Sunday, May 03, 2009

Earth Hour Dinner

Was at the Earth Hour Appreciation Dinner last Thursday organized by WWF.

Project 365: Day 74, 30th April 2009

They showed us how well the initiative worked in Malaysia and estimated 5-6 million people in Malaysia took part in it. 

I guess many of you guys have much to be proud of :)


ShaolinTiger said...

Not really, it's only one hour and it's symbolic. It's nothing to be proud of.

We can be proud when Malaysians:

1) Stop taking so many plastic bags
2) Stop throwing rubbish out their car windows
3) Conserve more water and electricity (use less aircon)


Mellissa said...

I bet those same 5-6 million people still cause more harm to the environment on a daily basis than they saved in one hour o_O

~~haha~~ said...

It's going to be a whole lot tougher to educate Malaysian to practice various earth saving habits, so eath hour is a pretty good start towards saving mother nature; even if it's just an hour.

Unknown said...

Food for thought: Does it make sense for a bunch of people attending Earth Hour Dinner are producing unnecessary carbon footprints?