Monday, July 13, 2009


The haze was really bad today. When we were going to head out for lunch I brought a mask for myself. I asked everyone else in the office if they wanted any of my spare masks and everyone said "No"... except for a few. I guess everyone thought I was being a fag.

Then once we got out of our office building the stench of the haze got into the maskless people and suddenly all those ballsy Nuffies who wanted to brave the haze insisted they went back up again to get my masks. 

So we all ended up like this. That's me in the red shirt.

Yes... so many months in with H1N1 and one of the first times I start wearing a mask is not because of the flu but because of the haze. Speaking of Swine Flu, Jojo nearly got a bit of a scare lately... thought she was infected with Swine Flu but fortunately turned out to be negative.

Seriously...  something has to be done about this haze. 

Fortunately the air improved by the time the afternoon came.


§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I have no idea why...but looking at that picture...three words came to mind...

"Men in Black!"

It's very random. Not all are men and what's more not everyone is in black.

Must be the feel of the picture. Like going to save the world kind of pic...Ya know? I don't know..LOL

Ken Wooi said...

is that really the case in KL?
well, im in nilai.. a little south from KL.. things seem to be fine here, not much of a haze.. but i do see students walking around with masks.. but i dont.. lol.. =P

take care, be safe..

and of coz, we all know you're the one in red.. =D

JD said...

Yeah, the haze was quite bad yesterday morning. Cannot even see Menara Maybank from my side.

Donna said...

i know i shouldn't laugh.
but u guys look funny with the mask. =________="

~Elaine Tam~ said...

You guys looks so COOL with the mask leh!! Betul betul punya!!!

Just like those shuper heros wearing their mask to cover their identity!! Maybe you guys can become......ummmm.......H1N1 Hero!

KY said...

I think it's time to hire some witch to make a rain dance

Glowing Star said...

there is nothing serious with swine flu. its just like any other seasonal flu just that it is easier to catch. people who have died from it are those with pre-existing medical conditions or immune compromised.

for the records, seasonal flu death rates are higher than swine flu.

just keep personal hygiene like KEEP washing hands WITH SOAP and dry them properly. be healthy and stay away from places with dodgy crowds eg: poor hygiene/poorer population with compromised medical care.

Swine flu is over-rated. :)

common cold: sneezing, sore throat, mild body aches, mild fever.

flu (just any kind-there are different strands of seasonal flu): less sore throat, serious body ache, high fever,possible dry, hacking cough, body chills, fatigue.
nausea, vomiting and diarrhea for for swine flu. but not all the symptoms need to be in there for it to be confirmed a flu. major ones are serious bodyache and high fever.

keep hydrated to prevent or treat flu and cold. sleep early and rest helps a lot with flus and colds. lower temperature with panadol, Panadol Rapid formula seems to work faster and better. CALL or refer to GP if suspected flu.

FYI: antibiotics for colds and flu is just a myth. do u think antibiotics which treat BACTERIAL infections would help with a VIRAL infection? both colds and flu are viruses!!! antibiotics only come in when there is a secondary bacterial infection. like u cough and "accidentally breathe in your phelgm into your lungs". and that sterile lung gets infected. that may be a sign when u cough for more than 4 weeks and possibly with high fever then.

anyway, all information here is believed at your own risk. i have no responsibility to this as it is not an officially accepted information source. but u can do research on it to get the original source if u like.

Yew Jin said...

No offence.. but with the masks on, you all do look like a bunch of robbers off to rob a bank.. =P

~~haha~~ said...

Saw a guy in the toilet wash his hands with the running urinal water. Then he walked over to the sink to wipe his hands dry with paper towel