Friday, July 24, 2009

Who Wants UP Tickets?!?!?

Okay I got it again... tickets to another great movie.

This time I've got premiere passes for the new Pixar movie: UP (thanks to Sony Pictures).

Here's the date and time of the screening: 

Date: 11 August 2009
Time: 9.30PM
Venue: Cathay Cineplex Damansara

You guys know UP right?

Watch the trailer if you don't.

It looks hilarious.

Okay I've got 20 pairs of tickets to give away to you guys. This time I'm going to try to be a little bit more fair than the last time though. 

Instead of first come first serve, I'll give it away to the best 20 people who can write me an e-mail and tell me what they've always wanted to do in their lifetime and why. Gives me a chance to get to know some of you better too.

The most interesting 20 will win a pair of tickets ok? 

E-mail me now at

The closing date for this is 11.59PM on the 29th of July 2009.

One lesson I learned from the previous time I gave away tickets was that I got a big flood of e-mails after my entry and I didn't manage to reply them all.

So I'll try to reply everyone but if I can't then I'll inform only the winners ok? I'll e-mail the winners by 1st August 2009.

Thanks everyone. Hope to see you there.

Update: It's been an hour since I've posted this up and I see so many really interesting emails from you guys on what your dreams are. I had an idea and thought that it would be nice if you guys shared your aspirations with everyone else on my blog here too. So once you e-mail me, do cut and paste it and leave it as a comment here too ok? Totally optional though :)


blurblurpiggy said...

Yay! Done! ...why am I the first to comment? hmm..feels strange.

Anonymous said...

What i always wanted to do in my lifetime would be to travel all around the world and snap lots of pictures for the world to see the way how i see the world through my own eyes.Photography is my passion and it's the only thing that drives my life. Picture is something that you could keep to remind yourself the moments you had been through.

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Hey timothy!

Ok your question is bit tough cos I have so many things that I want to do before I die. But here's a thing which I've always wanted to do in my life since 2 years ago - to travel around Malaysia on my own. All this while I've always been living under the protection of my parents (well which parents do not care for their children right?) and this has somewhat caused me to be quite dependent on them even until now. For example, going to bank to settle things on my own and I'm always afraid that I'll accidentally make some silly mistakes (thank god I haven't made any till now hee!).

Reading blogs such as Ringo's and NIcole's have sparked up my interests in travelling to places where some poeple don't even know they exist. Honestly, I admire both the girls' courage to travel alone (well not really alone, but at least they travelled without their parents?) but I don't think I'll be able to do that in anytime sooner. I've had this plan of going around Malaysia backpacking, just on my own, however, due to studies and financial constraints, this plan remains dead until today :( pathetic huh? Well, I've gotta admit I'm not a risk-taker (70% maybe?), but I'm willing to try new things out so that when I look back into my past when I'm old, I have good and enjoyable memories that can put a smile on my face, or perhaps to use them as bedtime stories materials to my grandchildren hehe.


PS: will say hi to u next time! i promise hehe.

KY said...

boohoo i won't be around!

blurblurpiggy said...

I here's mine =)

I've always wanted to appear on the newspaper (of course for the right reasons) and I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and I've done both in my lifetime which until today, I still cannot believe. Long aunty story, I shall not elaborate!

I really have no idea why but I thought that it would make me look cool and I would be famous (although the photograph wasn't very cool, it was a candid shot! and I'm still not famous! x__X ). As for Hawaii, it's paradise and it was a dream of my roomate and I (umpteen years ago back in Sunway) to go there to study however we did not. She's still not been there but I've been there for a holiday 3 times =). So yeah!

Boss Stewie said...

boom: I hope one day... you'll be one of those famous photographers like in the movie I just watched last night "Ghost of ex-girlfriend's past". :)

jac: You know what the irony is. I know at least 4-5 girl friends of mine who have had the courage to travel to a far away place alone. But not one guy friend. Just recently I had one friend who even went to South America all on her own. Perhaps as time passes you'll see that more and more people are doing it adn that might give you the courage and motivation to try it out yourself too. But if you don't, no big deal right? Traveling with company is just as fun :)

ky: you going melbourne ar?

starletz: What did you appear on the newspaper for? Wow I'd really like to know.

