Monday, October 13, 2008

The Morning Jog

It all started like this.

I was having lunch with the Nuffies at the famous Pudu Siew Yoke or what I call "Kobe Pork" because it's so smooth and tender. As usual I've been trying to cut down on my food a little now so I limited myself to just three pieces of "Kobe Pork".

Then Yee Hou insulted me!
"Aiyah Tim.. why you bother.. you're already fat anyway!!!"

Heck!!! I'm not fat, I just have a little tummy but so do all guys my age. Once you get to a certain age, your metabolism rate slows down and you tend to develop a small tummy.

SEE?! I where got fat?!?

But anyway after some F words being thrown across the table I said

Yee Hou agreed.

So I started last week. Rather than joining the gym first, I decided to spend the first 2 months burning off whatever tummy I had before I started working out in the gym. Now every morning I wake up at 6AM and head over to KLCC Park to jog.

Armed with the earphones of my iPod/iPhone in my ears I jog around the track there for an hour.

KLCC Park is actually really nice and it's not just because of the beautiful view of the Petronas Twin Towers and its surrounding buildings.

I mean I've been to quite a few other parks around the Klang Valley, but I gotta say this is my favourite simply because it's just so well maintained and the view around the park is beautiful.

Jogging there also gives me a lot of time to think. Each time I run, I find myself reflecting on my life and all that reflection helps me clear my head for decisions on Nuffnang and also in my personal life.

Life is a little like a jogging track.

You always move forward but sometimes you tend to slow down a bit when the going gets tough and the people that are successful in making it to the end the quickest are the ones that never give up and push themselves the hardest.

Right after my jog I head back into KLCC where I see plenty of people dressed in their office clothes getting ready to start their workdays. Mondays are the funniest because out of every 10 people you see, at least 2 of them are grumpy as hell because it's a Monday morning.
I head back home to shower and I get into the office just when everyone else gets in to start my work day.

They say a good morning's exercise makes you feel fresh throughout the whole day. I think it's not just that. I think the jog gives you the alone time that everybody needs at some point in his life.


abinesh said...

I gotta agree with you man...When you reach a certain age the metabolism just bloody slows down! Its like i used to be this super fit guy without working out and now :S

But i definitely gotta start jogging at least man! I think we all need the rest to sweat it out and keep the body in check!

As for thinking?? I got my royal throne which is my time to think! :P

KY said...

Good luck on your Project Rebutton! :P

michelleho said...

While jogging still can take photos! Powderfool! Hehe.... Gudluck on your quest!

Nicole said...

god i miss my jogging time in melaka. U simply cannot jog in Bangkok, later kena dragged into riot then u know. -.-

Boss Stewie said...

abi: HAHAHA YES!!! I'M RIGHT RIGHT? It's the damn metabolism rate! I find myself eating less these days too

ky: Hmph!

Michelle: hahaha no lar I stopped to take a few pictures

nico: ahh just jog in a park, I'm sure that's okay!

electronicfly said...

O.O 7am?!?! At 7am I am the biggest grouch in the lrt mentally cussing everyone else in the lrt for being there and not letting me sleep for another 20 minutes.

nicole said... that time, i am still under my blanket.

test said...

hmmm who won the bet anyway?

Kay said...

coincidence, i started exercising a week ago XD

Cassie said...

hehe i started exercising again today..just came back from swimming and i saw this ngam one haha..but now i am more encouraged =)

and yes i agree about the alone time thing hehe keep it up!

Boss Stewie said...

electronic: haahhaha... awww.... i would rather stand in the LRT than wait in a morning jam while driving. At least i can have some idea what time i'm getting there.

Nicole: Yes.. motivated leh

spectre: nobody won yet... we're waiting for next year to see

kay: hahaha lol

angeli: awww... yay lets all exercise

Jannah said...

Don't wanna exercise. Although I need to post Hari Raya. Food food food. When will it end?

You could also get one of those Ogawa Shaping Vibrating thingamagic, you wear it around the tummy, press some buttons, lo and behold the machine does all the heavy work for you.

Or cut down on the rice. Or no rice at all. Rice is ivel :)

xes said...


You should follow me to workout at Pushmore ( located at Merchant Square. The workout is called Crossfit workout. Everyday they have a different intensive workout that usually lasts less than an hour. Their workout of the day is posted on their blog at Some people call their workout as the 300 workout (based on the movie 300). You'll get a body like a Spartan within few months waha.

I go there every Saturday 10am, if you wanna join let me know. First class is free.

Anonymous said...

boss lake gardens is actually quite a nice place to jog too, although they dont have the bouncy track like the one in KLCC park. but still its pretty nice there. And yeah i agree. you get alot of time to think while jogging.:)

Summer said...

Jog for 2 months to burn off tummy fats?

By hearing that, I can safely say you won't make it.

Tummy fats are not burned off jogging. Even the most hardworking person in the gym HAVE TUMMY FATS.

You need a whole lot of workouts concentrating the tummy area and a strict diet with no junk food. You can come down here and beat me up if i'm wrong but from my knowledge, jogging has nothing to do with your tummy unless you're using your tummy to jog instead of your legs.

Summer said...

You would be lucky if you can shed some fats off your expanding double-chin with jogging. Tummy?? This post is an insult to your knowledge of exercising.

Boss Stewie said...

jannah: hahaha rice is ivel... yes i've started to cut down on rice and other carbs! we shall see

cheng: eh dude ok will check it out!

cbb: lake gardens.. okay that's not too far away.. i guess I could check that out. thanks for the tip

glenda: why are you so feisty so early in the morning? i'm not going to argue with you... let time tell

Panache said...

gogo...dont sia soi the xaverians and tg bungah folks...

make it so cut that they will see 8 packs rather than the normal 6!!

sutheshkumar said...

go boss!!!!

the little fat blob said...

wow i am impressed with your perseverance! im trying to start a regular workout routine too. sigh, the older you get, the slower your metabolic rate! hopefully exercise will make me feel more energetic throughout the day too...

Summer said...

People who are close to you enough wouldn't have the courage to be discourteous and tell you that but your this post is essentially the best poo poo that ever goes in here.

Penang Tua Pui said...

hmm.. i think we will start to jog liao lo... else we will be too fat to walk out from the room... hee hee....

what a nice jogging track.. but din see much ppl jog ler... why a?

Summer said...

Timothy, if running has nothing to do with your tummy, then how are you going to prove anyone wrong?

Why don’t you do us all a favor and run as fast as you can towards a wall and hit it real hard with your head and come back to me again on that point. I promise, we will take it from there.