Friday, August 29, 2008

Taylor's Sri Hartamas Campus

Visiting the Taylor's Sri Hartamas Campus
“I made 120 decisions today… all of them are wrong”

I was sitting in a talk last Sunday and looking at that line and I couldn’t help wonder where my life had taken me since I left high school.

Let me refresh my memory.

The first thing I was thinking about right after I walked out of my last SPM paper was how I was going to spend my next few months dating my girlfriend at the time.I was thinking of all the movies we would watch, all the walks on the beaches we would take and all the other… uhmm.. innocent fun we were going to have. Those few months flew by so quickly and by the time I realized it, it was time for me to think of where to go after school, what I was going to study and where I was going to end up.

I had no clue what to do to be honest. I didn’t…
It’s true… when I was young I wanted to be all sorts of things. I wanted to be a soldier once… then a pilot another time… and at one point I even wanted to be a postman.

I told my mum that I thought it was so much fun riding around everywhere in a motorbike. My mum panicked a little bit.. you know typical traditional Chinese family. If your child doesn’t grow up wanting to be a doctor/accountant/lawyer then your son needs help.

So there I was back in present time sitting at this lecture hall listening to this talk about careers.

I was at Taylor's Sri Hartamas Campus.

that just newly opened and I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon there since they were all so nice to invite me to go pay a visit.In the audience were starry-eyed students fresh out of SPM and concerned parents trying to figure out what future would be best for their children.

I sat there alone unaccompanied by anyone with jeans and sports shoes so much that I looked like I had just finished my SPM myself… though I actually wish I had really sat through one of these talks right after I left school.

At least I might have known what I should do with my life.
After the talk ended, the nice people that man the new campus decided to take me a tour of the campus. It was quite an environment.

Allow me to illustrate.

They had nice hangout places for students to just sit and chill.Can you believe that? They actually had special spots just for you to CHILL!!!

That’s it!!!

During my days as a student (which wasn’t too long ago), we all sat on the staircases to chill which was fun for a while until your butt becomes so flat you could place a cup of coffee on it.

Not to mention, occassionally a passing lecturer would say
“OI!... So free can just lepak here ah?”

At this college now at least the students could say
“No Sir… I am just making use of college facilities Sir.”

Then there was the library.
I’m used to seeing library with old wooden chairs and wooden tables. Heck memories from my old university days but this library actually had something more than just the really cute “Alphabet” stools on the tables there.

Seriously, just a private thought to myself right… it’s not going to take long before the students start arranging the chairs to spell


“N”….. AH HAH !!!

I was going to say “FUN”.. what were you all thinking! Notty notty!

Now apart from the cute alphabet chairs, what really grinded my gears was… that they had their own “Nuffie Corner” there.

And one that was SOOO MUCH bigger than the one we have at the Nuffnang office in KL.

And check out these really really cute ‘chair’ like bean bags they had.

Dammit if I were a student there.. that’s where I would be all my student life. Sitting on that chair.

I’ll be there so often they’ll call that place “TIMMY CORNER”.

See? Don’t I just fit in there?

That’s the thing I love about bean bags. They don’t judge you if you’re fat like me. No… not like other chairs where you might be too big to sit on. Bean bags, they fit around your butt no matter how you sit on them.


Anyway, seeing how nice the library was I insisted they showed me how the classrooms looked like. And this is how they looked like (without the hot chicks sitting on them chairs).The classrooms were pretty Hi-Tech and it wasn’t only because of how each classroom had a fixed projector of its own …

But they had these things called “Dynamic Notes” where at the end of each class, you could Bluetooth to your mobile phone a recording of the entire session and take it home with you.

How stressful is that? I mean imagine if you were passing notes in class and your teacher catches you and gives you a public caning in front of everyone in the class.

Before, your shame would only be limited to the few people in the class who were there to witness it but now anyone there could take the recording to any of the computer labs they have thereand upload it on to the internet with titles like

“Timmy Tiah Gets Spanked During Biology”

After the classroom tour I had a “BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR” of the teachers’ lounge.

CHECK THIS OUTHeck … I can see why more and more people are becoming lecturers these days. I can even imagine myself there… you know… “Mr. Tiah”.

Sitting down sipping my morning coffee and reading a newspaper.

I would be one of those ‘cool’ lecturers that jokes and dances in class.

Okay soon my tour of the campus came to an end and I’m going to show you my favourite part of the campus.

While we were walking around I spotted this glass room with chairs and table in it and I asked “What is this?”
The room was apparently called… the “BRAINSTORM” room.

How cool is that!?

You actually have a glass room for you to do nothing but brainstorm in it.