Hawaii is also one of those places I'd really like to be able to go to one day :) Maybe in the coming years

Jessying said...

Q: What I want to do in my lifetime and why?

Let me share with you my story.

1)I always believe I am living in a box.. i.e surrounded by same walls, by same building, same room all my life and being in the same place so long and never know what is it to be out there ALONE. Moreover I will be only young once and I know what exactly I want, thats is to be jumping out of the box to see the big big world out there (which apparently can be travel by 80days?). If you just visit my blog once, my title is I'm living in a box, I'm jumping out to see the world !!!
Have been waiting all my life to jump from my current life to be a WORLD TRAVELER! How can I just die by now visiting the Eiffel tower, London bridge and Sakura tree and etc etc...

2)I want to be a volunteer for once under United Nation volunteer program. People often asked me why , I just feel thats the right thing to do!!!We are so comfortable now that we don't remember that there are many vulnerable people out there exposed to sickness, danger of their life, right to a living and healthy lifestyl that often caused by the political situation, environment, economy, social in their homeland.

Action taken : Applied for UNHCR job 2 months ago (after the 1st time a year ago) and was selected as one of the 11 finalist from 700 applicants, went for the interview and exams but unfortunately there is no news yet!! ( is it no news is good news ?)
In the event if I failed, I will want to apply again and again, in fact I wanted to apply as a support staff in Afghanistan or Iraq to help the development.Its not easy when all my family members/my bf is against and keep saying stupid. And i hope by volunteering in these countries I can achieve my 2 goals in 1 shot, to be able to contribute to the vulnerable people and at the same time to be able to see the world out there.

In fact I have so much to do in my lifetime and I am worry that I might not have the opportunity to finish it. I am so afraid of leaving the world here especially when I just witnessed the death of my SAME AGED closed cousin 3 months ago,he is such a bright young man but met with a destiny which he could not avoid. He died in the accident together with his girlfriend. Imagine how afraid am I.

If I could choose right now what I want to take my backpack ready to leave in a jet plane anytime , to see, to experience , to touch, to smell and to live it out !!! I want to be up up up and fly away in the jet plane now~

Sue Me said...

Well, not exactly a very hard question because I have my mind set for something. Not exactly something ambitious but something I wanted since I am in a relationship with my boyfriend. It might sound corny and all but I want to marry him one day when I am all grown up and cook for him everyday for the rest of our lives together under the same roof. Then, tell our children and grandchildren about our courtship and grow old together. Why this? Because I value family love and of course, love with my partner. It's probably a fairy tale for many but I know mine will come true one fine day.

ChungChin said...

Here goes mine;

The thing that I have always wanted to do in my lifetime is to travel to all the ancient sites/sights in the world e.g. Pyramids in Egypt, Sagrada de familia in Spain, Rapa Nui National park in Easter Island, Taj Mahal in India and ... well, you get the idea.

The reason that I want to do this is that, when I was small, I read a lot of books and those that fascinated me the most as a child was about the 7 Wonders of the World, and strange happenings/events around the world (e.g. Bermuda Triangle, UFO sightings etc). It was a wild thing to be able to sit there and imagine myself being an explorer and traveling to these exotic places, having a ball of an adventure and getting the truth behind those strange happenings ... eery as they may be. As I grow up and learnt about the world in a more realistic way, slowly ... logic took over and imagination was cast aside. Yet, in recent years ... I think I have been able to merge the logical part of the world with the more imaginative part of my world. A lot of these ancient sites still hold secrets and mysteries that up to these days are open to debate and exploration. It would be my life dream to travel to these places and see for myself the majesty of the ancient civilizations, marvel at their ingenuity and be humbled in the presence of the big unknown.

