Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pierre & Lay See's Wedding

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Last Saturday, Pierre and Lay See got married. You guys remember the both of them right? The "perfect couple" that everyone from Malacca knows. Both together since high school, both smart, both good looking, both from rich families... both nice people... aihh.. both everything.. I'm going to tell my story of the whole day in pictures and words.

1. Woke up at 6.00AM on a Saturday. I looked out my hotel window and Malacca was still dark. 

2. I nudged Princess up and asked her to get ready. We had to be at Pierre's place by 7AM. I was going to be one of Pierre's Heng Tai's. Princess made it to the bathroom to wash up, constantly chanting "Haih... 6AM.. fuck my life... fuck my life".

3. Left the hotel and headed to Pierre's house. Was there by 7ish. The sun was finally beginning to rise. Kenny was there too as one of the Heng Tai's along with me. 

4. All the Heng Tai's were asked to wear a white long sleeve shirt and black slacks. We were then given a pink tie each and told to wear it. 
That idea couldn't have come from Pierre or any of the other guys. We knew it was insisted upon by the bridesmaids. 

5. Waited a long time for Pierre. Was told that he was in the shower. We joked about him being in the shower rubbing his forehead and asking himself
"Really ahh... am I really sure about this".

6. But Pierre soon made an appearance and we left his home in a very big entourage. Some 15 cars.

7. The minute we reached the Bride's home, 
we saw them... all the bridesmaids who looked at us heng tais like wolves look at meat. It's like they revel in the tradition of how they get to torture the groom and the groom's heng tais.

The girls were all dressed in pink, which explained the stupid pink tie we were all wearing. 

8. They immediately got all the guys to sit down on some plastic chairs they had prepared for us. Then they asked us all to roll up our pants and took out something that made me go "What... the... fuck...???"

It was a strip of bikini wax. They were all going to wax off a portion of our leg hair. The head of the bridesmaids announced

"This is to show you men how much pain we have to go through sometimes".

Then each bridesmaid picked a guy and they all started putting on the wax. I looked at Princess with hope that she would save me but she stood there just laughing.

9. Soon I heard the first wax get stripped off. It was Kenny's and I heard his scream

Then one by one of the guys had their leg hair waxed off. 

10. When it came to the guy next to me, the girl doing it for him was scared of pulling it off quickly or something. So she SLOWLY pulled off the strip plucking one hair off his leg at a time. He was screaming in pain and shouting

I knew what he was thinking at that point. He was thinking

11. I was terrified when I saw that. I begged my bridesmaid to make it quick and painless. She pulled it off and I was left with a smooth bald patch on my leg.

You can see it so clearly on the picture but in real life it's obvious like anything.

This is how Kenny's leg looked.
See the patch?

12. For the rest of the torturous half hour that felt like an eternity, the girls gave us little pity.

They made some of us line up and hump each other to pop the balloons with our crotches.

They made us put on lipstick 

and play "suck and blow" with each other.

And they made us eat disgusting sandwiches with an overdose of wasabi and some bitter chinese herbs

One of us had it right when he shouted over to Pierre
"Pierre!!! You are losing your friends FAST!!!"
That's right Pierre.... really fast.

13. Finally we got into the house and managed to get Pierre to pick up the bride.
 Then they did the tea ceremony and some other wedding traditions.

14. We ended the morning going back to Pierre's home where lunch was served in his garden.
When Mr Kenny Sia saw food...
he didn't wait. 

Princess and I had lunch, then we took a picture and headed off.

We went back to the hotel shortly after for an afternoon nap, then woke up again to dress up for the wedding dinner.

15. Pierre's wedding dinner had a Paris theme. So they made the outside of the ballroom look like Paris and the inside of the ballroom had many projectors that projected images of Paris on the walls to make it look like Paris.

Princess and I finally managed to take a picture with the bride and groom.

See my tie sticking out at the bottom of my suit jacket. Almost looks as if I have red underwear sticking out of my zipper hahaha.

16. They gave out MAMEE goodie bags... which only seemed natural since Pierre's family owns MAMEE, Double Decker, Mister Potato and... whatever else.. I love Mamee!

17. The wedding was really grand and had the very tastefully done video slideshow of both the bride and groom growing up.

Then.... they told the story of how the bride and groom met. Princess and I were eager to hear it. I mean... here's a perfect couple.. both perfect in everything... maybe they had a lousy story of how they met or something right? Like maybe they met in class and that's it.

We were wrong.

Here's how they met.

Lay See's best friend Kelly is also Pierre's cousin. One day when they were both 14 or so, they were both at Kelly's birthday party. Then Lay See who was 14 at the time (or somewhere around that age) happened to accidentally spill spaghetti on herself only to catch Pierre's attention.

Pierre called Kelly later that night and told her that if she helped him court Lay See, he will find her an eligible boyfriend. Pierre and Lay See eventually started dating in groups of friends... you know, being young and all. But by age 17 they both officially got together and have been together ever since. 
Their sweet story made Princess cry and dashed our last hope at thinking that there was a chance they weren't perfect.

