Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 Things That Happened To Me In One Week

Looking at Watches I Can't Afford

Ming came down to KL just a few days ago for some work stuff. For those of you who don't already know, Ming is the strictest, fiercest and more dominant one of the two Nuffnang Bosses. 

Look at his face when he was working on his mini-laptop.

Such anger all bottled up!

Anyway, we found ourselves at KLCC on Saturday to meet a friend for dinner. We were there a little early so we followed his girlfriend shopping for a bit until he spotted the Rolex shop there. Since we were just talking about watches earlier on, he said "Come lets go see!".

I just gave a short laugh at first thinking that he was joking but a few seconds passed and it dawned on me that he was serious as hell. So there we were, two young dudes dressed in t-shirt, jeans and sneakers looking some sort like this, 

walking into the Rolex shop at KLCC.

As we walked in I was thinking to myself
"Shit shit they're so going to ignore us both... they're so going to ignore us both!!!"

But the lady behind the counter smiled at us and showed us a few of the lower end Rolex watches. The cheapest there was like RM14,000.

Then Ming suddenly asked to see another different range of the Rolex watches. I can't remember what it was called since I don't know anything about watches that I can't afford but the lady happened to say that range cost a minimum of over RM30,000. She added that they were all kept in a safe at the back of the shop.

Instead of taking her hint that she doesn't want to show it to us when we're obviously not going to buy it, Ming said
"Can I see it?"

And at that point already I was thinking to myself
"WAHLAU EH BRAHDER!!! How much you want to push the limit? I'm surprised they even let us in here!!!".

I think the lady rolled her eyes a little bit but she hid her boiling anger really well and kept being professional. Though I bet after we left the store she probably suggested to her Boss that they impose a cover charge for entering the store to keep the kids out.

A Person More Gadgety Than Me

Yesterday I met up with the CEO of MOL Access, Ganesh Kumar at his office. He showed me around his office and showed me his entire list of gadgets. 
He had a MacBook Air, an Apple TV, iPhone, Big LCD TVs and heck everything any guy could wish for on his list of gadgets. And the joke is... all this is in his office. How he gets any work done remains a mystery to me!

I said to him 
"You know they say every guy has one thing in their lives they spend a lot of money on. I guess I know what yours is.

Not An Eligible Bachelor

I got a call from CLEO magazine this week asking if I'd like to be in this year's batch of their CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors. The only condition for joining I guess is that:

1) You're a guy

2) You don't look too ugly

I guess I pass on both counts but I told the nice lady who called that it's not really my kind of thing and that no amount of air brushing is going to make me look good even in photos.

I asked the Nuffies however and they all thought that I should've done it. Saying that it was a once in a lifetime experience and at least they could tell their friends that their Boss was in the list once.  

Oh well... it's just really really not my thing.

So there you have it everyone. 3 things that happened to me in the past 1 week.


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said... should have said yes..It's definitely one of those things in life you'll always remember...think about it when you get to show your grandchildren that their grandpa was once one of the 50 eligible bachelors of the year. HOW COOL IS THAT?! =P Pretty darn cool I'd say!

electronicfly said...

Eh nvm, you were invited to join but you brushed them off! Way more gaya!

Did Boss Ming buy a rolex in the end?

KY said...

should totally do it! cleo! do it!

Boss Stewie said...

solitary; hahaha yeah i think it sounds like fun but it's not really my kind of thing :) i'm sure there are so many far better looking guys out there that deserve it more than me

electronic: hahahaha no ming didn't buy a Rolex lah... how to buy!!!

ky: haahahaha i should've recommended you dude

Unknown said...

Daytona series kah Ming was looking for?

PS: By the way, now that you mentioned it, I remember now, that I nominated you to CLEO last year for the Eligible Bachelor 2009. No give face lah you!

Panache said...

dont buy a rolex or even a tag.. my personal experience when i met a friend was "hey ciplak one is it?"

so damn hurt down right to the balls man!

Boss Stewie said...

clare: ah thanks for nominating me Clare.. haha but cannot lah.. i damn shy wan

anselm: hahahaha... nvm! at least u know its real

Boss Stewie said...

clare: ah thanks for nominating me Clare.. haha but cannot lah.. i damn shy wan

anselm: hahahaha... nvm! at least u know its real

debra fong said...

You should have just said to CLEO, 'sorry i'm married.'

LazyBum said...

Hey...You should have sooooo go for it!!!
U adi have 1 vote coz I cast in mine... ")

Boss Stewie said...

debra: hahaha i doubt they would believe me deb :)

lazy: hahaha no lar dude... shy la shy

Kay said...

why you didn't join? =( i can point at your pic and tell others : that's the dude i talk to in his blog comments! =D

Ysmm said...

Go for it Boss stewie!!!We will definitely vote for you..

Boss Stewie said...

kay: hahahaha dude... still... not my thing :)

ysmm: i'm sure all of you would.. you're all so nice but.. haha no lahh

immi said...

aww shucks, too bad u're not up for this sorta thing. i think it's a fun experience. :)

Boss Stewie said...

immi: hahaha you make me sound like a spoil sport now

Simon Seow said...

Hey, I fulfilled those two criteria too.

Accyee said...

holyshit that would've been cool! I could say eh I met one of the top bachelors on cleo eh damn cool. but now cannot already sien la. haha.. kenny's done it before kan right?

Chee Ching said...


New makan place? T_T LAST PICCC!!!!

Cool ma; eligible bachelor! D:

I wanna be that Ganesh Kumar's goddotter. :(