Chung Chin

Boss Stewie said...

jessying: I have respect for you that you're willing to embark on a volunteer mission to Afghanistan or places like this. Most people won't do it even for a good deal of money, but you do it because you want to help people. Hats off to you. I hope you get it.

sue: Aww hahaha I think this is so sweet. I hope the both of you really do end up together.

chung: I normally rely on the discovery channel for things like the Pyramid. They decipher all the mysteries for me :)

IntanCHLY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Winn said...

SERIOUSLY FRANKLY AND ABSOLUTLY SPEAKING!! i've always wanted to 'kau'/court guys so that i have some interesting stories to share with my next generations to come, be it only my dogs! bleh!

the 'guys chase girls' theory is way outdated. i know that. but i never had the courage to approach guys i like. perhaps i doubt myself too much! haha. i really admire girls who are gutsy enough to approach guys and make the 1st move.

haih.and since that i'm seeing somebody already ,i lagi no chance to try my skill on some 'green-head boys' . damn sad ok ;(

blurblurpiggy said...

oh i appeared as recipient of the Star Scholarship and another time was representative of the R&D department of Sunway College. =)

dheep said...

Dear Timothy,

All my life i had led a boring, straight, safe life. I never really knew risk or never dared to try new things.

I am kinda tired with such a pre-planned life that my Dad had carved out for me. I want to break out and be different. I want to try new things and i want to travel the world. Most importantly i want to be comfortable taking risks, not being afraid of them.

That is what i want to do with my life. Don't be surprised if one day you see me as an extreme holiday resort owner. I am thinking of having the longest bungee jump in the world, cliff parachutes, extreme kayaking, etc etc.

That's all.


Ken Wooi said...

i'm having my final exams that week.. great.. =(

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Hello Timothy,

First I would like to say thanks as this time is not the first come first serve basis contest. I have always not able to catch "UP".
So, what I have always wanted to do in my lifetime?

My father somehow inspired me want to be RICH IN 30, just like Timothy, you who have been a successful young man with good carrier AND also have nice girlfriend! Appreciate it ya!!

Why would I want to be rich in 30? Since I am the eldest son in my family, raising and living with the families is my responsibility. You know without money it is hard to do anything right?
Some more parents has raised me for more than 20 years and it is time to pay back more than what they have did for me. Besides parents it is also important to have better income before start having own family. I won't want my beloved one living suffering with me.

I truly believe blogging can help me expand my social network and with more friends it is easier to be successful! Thanks to Nuffnang as I can earn some extra cash by just blogging and sharing my experience.
There has been bunch of nice things happened after joined Nuffnang as I have met tons of new friends and tried a lot of thing that I never did before. [Example, duel with KennySia while wearing a pantyhose...]

It sounds easy to say want to be rich in 30, but to do it it is still a big challenge for me.
So please help me catch "UP" with you so that I can be successful as you too! XD

TianChad( who want to be rich in 30)

Louis Yap said...

Emailed you!



Anonymous said...

emailed you too! :):):)
oh hi louis -________-''

I am KS said...


I emailed my part.

Thanks! =)

~~haha~~ said...

Ah sh*t! My exams are on the following monday. Enjoy the movie to those who can go! I LMAO at "Hey there, My name is Dug"!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

HOLY SHIT!! This time I am even slower than I was previously..I damn kan jeong for a few days! and this is how life treats me?!! NOoooooooooooo...


I aspire to be the one who gives out free tickets when I grow up!!...


Samuel C said...

I've always wanted to be a full time cheerleader, coach and judge

I'm with the National Governing Body of Cheerleading in Malaysia (Charm) for the last 4 years
and also am a certified cheerleading coach by the NCSSE of USA

i've always loved cheerleading, dancing and doing things that not a regular person can do

lately since the last year (2008) as college started
i couldn't do as much as i did in the previous years
I used to perform alot and also coached school teams for the national high school cheerleading competition

but now sadly i only can coach 1 or 2 teams cos of my hectic schedules
and also i dont perform anymore as i dont have time for practises

i've "karated" in many sense of cheerleading
but if i had a chance..i would want to become a judge for cheerleading
which requires lots of training and cheerleading clinics and education on it

This is a dream which i would like to have
but sadly i dont think it'll happen
as my Parents will not think highly of it
and also financials will always be a problem

so yeah thats my dream and its what i've always wanted to do



Jackie said...

