Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Country!

I took almost a full minute just to put on my t-shirt this morning. Can barely lift my arms above my head now it's not even funny. So to distract myself, I am going to think HAPPY THOUGHTS, HAPPY MEMORIES AND HAPPY PLACES!!!!

Let it be said that Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth!

It really is! 

It's been hardly a month since I was in Disneyland Hong Kong with Princess Audrey here

and I'm longing to go back again.. soo soo bad.

I don't know what it is about Disneyland. It's not just the rides.

Or the Christmas tree when I was there.

Or the very thoughtful D0nald tickets for the guys and Minnie tickets for the girls.

Or even the fake snow they had on Disneyland's Main Street USA.

But heck it's just that really happy happy atmosphere. If Disneyland was a country it would be the country with the lowest suicide rates (probably at 0), with no stress whatsoever and their asylums will be filled with people who don't suffer from mental illness or depression but suffer from excessive happiness (Yes I hear that even too much of a good thing can be bad).

The sad thing is that the park closes relatively early. Just right after dinner and after the fireworks display, everybody rushes to the exit ending the happy happy day.

By the time I passed the exit, the realization that I had just left Disneyland for the day had began to sink in and I started getting grumpy. And when I start getting grumpy I start cursing and swearing at everything (e.g. DAMN YOU GRASSHOPPER!!!)... something that if I did in Disneyland, I would get kicked out. 

Yes it's true, part of the Rules & Regulations of Disneyland is that you're not allowed to curse or swear or say any bad words. Not even shit.

But my mood gets better by the time I get back to the lovely Disneyland Hotel and see the lovely beds.
Or the very cute-sy Disney-themed amenities.

After a quick shower, Princess and I went down to the hotel restaurant to have something to eat but also to later meet a couple of my good Hong Kong friends that I haven't seen in a while. 

I ordered myself a typical Cheeseburger.

And they served it with tomato sauce that they made look like Mickey's ears.

And while waiting for my friends to come, Princess and I decided to do a little camwhoring on the dinner table, something that my parents definitely wouldn't have allowed me to do growing up.

In fact I could almost see all the families around us looking over at us with their parents shaking their heads at our lack of table manners.

But ahh whatever... they probably weren't bloggers so they wouldn't have understood.

Finally my two Hong Kong friends and ex-coursemates came: Eddie and Timothy (Yes... I have a Hong Kong friend named Timothy too). After graduation, the both of them naturally took their economics degrees to go work in banks. 

Timothy Siu (on the left) worked in London for 2 years after graduation but he's now at Cambridge University doing his Masters.

Eddie (on the right) on the other hand is working in Standard Chartered right in Hong Kong and seems to be loving his job.

I ended my night at Disneyland Hong Kong with many happy memories to keep from the day and the warmth you feel when you catch up with old friends you spent years with in another foreign country.
If you're asking me for a memorable and happy moment I've had since 12 months ago, it was in Disneyland Hong Kong.

Oh well... back to work now everybody... Tuesday blues!!!!


Pinky Tham said...

I wanna go Disneyland too Boss. Thank you :)

Mellissa said...


Why does your blog only allow Google/Blogger thingies? So lousy. I cannot pimp myself wtf.

Hee heee.

Nicholas Chay said...

Yee Hou is back let's go for lunch now!

Wendy Kee said...

OH Hi~~~~~~~

陈一豪 said...

Ooo the ears and the face same size one!!

KY said...

so you're timothy tiah and he is timothy too? :D

Boss Stewie said...

hahahaha yes yes... both timothy

Tim said...


Chang said...

"Timothy Siu (on the left) worked in London for 2 years after graduation but he's not at Cambridge University doing his Masters"

NOT at Cambridge University doing his Masters <-- you mean now?

Accyee said...

So cute how you call Audrey 'Princess'!

Ysmm said...

BB = Audrey?

Carol said...

ohh .... i cannot lose out.

Andrea Tee said...

Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth! The one you most definitely must see is the one in Anaheim, because the atmosphere is somehow ten times more magical than the one in Hong Kong. If you go doing non-peak season, the characters sometimes even come up to you at random to chat, and you can see them doing little skits on the street too. :)

Simon Seow said...

Ok. This year I have to plan for a trip to Hong Kong. Budget, budget.

kellster said...

i keep coming back to ur blog and audrey's to see disneyland pictures

jealous la i also wan go

ling ling said...

I miss HK Disneyland so much as well, i was there during Aug'08. it was summer,and it was damn hot during that time. I got a Donald Duck ticket, now still keep nicely in my 'treasure box'. Your entry definitely bring back all my awesome and wonderful memories there and make me wanna go visit Disneyland again. I MISS HK...T.T

Boss Stewie said...

tim: hahaha you dabmn funny lar dude

chang: yeah thanks for correcting me dude.. fixed it

accyee: really? hahahaha welll she's like one

ysmm: yeah

carol: hahaha lol carol

drea: I went to the one in ANAHeim long ago but was disappoint because i remember it being a lot more run down than the Tokyo and Paris one. Would love to go back there again though since everythign's in english :P

simon: hahah yeah i'd recommend Disneyland and Macau

Kelz: hahaha can lar.. one day

lingling: Awww... well the good news is that it's not too far away from home :)

Chee Ching said...

Should tapao back the tomato sauce disney mickey shape! O_O!

Elaine Chow said...

Just so you know, the tickets aren't divided like that. The tickets come in a variety of designs including Goofy and Donald. I got Donald when I went, who coincidentally is my favourite!

Stella said...

Next time u come to HK we can go together! :)