Thursday, July 02, 2009

Aunty Nancy

I'm going to share something really personal to me today. Not something actually... but someone. Her name is Aunty Nancy.

To understand how Aunty Nancy came into my life, you'll first have to learn a bit about my growing up. For most of my time growing up, both my parents were working parents. They spent a lot of time away from home working really hard to afford me the best education and the best lifestyle I could ever ask for as a kid. Knowing that they needed someone to watch over me and take care of me, they found help in Aunty Nancy who acted as our stay-in Baby Sitter for many many years.

Aunty Nancy was a mother herself at the time. She had 4 kids but she spent almost every day of the week with my brothers and sister, only taking some time off in the weekends to go out with her family. She watched us grow... from helping me with my Bahasa Malaysia homework in Standard 1 to even breaking up fights between my brothers and I as I grew into a teenager. She had many war injuries, from the childish but mean things we said to her to the punches from my brother that she deflected off me. Nevertheless she stayed with us throughout.

She wasn't just any baby sitter. She taught us manners. She taught us how to greet people, how to behave around people and even small small things like how to bring our dinner plates back into the kitchen sink right after dinner. Every time we got back from school, she was there. 

Aunty Nancy eventually left our home when we all grew old enough to take care of ourselves. I went off to KL and then on to London to study but we kept in touch. Every time I came back to Penang I would look for her. She would find out what's going on with my life and sometimes give me advice that she thought I needed at that point in life. When she first met a girlfriend I had in Form 5, she told me "Don't break girls' hearts ar!"

Up till today, every time I get a chance to when I come back to Penang I would go pay her a visit and if I have the opportunity to, give her an "ang pow" out of my salary. Just out of gratitude for helping shape me from the rebellious boy I was to the working man I have become today. As I slowly grew older I began to learn that Aunty Nancy had gone through a lot in her life. Ups that she often shared with us... and downs that she hid from us to protect us or to keep us from the sad realities of life some of us sometimes face.

Perhaps I hope that with these little things I do.... she may look back and realize that she had made some mistakes in life but she had also done some very good things. One of those good things... I hope... would be raising me.

A day after I visited her and gave her the "ang pow", she called me up and said she wanted to pass me something. She had baked me this chocolate cake that she used to bake all of us while we were young.

I loved that chocolate cake and having another bite of it many many years later brought back memories. I don't know if it was just because of the nostalgia the cake brought .... but either ways... it was a damn good cake. The icing is amazing and the cake is not too dry... but moist. I sometimes think that she would be able to sell this cake and make some good money.

Attached to the cake was a "Thank You" card.

And a personal letter.

In the card it read
Dear Aunty Nancy. 

While you may not read my blog or spend much time online at all. I just have to tell the world and have it documented somewhere in history... that it is me who owes you a "Thank You".

Thank you for helping both my parents raise me to the person I have become today.

No matter where I am. You will not be forgotten.

I wish I could do more for you in the years to come.


STUMPBO said...

Hi Tim,
Thats a real nice touching article. I guess sometimes, it's the little things we do and the people we meet that makes life a little more meaningful.

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Awwwwwww..Tim, you are so sweeeetttt :)

Vy said...

That's sweet. My mom used to babysit too and we had lots of little brother and sisters to play with. They will always want to come over to my place to play. Till today, they still miss our place. =)

Jun King (JK) said...

off topic, has anyone gave you a snappy remark about your t-shirt?

KY said...

haih, should have gotten aunty Nancy to teach you how to drive!

Dennis Lim said...

Really touching.

ms.bulat said...

this is a really touching post :')

Anonymous said...

when i saw the title...i was like....aunty nancy...i also know an anuty called nancy...after i saw the photo, i confirmed i know her....wat a small small world!!

blurblurpiggy said...

so touching.. *wipes tears*

Ken Wooi said...

hope she gets to read this! =)

Boss Stewie said...

stumpbo: yes it is... and the people we meet.. you're absolutely right

elaine: hahaha thank u

vy: yeah i'm sure they have a feeling of nostalgia every time they go in

jun king: hahaha no ler dude... everyone so far knows its a joke and laugh about it... not like i'm anyone they should know anyway

ky: wahh... hitting me where it hurts !! *sniff*

dennis: thank u :)

bulat: hehe didn't mean for it to be touching but I'm glad u like it

simple: ohh really? what a small world indeed! how do u know her

star: hahah *hands over tissue

ken: i don't think she will but oh well

Kay said...

she's so sweet =)

Constance Ant said...

this just reminds me of my baby sitter aka grandma...
she raised me up since day one...and i cant really take care of her now as im studying in swak... :(
she's suffering from Alzheimer... :(

Susan Lee said...

This is a very touching post. It's very kind and thoughtful of her for the little gestures that she had done. Small things do go a long long way... It reminds me of my grandma who was always there for me since I was young. I was "brought up(babysat)" by my grandma who had taught me many important lessons in life. She was the one who had shaped me to be the person I am today. And for that I'm forever grateful to her; for her kindness, thoughtfulness, time and patience towards my brother and I throughout our growing years. I hope I was able to repay her in some ways or at least to show her my gratitude for all that she had done for my brother and I. Especially towards me. Many people come and go in our lives but only few leave their footprints in our lives. Wherever you're grandma, hope that you're living a comfortable and happy life! God, please bless her! Thank you very much for all that you had done for me. Words won't be enough to describe how I wish I could do more for you! (Ooops... out of topic)Well, I guess aunt Nancy is one of those people that will always be remembered by those who are lucky enough to pass through her path.

missyfeisty said...

very touchy post, i literally have tears in my eyes.
yes there are so little things we can do for those who raise us, but the most important thing is, we do appreciates their efforts.

Mr Gin said...

So Touching Meh??Very touching indeed..

ahlost said...

A very sweet entry by you Tim :) 

messi said...

meaningful article! thumbs up!

this article should be published in paper to let the young generation know the need to appreciate those who made you a better person, and not just 4get about them.

xueni ; said...

it's very sweet of you; a touching post indeed; (:

i believe that you are who and where you are today, because of the way you appreciate, remember, and treat people. (:

i believe that people will remember you, like how you do.

bless both you, & Aunty Nancy!!

jess~ said...


very touching indeed...

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

you wore the wrong shirt to go see her..

She knows who you are..heck! Maybe a lot better!

But nonetheless..nice post...:)

Whatever that triggered you to write this must be something..

Jessie TANG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessie TANG said...

You are lucky, because it is hard to find a baby sitter who could stay long, kind and committed to kids who are not belonging to her..

She is lucky to have you too :-)

Boss Stewie said...

kay: yes she is. if you only knew her :)

mr gin: haha gin make up your mind dude

ahlost: thank u :)

messi: thank you.. haha don't think it'll make the newspaper any time but thank you :)

xuen: thank you...i can only hope that what you say turns true :)

jess: thank u :)

solitary: hahahaha that shirt was meant to be a joke and she also knows ler.. not like i'm anybody at all

lion: it's true.. i am lucky to have had her in my life :)