Since 20 best only can get d tics, I decided to give a try =D

What I want to do in my lifetime and why?

Firstly, I am taking Degree in 3D Animation in UCSI. So, what could my future be since I am in this field already? Exactly! I’ll be in animation house. I always dream to be an animator because I love to create character from my own imagination. Since young, I get addicted by Japanese manga and animation such as Dragonball, Dragon Quest, Digimon, Pokemon and etc. As everyone know, I am biggest fans of Kamen Rider. I knew a lot ppl though Kamen Rider is for small kids. If you think so, what about Superman? Batman? Ironman? Spiderman? Aren’t those superheroes for kids as well? Ok back to main topic. Since I am biggest fans of Kamen Rider, I hope I could produce my very own Kamen Rider movie in 3D form. For your information, I do create my own Kamen Rider character and publish in my blog b4. Here is d URL :

Secondly, I am pretty sure everyone enjoy to fly! When I said fly, it means travel around. I would love to travel around the world for at least once in my lifetime. Why? Because I born in KL, grow in KL, study in KL and stuck in KL for 21 years already. I never really travel to any other states before except Malacca (for assignment purposes), Seremban (my grandma hometown) and Genting Highland (I guess XD). Being human, we tend to have curiosity to explore, to journey and to travel to other world. I would love to travel around the world to capture all the scenery, the moment I am with my loved one and try the foods! Oh yes, I love to eat and try new food =)

Thirdly, maybe I would love to be famous blogger as well. But in the same time, I don’t want my reader just to visit or view my blog just because I am famous. I want my reader view my blog just because they enjoy and love my journey in my life since my blog name is A Journey Called Jloi. J was referring to my English name, Jackie while loi is my surname. You got it, I am Jackie Loi! I believe all human are traveler. We got our own life, our own journey to travel and explore. Whether the journey is success or fail, is depend on individual. So, I wish I can become a blogger who able to share my journey to everyone in the world.

Lastly, if I really manage to success in blogger world in future, I’ll love to thanks to Nuffnang and Timothy Tiah! Because without Nuffnang or you (Timothy), I wouldn’t meet a lot great friends today who share same interest with me, which is blogging and photography. You make me get to know more people and expand my social network. I am proud to be a part of the community =)

Thank You Nuffnang & Timothy!!
You guys rocksss!

Jackie Loi AKA Jloi

Boss Stewie said...

winn: i dont' think there's anything wrong with girls making the move first. In fact, I think girls who make the move are incredibly sexy. Shows their confidence :)

star: wow that's nice. congratulations!

dheepan: Dheepan please do invite me to your resort when you have it one day ok?

kenwooi: haha i'm sorry to hear

tian chad: hey tian chad. I really don't think i'm a successful man yet but i do agree that i have a nice girlfriend :) I guess we can only work hard and hope the best for our careers. DOn't worry about having to achieve wealth by the time you're 30. Just work hard, learn as much as you can and let life take its way

louis: thanks dude :)

debra: thanks debra. you have such an interesting e-mail. Why didn't you share it here?

i am khai sim: thanks Khai sim :)

haha: hahaha i see you've watched the trailer

solitary: hey.. this is not a first come first serve thing so don't worry.. there is still time until next week to submit

seraph: cheerleading seems to be taking all the hype lately. just read about the recent national cheerleading contest and had a lot of friends who were talking about going. Don't know if they all eventually did go. i don't know if full-time cheerleading coaching will give you enough income to earn a living but judging by what you say right now it may not right?

If that's the case then right now you just might have to keep cheerleading as a hobby rather than a full time job. But two things could happen if you want to achieve your dream. Maybe find a coaching job in another country where it pays enough to sustain your lifestyle... or wait.... perhaps cheerleading will get big enough in Malaysia soon to get there some day.

Boss Stewie said...

jackie: Thank you for your kind words Jackie.

