Monday, July 13, 2009

The Way She Cries

Princess is an extremely sensitive girl. She cries on almost every episode of Desperate Housewives whenever there's an emotional scene and she cries at any movie that just slightly attempts to be sad.

I remember when we were watching "A Walk To Remember", a movie she had watched many many times before. 
There was the scene where the guy brought the girl (Mandy Moore) to a park or something with a telescope and showed her some stars. It was a touching scene ok... nobody died in that scene yet. 

I heard sniffing next to me and when I looked over at Princess I saw her sniffing away with tears in her eyes, covering her face with a pillow from my couch. I asked why she was crying and while choking in her own tears she weakly replied
"He's just sooo sweet".

Every time she cries like that I think it's really cute so I go
"Awwwww..." and hug her tight.

When I do that she normally lets out a small little manja sound. I always wished I could've taken a picture of how she looks when she cries while watching a movie.

And... today I managed to take one such picture.

Notice her watery eyes.
My Princess is just so cute.


Anonymous said...
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Ken Wooi said...

haha.. she doesn't mind you talking about her crying? =P

so far in my life, i only cried during ONE movie - Korean movie Windstruck!

Cindy Khor said...

aaawww, she really is sensitive, and i think she looks cute crying too with her big watery eyes.

maybe i should try this more often so that i could get some hug from bf

JD said...

My wife is also like princess, in any slightly emotionally scene in any movies, she will start sniffing.

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Awwwwww.......she looks adorable when having those tears on her eyes.....Heheheheh~

Boss Stewie said...

dingshyong: heh well may we be on the same floor next time we meet :)

kenwooi: no she doens't mind.. cuz she looks cute when she cries

cindy: yah damn cute right! hehehe... makes u want to hug and comfort her

jd: hahahaha i think it's quite cute

elaine: yeah she's adorable :)

KY said...

what everyone wants to know is if you let our manja sound of yourself too!

fourfeetnine said...

im not sensitive! sensitive is weak!

Suet Li said...

yer maybe u made her cry one!!! *rolls up sleeves
*grabs parang
u watch out when i see u next wtf

Suet Li said...

*suddenly remembered the favor u did for me

eh hehe nola kidding la wtf

ahlost said...

cute :)

Donna said...

suet li..
u are so funny la..

Your princess is so cute la..

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Not sensitive, but sentimental? :)

Raymond Choo said...

princess want you to be as sweet as the guy in the movie :p

yinkoon said...

a walk to remember. in the end the girl was... cancer. made me sad. that was one of the movie i would had want to buy the cd. only got the ost ones. =(

celina said...

hehe..princess so cute =)