Wednesday, October 29, 2008

JOIN ME!!!!!!!

Last week I found myself at the launching of Heineken’s “Be Prepared” game at TTDI Plaza. It’s an online game that they just put up on their website ( but one with a little bit of a twist.
Instead of one of those flash games you play on your own, this one required that you get together with another 2 of your friends to work together and play the game. A game like that requires the full attention of an actual launch event though we all know it’s mainly just an excuse for people like me to go drinking.These are the kind of events where just about everybody who’s anybody turns up in. Most of them there that I took pictures with made me vow not to post their pictures on my blog so the only one that was nice enough to agree to it was this very capable man named Adrian who started KLue magazine years ago.

Please ignore how red I was. I wasn’t … uhmm… high on booze or anything. I was just… blushing.

Soon enough a mini-competition there got started among teams of 3 put together from the people there. Everyone there got together to form a team.

The crew behind some of the magazines there like KLue, Catcha and Newman got together to play
Some of our Nuffnangers were there too.

Tock, Joshua and Andrew formed a team they called “Nang United”.

KY, Suanie and another friend of KY’s formed another team that eventually won the free trip to Krabi they were giving away that night.

I came back home a little excited that night but managed to play down my excitement and go to bed first.

The next day at work I paid a visit to the Heineken site to check out the game they had going.

Now I gotta give Heineken some credit, their site is pretty cool. When you first get there a dockpanel video starts playing right away holding your attention for a bit. How they manage to stream it so well with my struggling broadband speed is beyond my understanding.

Without being too distracted from the reason I was on the site in the first place, I clicked on the “Be Prepared Game”. The introduction for the game is pretty cute and it looked like it was some kind of game meant to get people together to do stuff.

I mean games and all are fine as long as they’re fun to play and of course it helps if there is some sort of incentive. That’s why we all play games right?

Why do so many people play WoW? Sure it’s fun and all but after a while I’m sure it gets pretty routine and the only reason why you continue to play is so that you can tell your friends that you have whatever magical item they come up with or that you have 20 Level 60 characters on WoW.

In the case of “Be Prepared”, the incentive was 3 tickets to watch the Heineken Star Final, an exclusive UEFA Champions League Final viewing experience.So fine… that’s enough to incentivize me. The game objective?

Well turns out that I basically have get a lost beer delivery truck to the supermarket and then once I finish my part I have to get a friend of mine to continue from there.No problem since I have many friends.

I played the game anyway.

Turns out to be quite cute and easy to play. Just drive my truck around on the map but I kept getting lost or making the wrong turns so I didn’t get what I thought was a good time (at least not good enough to win). So I uhmm.. “cheated” and tried the game a few more times until I made perfect turns and at the end of my final try… I did it all in 56 seconds!
So then okay I was supposed to pass it on to a friend to finish the game. I took a quick look on my MSN list and decided to ask some of the people there.

My first pick… Nicholas Chay.
After a few more conversations like this I have decided to give up on my friends who can’t even play a game with me!

So now I’m going to open it up to you guys.

Please help Boss Stewie play this game. I’ll have to play it over again but I memorized the map already so I should be able to do it in that time or better. If you wanna join me, just leave your e-mail address in my comments or e-mail me at and I’ll send you the invite.

And… I just have to say this… PLAY PROPERLY AH!!!! DUN MAKE ME LOSE!


§pinzer said...

yea don't be like me, who made my team lose boo hoo :(

SOrry drewnity and joshuaong!! but next time let's kick some asses yea? ;)

Kay said...

Boss~ i just got back from Langkawi, and will see if got any shit in school or not tomolo~ oh oh, must be how old to play that game? o.o

ahlost said...

Wahh.. how did they do it in 20+seconds only o_O

Ripalo Cal said...

first time i player = 43 seconds.

Simon Seow said...

Sorry, no Internet at home and I don't have laptop. Saving my Nuffnang $$ for a laptop :P

She's Jess said...

Hello Boss! How was lunch in Yut Kee? :p

She's Jess said...

Hello Boss! How was lunch in Yut Kee? :p

Unknown said...

i would like to play.. but 1st.. i'm not very good at these kind of games.. 2nd, i'm stuck in cold gloomy uk... 3rd.. i'm not a big fan of football..

[fong88] said...

my best record is 51 seconds..><

bryanlyt said...

56 seconds isnt fast enough.. my first game was 39 seconds only.. xD

anyway good luck in trying boss tim! (=

Anonymous said...

boss my first try was 50 secs leh...XD

Boss Stewie said...


ok i shall try harder to make 36 seconds or less!

KY said...

next year, we dine in krabi!!!!!!!!!!

bryanlyt said...

KY u damn nicee lorr.... get to go krabi AGAIN lolol...

Nicki said...

boss jom I play with you!
I scored 43secs for the first round.. but second round no gerenti lorr..
my email is

Dianne said...

Interesting blog post. Will check out this blog more often and nice pictures you have there - so many of them.

Diana @

Boss Stewie said...

ok nicki I invited you di!

don't let me down!!!

Nicki said...

apalah boss...!


Brenda B said...

The first page, I got like 56 seconds or so. I gave up. So hard one. Any tips?

joshuaongys said...

gahahhahah tock its alrite lar... and tim all the best hahahahah if u get to go krabi den buy us stuffs from that place yea!! =D