I find your first dream really interesting but truth be told i see quite a lot of future in this field. I've had the chance to meet and see the work of some 3D schools we have in Malaysia and Singapore and they're pretty good. Especially one in Singapore... can't remember what it was called now

As for your third dream... being a famous blogger has a lot of its set backs (knowing many myself). Your life becomes a lot less private and you open yourself to a lot of open criticism from people who often like to stay anonymous while flaming you for whatever reason it may be. But of course, there is a good side to being one. Knowing that you have a loyal group of readers that listen to what you have to say each day can be really fulfilling.

Jackie said...

thanks boss ;)..yea i know 3d field in MY n SG is developing now..i hope i opportunity is there when i graduate in 2 years later ;)..but i wish to work under japan 3d field..their work reli impressed me alot. eg final fantasy 7 advent reli nice modeling and lighting =D

urhm well, usually i blog something interesting related myself..i dun reli blog random stuff n emo in my blog XP..but anyway yeah, i m alwiz redy to criticism..because tats what make us improve unless we really stand strong on our point of view. nothing can b satisfying than by seeing we have loyal readers rather than passing through readers =)

michleong said...

Submitted mine! haha. have fun reading timothy! =D

sIm said...

I only send in entry thru email and only very simple simple wish i could every dream of .. but then i gone thru the above comments, i told myself.. tak payah harap to get FOC ticket from Tim jor.. hehe

Donna said...

got ticket for Johorean or not?

Atlantisian said...

Hi Tim, i am one of the new faces of your ocean of readers. I've submitted mine to your email, do have a read!

Lil Daydreamer~ Make The Impossible Possible said...


Haha to be honest I'm not your reader coz I'm Sotongzai and Akiraceo readers.
I read Akiraceo blog about da tix so I check out your blog too loh.

Hmm I've many wanted to do woh..

I've always wanted to travel around the world with my family but for now no time and chance yet.

I've always wanted to learn swimming caused I feel swimming can make me exercise and also feel like freedom abit.

I always wanted to meet more friends and hanging out together as my friend list was quite limited and I was quite like ermm... bird in a golden cage.

I always wanted to wear high heels! haha simple and weird leh ? Haha coz my foot always sore not suitable for high heels!

Finally and most important I would loved to go back to school and enjoy the school and college life that I've missed and never have the chance to feel it tim..

Anyway even if I didn't get the tix do drop by my blog and take a look k. &

Cheer Fiona.

plantagirl said...

Hi Tim,

I've read your blog entry and decided to drop you an email.
Well, talk about what I always want and why.
I would say, I want to bring my family for vacation and I want to pay all the expenses for them.
ya, everything.
Especially my dad and my mum. to CHINA. they like china.
They spent so much on me since I was young, so it'spayback time now.
I just started to work for a couple of months, and I'm trying hard to save money so that my dreams can become true.
wish me luck then.


Tey Cindy said...

UP is definitely a very nice animation! can't wait to watchhhh!!! *jumps high*

kian_shen said...

I always like running, especially in marathon, although I'm not a good runner nor have any physical advantages. Running in marathon has this sense of achievement that if you struggle and hold on till the very end, you'll eventually reach the finish line. I love such feeling of accomplishment, moving on telling yourself that every steps you have made make you a step closer to the finishing line. I love people who work hard to fulfill their dreams without giving up.

Above is a screenshot from the latest TIME magazine about desert marathon, where contestants need to challenge some of the world toughest terrain. If I have the opportunity, I would really want to participate on them. We only have one life to live on, and it would be great that we have run across those places and experience every single bit of it.

As the matter of fact, we're always running in our lives, just in different pace, different finishing line, different course and different obstacles..

Just like how I'm running in my relationship, it's like running on a course without knowing where is the finishing line is, just keep running and running. But the worst thing in a marathon is not about how far the finishing line is, but to have your legs failing on you, and you failing yourself.

If we could run, we should run and never give up.. and eventually it will be the sweetest moment when you cross the finishing line..

Kay said...

