Sunday, February 01, 2009

Andrew and Jayen's Wedding

Remember Andrew and Jayen, the very funny couple that took Princess and I around Hong Kong while we were there in December?

The two of them finally tied the knot and last night was their wedding dinner! At my age, all the previous wedding dinners I've had the chance to attend were all from relatives and family friends but this is the first one of a friend that I had ever attended.

Something that a lot of my older seniors tell me that I will experience more and more in the coming years. They say when you're 26-35 you'll be attending multiple weddings a year. 

More and more of your friends getting married which puts more and more pressure on YOU to get married and which also apparently encourages you to budget a certain amount for wedding Ang Pows you have to give out every year.

It's like you estimate how many of your friends are probably going to get married this year and you budget for it.

Speaking of Ang Pow, Princess and I went to the wedding proudly armed with an Ang Pow. When we got to the registration table Princess asked me
"What do we do now?"

Ish... silly question from Princess. I confidently walked up in front and told them that we were friends of the groom. They took out a list of names and asked us to mark down which ones were our names. I looked at the list up and down for a full two minutes but couldn't find our names at all. For a minute there I thought that maybe we weren't invited at all.

Then I turned to Princess and asked
"Did you remember to RSVP?"

She did of course. And we eventually found our names on another sheet of paper. Then we confidently walked in and sat down on our table with some of our other friends there.

Then about one hour into the dinner I turned to a friend seated on our table and asked
"Hey.. when are we supposed to pass the Ang Pow ar?"

She said
"Oh you were supposed to do it when you register".

Princess and I were taken aback a little. We let out a big

Then we asked everyone else
"Hey did you guys give your Ang Pow already?"

And they all said
"Yes.. when you register that time you give so they can record you down".

Then I had a flashback. Right after I got our table number the guy who gave it to me was waiting for me for something. I wasn't sure what... but it's like... he didn't exactly quickly move on to the person behind me right after he gave me my table number. 

But Princess and I got our table number and proudly walked in... we probably looked like a cheap bastards who came to eat free food.

Aihhh... we're such wedding noobs. It was after all our first wedding of a friend. For all the previous weddings we've been to, our parents always handled the Ang Pow part and we shamefully paid little attention to any of that.

I later ended up passing it to Andrew himself when he came to our table to do the traditional "YAM SENG".

I hope he was sober enough to remember though. 

Aihh... goofy goofy us.


陈一豪 said...

The last time I handled my aunt's wedding, we wrote the names of the giver on the back so that we knew "who not to invite next time".

Die lah you next time don't need to get invited already one.

electronicfly said...

-.-" liddat oso can. I hope you remembered to write your name and audrey's on the back of the red packet.

I heard from a friend how her jie muis handled her angpaus. Instead of writing names, they had a numbered list of names, and beside each name is a numbered sticker. All they had to do was stick the sticker on the angpau and done!

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha eh we gave our ang pow in the end what! quite a decent one too

The Author said...

emm.. srry to drop a comment not related 2 ur blogpost, i mailed u a letter to, and i dono if u still check it. so i just drop a comment here and hope you check it @.@


Nicole said...

haha.. sweating.
now the typical question: when is yourrrr wedding?

Unknown said...

eh boss,so it's official huh u and audrey?

RealGunners said...


sorry for being in CAPS, but.. I thought it should be pretty obvious, when u register u shd be able to notice piles of angpaos sitting nearby, hence the clue as to when to give..


Suet Li said...

yalah why u dunno one! everytime i go to some wedding i always notice the angpows near the register ok wtf and they write down your name etc so they know how much you give one.

ahlost said...

the first friend's wedding that I've attended was when I was 18 years old .. OMG !! I feel so old now !!

synical said...

I attended my first friend's wedding back in December... I also felt like jakun at the time... and a couple of months before the day. Go figure.

I wrote a short note for them (the couple) on the back of my angpau in gold pen for that very reason, haha. I didn't know where to put mine at first until I saw another friend stash hers in a box with a hole... Then I followed suit. :P

It happens, I guess.

Joanne said...

hi there timothy. wow. small small world :) andrew's my cousin brother. attended their wedding too. must have saw you and your gf, i was helping out at the guestbook area ;)