They are a perfect couple. Near the end of the dinner, Princess asked me
"Baby our wedding won't be anywhere as good as this right?"

I nodded.
"I'm sorry Baby..."

Princess and I were both glad we were able to be a part of their wedding though. Pierre was just one of those friends where it really mattered to me for me to be there at his wedding. Thanks for the invite dude.

Oh well...How do you fight Pierre and Lay See....  they're just too perfect. 
To feel better about ourselves, Princess and I took more pictures outside... pretending that we were in Paris.

Maybe one day we can show our kids these photos and tell them how we went there for our honeymoon. They wouldn't know the difference.

It looks like we're really in Paris and not outside some hotel ballroom in Malacca right? Right?


ms.bulat said...

yes, it does look like you guys are in Paris and not outside some hotel ballroom *laughs*

btw the pink ties are cute larhh :D

Ken Wooi said...

nice coverage of the wedding.. sweet! =)

and the last picture.. not really that real la.. your kids will grow up to find out the truth and say "DADDD YOU BLUFF MEE!!"

haha.. =D

Cindy Khor said...

its so much fun to have games played before meeting the bride. now i'm starting to worry do i have enough of bridesmaid to help me play with the groom's friend.

Jess said...

wahhhh the wedding is so pretty :)

~Elaine Tam~ said...

"I have red underwear sticking out of my zipper hahaha."

So, it means u wear red underwear that day ya? HAHAHAHHAHAH~ Good color choice!! I LURVE IT~ Opssss~ *blushing*

pinkpaperplane said...


That is some kind of wedding! Congratulations to your Pierre and Lay See!

pinkpaperplane said...


I was going to write "Congratulations to your friends" then I decided to write their names but of course I forgot to remove "your"...


Crystal Hew said... so so envy now :( everything seems so perfect!

Donna said...

awww.. the wedding is sooooooooo sweet.

but.. =.=".. the "heng dai"/brother really so big sacrifice huh.. =.="

Donna said...

and GOD!!!!
that is Pierre's house?!!!
I tot that is the hotel or something like that!!!

dheep said...

the house is huge....!

congratz to them. when is ur turn?

Sharon said...

impressive! best wedding theme i've seen thus far :) and princess looks gorgeous in her dress!
IMHO it doesnt matter who to impress when it comes to wedding but it's how YOU and your other half want the wedding to be :)

Unknown said...

It was one darn great wedding ;)

Nice seeing you there tim!

Vy said...

Awww...So sweet...
This proves that: Fairy tale romance do exist.
Oh when, oh when will my prince charming appear in my life?
*crosses finger* =D

vialentino said...

wah...nice wedding coverage...wish them happily loving ever....

Hazel said...

compare only make things worse. We must learn to be contented.

But really a grand wedding but i think it's the after marriage life matters..

tripledot said...

my goodness! their houses are humongous! anyway, congrats to the newlyweds! :)

- waicheen

Nigel Sia said...

The games with the Heng Tais should be interesting to watch on video again. Hehe.

Jiyan said...

right..right..:P omg they're perfect..i was like 'got so perfect ornot? got so perfect ornot?' all the way as i

djan said...

where's boss ming? i thought u guys were the 3 heng tais...

RealGunners said...

there must be something one, nothing is perfect, maybe they hide the not so perfect things from you guys? like.. like.. i don't know...


Mayz said...

wow, i know, i shud be commenting on something else, but, BOY, both their house are HUUGEEE!

meiyi said...

may i know which hotel was that?
i would say, they did a great job putting up the backdrop.

Boss Stewie said...

ms bulat: thank you... at least we've got somebody convinced we were in Paris :)

kenwooi: *sniff*... nehmind... at least we can delay them finding out to only in their later years

cindy: u don't necessarily need so many bridesmaids. just a few would do :)

jess: yeah it was really nice

elaine: hahahahaa... funny lar u

pink: ahahhahaa ok... don't worry. i'm no english teacher to want to correct u over every small mistake

crystal: yeah it was perfecy.

dolly: yeah.. u have no idea of the pain we had to go through

dheepan: mine is a long time frmo now

sharon: well i was impressed.... i haven't thought yet of how i'd like my wedding to be though

kahseong: great meeting you too dude

vy: he will come.... be patient :)

vialentino: thank u :)

leo: i think after being together for so many years, they'll be okay

triple: haha yes they are

nigel: no!!! don't ... u.... dare!!!

ji yan: sigh... yeah they're perfect

yuetmei: hahahaha .... no i think most of the heng tais were taken. except kenny sia though..he's single!!!

djan: he had to go to Moscow so he had to miss it :(

realgunners: hahahaha yes..... that's what i try to tell myself but i fail at convincing myself that

mayz: hahahahaa lol they are

meiyi: it was the Renaissance in Malacca

Tey Cindy said...

the last picture is so niceeeee!!! MESTI NOT FROM AUD'S CAMERA! hahaha~ anyhow, 10x 4 the link boss. \^^/

Kitten-chan! said...

Such a perfect couple. O.o Jealoussss~ Not often someone can have perfect love story like that. T-T

On the other hand... nice new shave you and the other Heng Tai's got. xP