I've always wanted to become a male for maybe a day or two- besides being able to scratch my butt in public, or woo hot girls/ogle at them, i get to know what the feeling is like getting to pee standing! or pee ANYWHERE for that matter. Maybe pee in a bottle during an emergency - things would be so much more convenient!


ps: oh and wave goodbye to Period!!

pps: thanks Tim!

Calv_K said...

here's what i wrote in the email:

I want to be a backpacking Freelance Photographer!

The reasons are simple, i want to capture shots that will change other people's life or affect their feelings in anyway.

Think about it, to backpack around the world taking pictures of other people and scenary would be like writing a novel.
The stories told by the pictures alone will be very meaningful.

A picture says a thousand words and that is really really true!
Especially candid shots of people because they look the best when they are not posing!

The travelling part will be fun too, and getting lost while travelling is even better! The best things and pictures can be discovered when one got lost at different places and i would like to experience it too.

Therefore i am now currently working my way there!

-eythang nerd- said...

I've always been a loyal citizen of Malaysia. I may not be great at heart, I may not be doing a lot of stuff that reflects my patriotism and I may not be so wonderful as other beings that shows their patriotism through action such as the late Yasmin Ahmad. But one thing for sure, I've never failed to support anything our local boy and girls did, be it music, football, film, politics or whatever that goes.

All these years of living in Malaysia, I've grew to love 'her' deeply every single day. There is this connection between 'her' and me that I can relate to. After all I grew up with 'her'. There is this nostalgia feeling. Besides, where else can you get good food besides Malaysia? *hints*

I've always read in the news, how other countries are suffering from war, poverty, natural disaster and etc... but all these never happened in Malaysia. And yet its funny how our citizen are so ungrateful of it and always wanted to leave Malaysia for other supposedly more 'developed' and 'civilized' countries. Well to them the grass is always greener on the other side.

And all these crap and bullshit and how unpatriotic our own countrymen can be gives me to the desire to do something for my own country; to change the mindset of our fellow citizen. No, I don’t expect to change all, I don’t except to change even half...because I know that will only happen when pigs fly, but if I can change the typical Malaysian mindset among my friends itself, I have no regrets living this life. I don’t care what I can change in them, be it making them to realize all race are the same and we are One Malaysia, making them to be patriotic and don’t posses the stereotypical thinking of our own country men making big in the entertainment industry or whatever they are doing or just as simple as loving our country and putting it above all.

Just recently, Yasmin Ahmad passed away and Malaysia just lost another shinning star that will do a great deal in changing the people and uniting us all under 1 umbrella, Malaysia. She brought all races together through her movies and ads and whats even better, I witness testimonies of real Malaysian claiming that their perception Malaysian movie changed after they watched her highly acclaimed, award winning movie, Sepet. This move me a lot. Because of her, Malaysians are united. Because of her, Malaysians start to watch MALAYSIAN MOVIE. Because of her, everyone wept for her death regardless of race. Because of her, we realize that we are not Malay, Chinese or Indian but we are MALAYSIANS.

Just a moments ago, my friend was asking me who is this Yasmin Ahmad and what so big deal about her death. I just told him she's a director and she directed Sepet, hoping that he would recall who she is. But to my dismay he said "Sepet? What movie is that? Is it a Malay movie?", I said "No, it’s a mix of English and Malay. How can you not know?" and he replied "Got Malay in it right? CHEH That’s why I don’t know!"

This kinda of respond blew me off. He is racist to begin with. I shell him right on his face. What a day to start my Monday.

So yeah, I just want Malaysians to love Malaysia. Who else will love our country if not the citizens?

And why I want to do it? Simple, because I Love Malaysia.

P.s : I know its too lengthy... but whatever I say is true from my heart. I just hope things will change in the future. Malaysia Boleh.

