Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karaoke with the Nuffies!

Announcement for UP: Whew. After 3 days of looking through all the e-mails and reading all your stories I've finally picked the winners of the tickets. It was so hard though.. because there were just too many good stories.

The winners will  get an e-mail from Nuffnang in the next few days ok? If you don't... hope you win something the next round ok?


Just a few nights ago we decided to go for a karaoke session after work for Lee Meng's farewell. It was also Rina's birthday so we planned a little surprise for her.

It started with us rushing out of the office after work to get to the karaoke in time before they gave away our reservation or something. Half of us ended up coming late due to work but we eventually gathered around and sang!

Among the songs t I die die must sing at any Karaoke session are
"Mungkin Nanti by Peter Pan (All the Nuffies LOVEEE this song)"
"Zui Jing by Lee Sheng Jie"
"Hai Guo Tian Kong by Beyond"
"Flying Without Wings by Westlife"
"Any Beatles or Elvis song".

The best singers in the Nuffnang team are probably Shun Yau and Jestina. The rest of us aren't too great. We haven't before heard Rina sing though. Before we went there Firdauz was saying that Rina probably can't sing because she's already so pretty. He thought that life wouldn't be fair if she was pretty and could sing well.

He was wrong though... Rina picked up the mic and sang "Underneath your clothes" by Shakira and all of us awed in silence. Except for Firdauz, who constantly kept saying to himself "Fuck my life fuck my life... life is so unfair... "

We then put Jestina and Rina against one another. They both took turns to sing "Menghitung Hari"... and they were both so good we couldn't decide who was better. So we did the most diplomatic thing.. clap for the both of them equally as loud. 

Halfway through the session we decided that it was time to surprise Rina with our birthday cake we bought for her. So I left the room and told the waiter to bring the cake. Then went back into the room.

Suddenly Rina said that she had to go to the restroom. 

I panicked for a while. Started thinking... what if she walked out and bumped into the waiter bringing the cake in. My mind thought of the option of telling her
"No wait Rina! Don't go to the toilet yet!!!"

But I figured that it would've sounded very weird so I let her go and crossed my fingers. After she left I rushed out of the room to tell the waiter to hold the cake. I made it in time and had them bring the cake right when Rina was back into the room.
She was surprised... not just by the cake being there but also by the size of it. She said it was probably one of the biggest birthday cakes she had ever had.

Yes... Nuffies love cake... we're all fat.

We also tend to be overconfident of how much we can eat. All of us there only managed to eat like.. half the cake. Rina had to bring the rest back home at the end of the night.

Here are some other pictures from the night.

This is me and Nicholas. The man who now manages the Nuffnang Malaysia team. 

This is Jestina... the other really talented singer that makes the rest of us look bad.

Carol and Tim2. 

Two people that I depend on so much... and two people who have helped shaped Nuffnang to what it is today.

This is Lee Meng, singing one of his Jay Chou songs.

I thought it was really funny how the Karaoke place gave us these little "mic condoms" to keep the mic clean. See the yellow thing bag thing on the top of the mic.

Nicholas and Jestina... laughing about something. 

Not sure what.

Nicholas, David and I.
David is known as one of the two "players" in Nuffnang. David is the more charming one that sweeps girls off their feet with his words and body language. The other guy on the other hand is unlike David, he goes for the "cute" factor instead. Girls like David because he's charming... girls like the other guy because he's "cute".

Here's me from the left... (not sure what I saw that gave me that expression on my face. Maybe I saw a poodle with a bazooka or something), Doria, Vernice, Rina and Lee Meng.

And of course... a group photo of all of us there that night.

We missed out some of the Nuffies that night...

4 hours passed really quickly and soon it was time to go home. We were all tired and looking forward to going to bed. Jestina on the other hand... refused to leave without singing one last song!
Nicholas had to drag her away.

I think she wanted to practice for her next 1 vs 1 against Rina.


Jackie said...

hahha firdaus so funny..XD

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. nuffnang chill-out time! nice! =)

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Hahahha~ I hope I can be nuffies too.. Tim, is there any vacancy for me? *sob sob*

electronicfly said...

fwaaaa, NN team so big d. Bagus bagus!

JD said...

Karaoke, I like!

Boss Stewie said...

jackie:" hahaha why is he funny?

kenwooi: yeah one of those chill out times hehe

elaine: hahaha did you send your cv over to us?

electrionic: hahaha actually got quite a few more but they didn't make it

Boss Stewie said...

jd: i like too :)

Elaynne said...

My Wifey can sing so welll... weeeee~~
can't wait to hear her sing to me!!

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Firdauz just need to look at the brightside ;p

Looks like Jestina and Nick could be a good partner

Eximius said...

We must have a regional Nuffie Karaoke.. There are some real talent around...

Huai Bin said... I'm intruiged...would love to hear Jestina sing. Haha!

KY said...

Rina is the hot!

RealGunners said...

your company's website just got screwed up again boss...

goingkookies said...

omg! funny!!

u guys are happening!!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Tim, I did send your cv over~ Maybe dis-qualified I guess *hide at the corner and sob sob*

JenKin Yat said...

hhahahahah the charming and the cute wtf LOL..
doria and rina are quite look alike in pic >.<
think i should stop by office some time..

dannyooi said...

Hey timothy, one the twins in sxi. rmb? haha

Seems so nice to work in Nuffnang! arr..!

[url=]Danny Ooi[/url]

Jester said...

Hahaha Tim, what a promotion on my singing! >.<