... and this is unhealthy

Boss Stewie said...

jenkin: hahaha yah yah okok wait ar wait ar.. coming coming that wann... need to save money first!!!

josh: hahaha ok we're considering doing an office warming party for Nuffnangers

catalyst: hahaha yeah i know.. but i can't seem to place a word on what it is... it's like.. what.. hot water... boiler... dispenser... HEY!! THAT'S IT.. HOT WATER DISPENSER!!

joshua: hahaha can lah you can come anytime

jason: same building just different unit

kim: hahaha !

michelle: yeah we did think of painting the whole thing blue and white but the orange seems to sit well with the light, it reflects the light off the ceiling pretty well

jeffro: hahahaha our office is near Heritage Row

solitary: hahaa no lar i don't think any of us are so blur. But that being said, maybe our office isn't child proof :P

monica: haha no ler the Nuffie's Corner is something we always had... even in our old little office

simon: hahaha lol yeah so I heard too

shu: hahah we actually are hiring people you know!

huai bin: hahahah! i've seen your office and it looks great too

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice office. I will be proud to work in it

shah said...

congratulations for your company growth. now we can see a dotcom company from Malaysia is being success. i'm pray so that u can grow more and more. and more to nuffnangers too. hehe

congrats tim!

Caneeliea said...

Wow very nice office! I've yet to go KL and check your office out leh..

test said...

An upgrade.A new very sparkling see/hear thru anything office. Where the pantry! I need it when I conducting commando food raid on your office fridge so I can gulp in silence.

Ps:saw your presentation on ADOI Magazine

RealGunners said...

wah wah... new opis... i'll see when i'll be free to drop by and look around..

CLF said...

Remember to update the office address on the Nuffnang support page. :)

Jason Lioh said...

That's an electrical thermo flask.

Boss Stewie said...

borneo: hahaha aww thank u :P

shah: thanks very much dude. Still too early for me to call it a success.. we still have a long long way to go

jacq: haha come and pay a visit lor

spectre: hahahaha our pantry not yet stocked!~

realgunners: hahaha okok sure

clf: yeah we will when we've moved in fully

jason: hahaha okok fine fine

Unknown said...

no pool table/ pinball machine/ minibar? What kind of cut-rate office is this? :D

Boss Stewie said...

eyeris: *sniff*

LazyBum said...

Nice and clean office...very "open" as well.
Any feng shui involved? Since there's da West n East wings? hhhmmm...sounds alil like a mini Mid-V? Juz tat dis is a so called Mini-Nuffnang V? Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Is it all glass only or are there mirrors as well? very confusing lar...some of the glasses look like mirrors =S but anyhow nice office! looks like a cafe which is good lah. can relax the mind=)

Boss Stewie said...

lazybum: no lar.. it's not that big

Boss Stewie said...

cbb: yeah got a bit of glass here and there not that much

anomaly said...

great work, very impressive

Boss Stewie said...

anomaly: thank u :P

meow said...

woohoo... nuffnang office is really nice! congrats for the new office! =)

Anonymous said...

so gempak lor..
but still i like the nuffie's corner the best!

a n n n a said...

needs more color.. =X

Mayz said...

congrats on the new office! Looking great ;) why no vacancies for a science grad wan??? LOL!

FC said...

waaah nuffnang openning in phils? my hometown

ks said...

Great office boss. Can give me a job ar???

Kay said...

boss, buy me a fridge to put in my room so that i can hide all my chocolate n Anything + Whatever-s in there. please and thank you!


Boss Stewie said...

serena: haha thank u :P

joe: hahaha thank u :P

anna: hahahaha!! what? one not enough? hahahah

mayz: hahaha looking for marketing people only

hannah: eh how you know?

ks: hahaha we are looking for people

kay: hahahaha ok if i am rich one day i shall! :P

FC said...

Hi I'm Hannah, blog ambassadress to the Philippines (self-declared). Fillipino bloggers are quite excited I think, blogging about it. Are you guys going here? would like to make interview if I may. Could tour you around if so :)

FC said...

oh and by the way... I also work along Global City... Bonifacio Heights is an amazing location... It's like an open air mall and lots of nice restaurant and shops :P Welcome to our humble shores :)I have personal pictures of Bonifacio High Street here www.flaircandy.com

Marilyn said...

Uncle Tim,

a FRIDGE! Finally! You'll soon find your employees willing to work later and later la. Esp. Tandot.

§pinzer said...

yh. says (12:37 AM):
hahaha yay today better than last time wtf

Tock² ~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ says (12:38 AM):
we polay more ok!

yh. says (12:39 AM):
ya. you'd better come once a week
and persuade tiam tiam to come also
eh, your surname tock. what is it in chinese eyt?

Tock² ~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ says (12:39 AM):
why, u implyiung he getting fat isit!

yh. says (12:39 AM):
nolah, he very lonely. now that wwq is not here

Tock² ~ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ says (12:39 AM):
say la he getting fat!
then u'll know he sure come one wtf

yh. says (12:40 AM):
later he punch me mer hailat ahahaha


Boss your colleague velly the loyal! cannot bring him to the dark side hahaha! but next time c u there aight ;)

Boss Stewie said...

hannah: hahaha okok let us get settled down therer first :P

mehlin: hahaha yes now we can keep ice-cream in the fridge too!!!

spinzer: WOI!

Accyee said...

did u self timer ur 1st pic of u staring out the window :P anyway i wanna work there some day HOHOHO wtf

Boss Stewie said...

accyee: haha no someone took it for me

rockdandy said...

Nice office, but looks familiar wor, reminds me of Webguru's office.. :) Anyway, congrats!

Eximius said...

Get that speaker phone.


Unknown said...

I always have a thought to join the Nuffnang team in the future when I finishes uni. lol.

but then I've yet to start. hahaha.

nevermind. keep up the good work. cheers. =)

Rachying said...

Wow... this is a very open concept!! Good that the big boss mingle with his nuffies... Good job Tim! Keep it up! I like it too! Orange W-A-L-L! Happening-nya

Chee Ching said...

Where's your office located ya? :D