Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr. Happy Goes to Manila

Gosh I've been traveling back and forth so much lately that I'm beginning to feel the strain. I mean I was just back in KL for a few days when this morning I found myself in KLIA with my bags packed again wearing my trusty "Mr.Happy" t-shirt.

My "Mr.Happy" t-shirt seems to be my default traveling shirt. Like whenever I board a plane I'm wearing that shirt.

This morning I was at the McDs in KLIA when I walked to the cashier to place my order.
The minute the cashier saw me she said
"Mr. Happy!!!".

I smiled at her and said
"Yes... good morning.. Mr. Happy would like a Sausage McMuffin set with egg please".

Anyway after my Sunday morning breakfast I boarded the plane and a few hours later...

Helloooooooo Manila!
I'm down in Manila for much of this week to meet up with the Filipino Nuffies at our office here and get some things sorted out. Nuffnang Philippines seems to be taking off really quick. Just a few weeks after our launch and we now have close to 1,000 Nuffnangers signed up here and we're in the midst of launching our first ad campaigns.

Whew... the excitement.

I really kinda like Manila. It's just... nice and the people here are so warm.

I was walking on the street and a policeman walked past me and greeted me
"Good evening Sir".

I was a little taken aback.... I mean I've never been greeted by a policeman before merely for walking any street in any part of the world.

Ahh anyway, I gotta get ready to go to bed soon guys. Have an early start tomorrow with the Pinoy Nuffies.

Nite nite! Will blog more about my trip here in time to come!


Unknown said...

u should use a marker pen and add a mole to the face of mr happy! hahaha XD

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha! noted

Genova said...

happy traveling boss..

shon chong said...

haha i think that policeman is a nuffnanger blogger too one of the 1,000 you mentioned hahahah

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

eee..why so cute one? I can imagine Mr. Happy with a mole..xD

electronicfly said...

hhahaha good idea ryan!

Boss, I've a black marker meant for cloth one, so it will stay on if you wash your shirt. The next time we meet I bring k, and you wear your mr happy shirt.

_kringle said...

Welcome to Manila! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Took MAS aye?

I was told that if you were to take Air Asia they will land you at some military base 2 hours away from Manila. And 2 hours away by a cab to Manila is freaking Rm400 after conversion to get you there.

Anyway have a good time in Manila boss.

joshuaongys said...

uhhhh ohhh we shall expect more pics on manila office & staffs heeeeeeeeee

Adrian said...

Remember to go and see your giant ad... and point out to the taxi driver it is your ad!

Boss Stewie said...

genova: thanks dude

shon chong: hahaha no lar i don't think so lar.. where got so ngam wan

solitary: yes i shall make the necessary modifications once i get a hold of a marker

electronic: hahaha okoko

kringle: thank u! i love Manila

jyushiang: hahaha yeah that's why I didn't take AirAsia. Was contemplating it but fortunately our Nuffies here told me that the airport is like 3 hours away. It's like landing in Penang and then driving to KL

joshua; hahaha yes yes.. patience patience!

adrian: hahaha no lar... i'll try to see the ad but i will just smile to myself

Kay said...

My Little Miss Fun wants to meet Mr.Happy very badly!!

Anonymous said...

Boss, ever thought of expanding to Australia anytime soon? X)

Would be the first Nuffnang outside of SEA.

Place one in Melbourne!

ahlost said...

I want to find Miss Happy tee liao :D