Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

Nuffnang is having another big party coming up on the 6th of June: Standout with Tiger and Nuffnang. Just like all our other parties, we all need to write entries on our blogs to gain an entry (you know so the Nuffies can help narrow down who to pass the invites to if there aren't enough tickets to give away).
So that means even I have to write an entry in order to go for a Nuffnang party. This time though I thought the entry was a little more fun because all we're supposed to write is how "I'm a Standout in Life". At first I thought it would be easy, then after pondering over it for a while I began to realize that hey, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be to try figure out why you're a standout in life.

I even tried asking my friends on Facebook and these were a few of the responses I got.

I particularly thought the one from Vanda was interesting. Something I never knew myself.

Anyway here are a few things that I think make me a little different.

1) I have an abnormal craze for Fu Chuk. Like INSANE.

I LOVE FU CHUK... whether it's in steamboat or Bak Kut Teh... it is just... THE BOMB.

2) I buy ice-cream not by the scoop but by the bucket.... especially when I'm stressed.

I have though successfully managed to cut down this really fattening habit. I'm going to try to resist. End of the month on the 30th I'm going to buy some New Zealand Natural ice-cream and I am going to try to buy "reasonable quantities" instead. :)

3) Unlike a lot of other people, I wear a Man Utd jersey sometimes not because I'm a fan or anything but because Ming bought me one all the way from Old Trafford customized with "Boss Stewie" at the back of it.

He's been trying to convert me to a Man Utd fan. When I walk around with the Man Utd jersey a lot of other people I see with their own Man Utd jerseys turn to look at me... you know thinking I'm one of their kind when I'm not really.

Not yet at least... Ming's constant campaign to turn me to a fan is slowly working though. 3 months ago I would never wear a Man Utd jersey out.

4) When Princess posted pictures of herself growing up from what she thought was an 'ugly duckling' to the beautiful swan that she has become today, I said that my favourite picture was this one.
Instead of say... this one.

I don't know what it was about that old picture but it just had that very cheeky grin of hers.

At dinner one day I made Princess do that same smile she did in that picture and she came up with this.

Then I tried to follow it but I failed.

It's a lot harder to do than it looks. Try it... bet you'll need a few tries before you can pull it off.

5) And finally... I love beer but I have the uncanny ability to get very red when I drink. I don't mean just ... red or a little red... I mean... freaking red.

Far more red than my Man Utd jersey or red like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

I unfortunately don't have that many pics of myself being that red but I guess you'll see me in that colour at the Nuffnang-Tiger party.

If you guys are going... see you then ok?


Terrence Cheang said...

You have this super red looking picture in your facebook. Have a look. Haha !

Ray said...

nice Standout post! I still remember that your 1 bucket of ice-cream cost you rm500...HOLY BANANA!

gonna write my standout post after passing up my assignment...

elle said...

Do you fu zhuks in lok lok stalls in pasar malam is so fking mindblowing awesome? With their peanut sauce omGGGG. No wait actually i only like the one in ss2 pasar malam that shouts 'lei lok lok lei' all the time haha.

But it's damn good.

From another fu zhuk fan.

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I is in love with fu chuks too!

Someone should create a fan site for fuchuk lovers. I bet there will be tonnes of Asian fans...=P

Cindy Khor said...

i love fu zhok too... crasily in love with them, every week have to eat at least once... and that's a one big ass tub of haagen daaz...

ahlost said...

Eeee.. I like your MU shirt.. I'm not MU fan but friends around are.. So, basically, I'll get to know which team MU is against and what score they got *LOL*

Mellissa said...


Boss Stewie said...

chu king: really? hahaha ok let me take another look

ray: hahaha... those were the days... now old di

ellle: oh i don't really eat fu chuk in lok lok stalls because i don't really eat a lot of the other lok lok stuff. but shall try that !

solitary: yah! a facebook group for fu chuk lovers. then we have fu chuk outings

cindy: hahaha.. i think i've bought 3-4 of those in my lifetime

ahlost: hehehe... same thing for me... friends always talk about MU

mellissa: hahaha yay my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

that pix of princess (i'm sorry) reminds me of Dawn Yang when her 'old ugly ducking' pixs were exposed and circulated over the internet by XX. heh~

Jia Hui said...

Try eating sorbets instead of ice-cream. Sorbets are yummy too ^^

fourfeetnine said...

jg: so does that mean tim is xx and im dawn yang?=0=0

JD said...

eh don't lar support man utd, support some other team.....hahaha!

Unknown said...

fu chuk!!!!! when are you bringing me for bak kut teh??? haha kidding lar ss14 plenty lor....

bucket of haegen dazz??? u serious ar??? ya know how many calories u r gonna gain from there? not to mention diabetis leh~~~

you already stand out in life by having fun and working at the same time now lar....

nyak nyak~~`

Jeffro said...

yeay to Boss Tim!

next time makan foo chuk.. dun worry, you ada satu lagi kaki di sini.. =D

i remember whenever eating those yong tau foo dishes, i'll first aim the foo chuk's XD

Huai Bin said...

Whoa a RM 500 bucket of ice cream!

See ya there! I have heard about your legendary fondness for BKT. :)

Breadpitt said...

i have a tub of size like ur icecream but take long time to finsih
but u seems could....finished them pretty fast,lol!

Eunice�� said...

I remember your post about buying and polishing off that tub of ice-cream ... all by yourself ... Wow!

Told my wife about that and she suggest to try it some day ... lol

Seriously, i'm very tempted to try that and wonder how the staff would react if we try to buy the whole tub of ice-cream ... heehee ;)

But then, the fridge is not big enough to store that monster ... if we really buy 1, looks like have to buy a bigger fridge as well ... or die die have to finish the whole tub before it melts away ... burpppp ...

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I love fu chuk too! Esp in BKT!!! I don't eat much of the pork, I just eat the fu chuk and button mushrooms! Lol! Now I sound so dumb. :P

And I wanna see u go red too! Boohoo! :(

Ken Wooi said...

nice.. =D

cik yaya said...
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Janice Phua said...

same here! my face will get very red each time i drink beer! even it's 1 can of beer only. (i seldom drink though) my friends will then tease me i'm tomato but i think i look like i'm in plague or rash something ==" very terrible right?

btw saw you and audrey at Aliens and Monster premier screening last night in TGV KLCC. said hi and wave to you from far but i think you were wondering "who is this girl?" lol wtf.