Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello Paul!

I've been out doing a lot of t-shirt shopping lately. Suddenly was struck with a t-shirt binge. There's this really nice shop in Sungai Wang that I like going to. They sell these really cool t-shirts with really unique designs. One of them I bought recently is the one I'm wearing in this picture.

Notice the grey shirt I'm wearing with the teddy bear on the front. I thought it was cute.. though both Princess and I agreed that it bordered 'gay'. 

I walked into the office the other day wearing this shirt. Robb saw me wearing a new shirt (leave it to the gay guy to notice these things) and yelled 
"STOP!!! New shirt ar? Let me see!"

I turned around to have my shirt face him and he suddenly let out a 

and everyone else in the office started checking out my shirt and laughing. Doria even came up to me just to take a picture of the shirt while mumbling to herself
"I can't believe my Boss is wearing a shirt like this".

I don't care! I like my teddy bear shirt.

Just last weekend Princess and I went shopping again. This time to Pavilion. We ended up in Paul Frank.
I never really got the appeal of Paul Frank until just recently.

So I decided to go buy myself a few t-shirts.

Here's one of the t-shirts I ended up buying...
(Never thought I'd ever find myself doing a "fashion blog dressing room photo pose" like that... isn't life full of surprises)

In the process of my t-shirt shopping I spotted a really cute pink bag that I thought was made just for Princess. I reached for it then brought it down from the shelf to let Princess have a hold of it.

It looked perfect for her. The minute I saw this...

I knew I had to get it for her so I put it in my shopping cart too. I ended up buying 3 t-shirts and one bag in just 15-20 minutes. 

Princess' Dad was just telling me the day before how men just shop really fast compared to women.

Guys walk into a shop, they see what they like then make a decision to buy it straight away. Girls on the other hand will try it on... then ask their friends about what they think then decide to walk around the mall to see if there's anything better... only to eventually come back again to buy it.
This is how Princess is like when she shops
"I like this dress... it's sooo nice.... but I don't know if I should buy it. I think I'll go look around first to see if there are any other dresses. Maybe I can find it cheaper somewhere else too. Nevermind I'll go and if I can't find anything else I'll come back"

Guys don't think about whether we can find a nicer t-shirt at another shop or anything like that. 

Here's how guys shop: 
ME BUY!!!"

We've got to be the easiest retail fashion consumers ever. No wonder the fashion brands don't seem to spend as much effort marketing to guys than they do to girls. 

Anyway... Princess and I both went home that day with some new presents for ourselves.

I actually felt so much at ease and relaxed after all that shopping. Retail therapy really really works. At the end of the day Princess said 
"You like shopping!! I know you do!! Admit it admit it admit it!!!"


~~haha~~ said...

aiya, ppl say u gay, u shw them ur princess lo...he he...

btw, how much is a paul frank's shirt?

Boss Stewie said...

haha: it's about RM120 each...

Amelia said...

i wanna buy paul frank since long time ago but no's so freaking expensive for a tee T_____T
and i like the bag!! *hi5 to princess cos I love pink too. lol :p*

~~haha~~ said... money...nice Ts though

Ken Wooi said...

wow rm120 each? i know i cant afford it.. one of your shirt.. i can buy 3 shirts edy.. lol..

and its good to shop quick.. saves time! =D

Joshualaw said...

RM120 each??? Wow~ That's consider a lot for me...i never get the chance to wear a RM120 tee shirt! =.=

Amelia said...

ehh RM 120 only?? wth?!!! in here it's so damn freaking expensive. If converted to RM, it will be around RM300+ or so....wthhhhhhh

sarah said...

RM120? So expensive! waa..then the bag must be rm200?? btw, the teddy shirt isn't thatt bad =)

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Me woman!
Me think Big man *punches chest*
Don't shop! =P

They were the skin of the animals they just killed with their handmade spear!! hahaha..

I like your teddy bear and paul frank t-shirt..T.T

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I mean wear..not were...>.<

~Elaine Tam~ said...

I think you looks cute with the Teddy Bear T-shirt,even though it's abit "gay" wakakakak!!

But look MAN on you, absolutely matching on your BIG chest =__="

Donna said...

Haha.. Boss.. u really do like shopping!
But I think your poor princess must think million times b4 buying something is because of limited cash. She wants to pick the cheapest, prettiest, a good wife type leh.. Boss =)

JD said...

Eh boss stewie, mine sometimes will also think off cheaper alternatives, especially when it comes to football kits lar. Coz the retail price here is just too expensive, so me ended up buying online. T-shirt wise, if like then just buy lar.

Boss Stewie said...

amelia: hehehe yeah i thought it was expensive too while i was a student so i wore other stuff while my friends all wore paul frank and more. but now working already can afford to buy a few once in a while

kenwooi: yes... saves so much time.. time that can be spent on my xbox

joshua: yeah... i agree that while it's no armani, it's not particularly cheap but it's a once in a while purchase

amelia: wow where is that?

sara: hehe no the bag was less than that :) thank you for liking my teddy bear shirt haha

solitary: hehe i like modern clothes better. it's too hot to wear animal skin in this weather

dolly: hahaa okok.. yes i guess she would be a good wife type. you're right

jd: oooohh... model gf u have then! :)

~Elaine Tam~ said...

BOSS STEWIE!!! You left out mind!!!! Yuo forgot to reply my comment!!! *hide at the corner~ sob-sob*

Boss Stewie said...

elaine: EH EH SORRY SORRY! how could i leave out someone who said i have a big chest (proof that i have been working out) hahaha

Wilson Ng said...

RM 120 each, tempted but...but... too broke to own now... :(

Cindy Khor said...

shopping at paul frank must be great, i love the monkey logo. that pink bag is cute too. still can't get use to you wearing the teddy bear shirt.

Jz said...

your tee does look gay LOL, seriously

@kenwooi- friend, I could buy about 10 LOL

Amelia said...

in my country here..Indonesia...

KY said...

I thought I was reading sweat lee's blog for a while there. :S

Anonymous said...

Can I know where did your princess buy the dress she wore at the first picture and the white one? Pretty please! =) Thanks!

dheep said...

nice bag. very pink.

ahlost said...

Nice tees :)