Friday, July 31, 2009

2 New Updates: Churp Churp & iPhone 3Gs

There are two things that are new in my life this week.

1) The first one is the result of my recent passion for Twitter. It's called ChurpChurp and it's a Twitter Advertising Network meant to help Twitterers earn a little bit of money. Of course I think it's going to take some time before Churpers start earning as much as some Nuffnangers do but Ming and I thought it would be a fun venture to go into.  
ChurpChurp was also featured in an article on Marketing Magazine on the day it launched. Man those guys work fast!

2) The next thing of course was something I just got today... my new iPhone 3Gs. 

Yes everyone... after the long debate on Twitter and after so much pressure from everyone pressuring me to get a Blackberry instead of an iPhone, I decided to go for the iPhone. They're both really really good phones but I guess.... I've grown used to everything Apple.

Today was the first day that the iPhone 3Gs was being launched so I went to the Maxis Center in Gardens at 10.00AM sharp just when it opened. There were already a few people there waiting but I managed to get a number 8.

Then I sat down with my book and started reading away... patiently waiting. I also started looking around at the people who were waiting for their iPhones. Trying to see if a theory my friend told me about iPhone users is correct. The friend said that Blackberry users are business people who are important or cool and stylish. 

He went on to say that most iPhone users are teenagers and nerds who wear jeans, t-shirt and carry a bag pack around and who probably never gotten laid before. I'm an iPhone user so I naturally got very offended by that comment.

But shocking enough I saw so many of them waiting for the iPhone with me. They were all dressed in jeans, some random sports t-shirt, sports shoes and with pimples all over their faces.

Then I looked down at myself and realized that... hey... that was exactly how I sometimes dress and how I look!!!
Later on a good looking working man dressed in a smart long-sleeve shirt came in to collect his iPhone though.. so that made me feel better. Kinda made all of us "unpopular kids" look popular again. 

After close to an hour my name was finally called and after giving my details they brought out the box that kept my iPhone.

I felt so much joy in myself. I wanted to grab the box and hug it but I didn't want to look weird. So I did a more 'manly' show of affection to the box. I picked it up to look at it, grunted like a Warcraft Orc and nodded with approval as if everything was okay.

But in my showcase I accidentally fumbled, slipping my fingers off and tossing the iPhone box into the air. My eyes opened wide like dinner plates and I grabbed it with panic, fortunately catching it before it hit the ground. 

The two ladies at the counter gasped as if I had just killed a puppy. I then just calmly put it back on the counter and smiled. 
"No worry... I drop my iPhone all the time".

I smiled coolly at them like nothing bad had happened.

I realized after that though that I just indirectly told them that I'm going to abuse my iPhone and I could almost see the sadness in their faces. So once I got my iPhone I quickly ran over to the nearest store to buy it a screen protector and a cover that everyone even in the store refers to as "The Condom".

See the black condom around my iPhone?

It's supposed to absorb shock when you drop it. Of course it doesn't absorb shock as well as say.. . strapping the iPhone to a pillow but lets be practical here.

The condom reminds me of the old mobile phone protectors we used to have for the old Nokia 8310. The RM20 ones that look like condoms as well. 

So this weekend I have a new toy to play around with. And something to show off to Carol who used to make fun of my old 2G iPhone when she bought her iPhone 3G. She used to say how it sucks and all that. HMPH.



cyeu said...

i want your old iPhone! =p

KY said...

you should get both! why settle for only one? everyone should use 2 phones!

HaniRose said...

picked up mine too earlier :) now I am the coolest teacher at school haha

Boss Stewie said...

cyeu: hahaha yeah one of my friends wants to buy it from me.

ky: hahaha no i want to have children !

princess: ooh your students must admire u

Mellissa said...

iPhone users are not losers! Blackberries are very professional, corporate while iPhones are just more for fun, laidback advertising/media industry types :D

curryegg said...

Ahhww... you got the apple! haha..
As long as you like it, there is no reason to reject it right? ;)

Enjoy your new phone!


Joshualaw said...

Cool~ How i wish to have one now..=.=

Tzy Wen said...

I'm still using my 2g from almost 2 years back. Thank god the new games are compatible with the older iPhones :D

Joshualaw said...

By the way, why I still haven't receive any tweets in Churp Churp?

Ken Wooi said...

haha nice iphone.. i cant afford it.. lol.. all the best to churpchurp! =D

alohamolly said... me feel my iphone 3g a dinasour haha..

hey btw I have sent u an award..check out my blog post here:


JD said...

Great phone you got there....cannot upgrade mine lar...just got it like 4 months back...

Jackie said...

cool friend "ngam kong" coz he went to bought 3G a few weeks b4 MY announce will release 3Gs..hahha

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