Now I’ve seen this in a few corporations… really really hip ones but this is the first time I’ve seen it in a college!!!
I love these rooms.

And not too far away from these rooms.. A VENDING MACHINE!!!
For us to binge!!!

The total sum of money it took to put together a college like that with all the glass rooms, projectors, classrooms, chairs, tables and BEAN BAGS… came up to… RM6,000,000.

Ah how Taylor’s has come so far from its early days at Pantai Bahru (Yes… believe it or not Taylor’s College started there in 1969… not at Subang).The Taylor’s new Hartamas Campus is still pretty new so go check it out if you guys have the time but if you’re going to go into college soon… my advice… figure out what you wanna do first… you know go for a talk or talk to some people.

I ended up doing Economics at university because I didn’t know what else to do and ended up not liking the very very mathematical subject but I had to force myself to finish the course I started. Don’t make the same mistake I did.


Brenda B said...

Oh wow!! The campus looks really high tech, new, nice and clean. Unlike where I'm studying now :(( All the opposites!

liongteck said...

I did and I am still doing it like you did.
I still don't know why I am still doing accounting when I hate accounts. Lol..
Btw, the campus is really nice. Got any lounge for students?

KY said...

wahh, they really managed to finish the job in time. Last I visited the place almost 3 months it was still empty and we were trying to figure out if we could get it ready in time. My ex colleagues must be proud. :D

Nie said...


the Taylors campus that i'm studying in (the Sunway one) sucks in comparison.

i wanna transfer to Hartamas now can!

LeangFM said...

add up this n that total 6M???

lol. .. if non-private one, 6M can only make ONE small lecturer hall

Boss Stewie said...

brenda: hahaha yeah you should pay it a visit.. quite nice really the campus.. brand new

liong: ahh well nvm dude.. stick to it until you finish then you can try doing something else

ky: haha yeah they finished it early.

winnie: hehehe but that one's bigger!

mc: hahaha lol

electronicfly said...

Good to see all my parents' hard earned money going to good use. Even though their daughter doesn't get to enjoy it. Sigh. Why la the Subang campus didnt have all that when I was there..

Eh Tim, got schoolbell one anot? Ngekekeke

Anonymous said...

Suitable college for modern students nowadays!

Cutie said...

Wow, Taylors in Subang is not even close to that. So unfair.

Well, wish I could still turn back time to do what I really wanted. Those days really had to motivate myself just to complete the stupid degree. Hope those youngsters will not make the same mistakes like us.

sarah said...

That's a really nice campus..Makes me wanna pack my bag and change

I personally like the lounging area for students..the ones with all the bean bags..damn syok to just chill there =)

CLF said...

Damn the campus is so darn cool!
Just wish those students will make full use of it.
Of course, the course fee would be, ahem, costlier as well.

Kay said...


Boss Stewie said...

electronicfly: haha no i think no school bell

wind: yeah! hahaha i'd like to go to a college like this

cutie: hahaha yeah... then again is it so bad.. we turned out ok right?

sara: yeah damn nice!

clf: hahaha no ler actually i think it's the same ler...

kay: o.O to u too! :P

Maxine said...

For someone who sucked in Maths in Secondary School, I'm proud of you to have done Econs! I'm sure maths was quite a big part of that degree right? hehe

limcyam said...

.. I was supposed to be a Pilot, Doctor or Teacher, but ended up as an accountant by chance.

Not bad eh!

ahlost said...

Kids nowadays are sho lucky :D

FTMS used to have tables and chairs only.. Have to walk from ground floor to 3rd floor everyday :S and one table in the library only :SS

Anonymous said...

Hey there, you mentioned in one of your earlier post you did a-levels right? Mind to tell what subject combination you took last time? I m an A-level student currently.

Ah Hian said...

oh my god! Malaysia still use this kind of table for classroom?

oh my god! 6 million rupiah? if 6 million ringgit confirm somewhere got kelong liao. As usual, when go Malaysia, police will escort and ask for kopi money.

6 million for a couple of bean bags and those sticks table?

oh my god, you still can blow until like that in your blog. I feel malu for you actually that the quality over there is so lousy. Oh my god, Malaysia really tak boleh.

Unknown said...

i like the beanie corner! they understand what we students need =p

bryanlyt said...

woot!~ an advertorial eyh... gosh im studying in taylors college too! but then the PJ campus... nearby sunway... not subang... n hope the new campus would be ready by next year! xD

Simon Seow said...

Nuffnang also got a brain storm room mah, in the middle of the office.

Elle said...

Oh. I was there this year. Nobody told me about the bluetooth thingy. Never used it!

Elle said...

Oh. I was there this year. Nobody told me about the bluetooth thingy. Never used it!