Boss Stewie said...

michleong: thanks Mich. I will

slm: hehe... don't be too sure until i've checked it out ok? thanks :)

dolly: can.. if u can make it to the screening in kl :)

susan: i don't really have an ocean of readers.. maybe just a tea cup :)

fiona: will do. thanks fiona

plant: good luck! money is hard to earn but it feels really good when we spend it on the right things... like our parents

jade: yes i'm looking forward to it too

kian: i run every morning on the treadmill.. but only 25 minutes each morning. i guess i won't make it for the desert marathon. haha

kay: HAHAHAHA!!! WTF!!! what a funny comment

calv: its nice to see that you're happy getting lost while traveling . For me I panic when I get lost in a foreign country

eythang: it's refreshing to see such strong patriotism among a fellow Malaysian. I hope things will change for the better too. THank you for sharing :)

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Thanks for your advice! =)
Look at the brightside! I got a mentor here to learn from ;p

skol said...

Well, this is my first time joining something by Nuffie, so here goes, the thing that I've dreamt of doing since I was a pea is to fly a Jet Plane, not those commercial type, but those that used in the military. I had a dream where I would master the aviation skill and able to be the best in what I do. Sadly speaking, when I joined a trip organised by the Rotary Club of Selangor (one of the visited places was RMAF - Royal Malaysian Air Force), my dreams were shattered to pieces by the commanding general and two other pilots. This is due to the fact that I have a lazy eye, meaning one of my eye can see better than the other, that being said, my right eye is currently my dominant eye. To add salt to me, I have just enjoyed 'Independence Day' by Will Smith, so I actually was hoping to enjoy the trip and fullfilling my lust for aviation.

To be a pilot, you must be physically fit, and your senses must be top notch especially your vision, flying at mach speed, and unable to have a clear view = death wish on the sky.

Well, needless to say, I was very sad, my dream of flying in the sky, has vanished, or should I say shot dead. I always thought of how will it feel like flying in a Jet Plane, the adrenaline rush from the G's (gravity) you feel, how the clear sky/stormy weather/night view/sunset/sunrise would look like from above. Streaming through the clouds, in search of my cloud nine.

But hey, this is life, when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. At least now I have a love of my life, my Elmo, so thats why I would like to enjoy this movie with her, and since its sky, it really reminded me of my past.


Fallen Angel said...

Beside from getting rich and enjoying life like there is no tomorrow like everyone have ever dream off, I have to be realistic. What I always wanted to achieve in life is to become a pro-drummer. A drummer is given the least attention in most band if you notice, they have least amount of screen time, least spotlight shooting at them, least poster on them, least banner for them during concert, and bla bla bla. Also trying playing in your room and you will be drinking 'teh tarik' with your friendly neighbor policemen. Thus to become a real pro drummer I have to be tough, have to go thru alot of pain, have to spend a lot of money during practice session that's why no money to buy UP movie ticket (nah just kidding XD), have to be prepare to be 'ignore'. However I never stop loving drum because all such obstacle, I brave and march myself further by buying a set of drum and I mute it (have my technique lah), so that I can practice at home day and night to achieve at least half of what I've dream off. Drumming is a skill that doesn't 'karat' like other stuff. You learn maths formula now few years down the road you will forget it, but drumming skill you just need to warm up and you can play smoothly anytime.

In conjunction with the movie, I'm starting to think that how nice it would be to have my house floating on air with balloons and I can play my drum as loud as I wish and yet no policemen is knocking on my door, not even if they wanted to :p

McGarmott said...

What I always wanted to do was to do bicycle touring around the world. This is rather an embarrassing ambition, simply because I conceived of the idea while at uni in the UK, only to read about the Malaysian student who did exactly that a year later, and he did it in such a way that made it look easy. That, and also the fact that hundreds of people do it every year worldwide.

Bicycle touring is about seeing the world at the right kind of speed - not too fast as in driving a car, and not too slow as in walking. One experiences everything - the weather, nature, and the people. People are nicer to cyclists - you're less likely to get robbed, and you also have lots of stories to tell.

More specifically I want to see Central Asia - the former Soviet republics and Xinjiang China, where the Silk Road used to lie. That place is a historical wealth of forgotten kingdoms and lonely, breathtaking architecture. Mostly I like the silence, the desolation, the sense that while cycling in that terrain you feel like the world is yours to travel and no one else occupies it. Other places I would like to visit are the Eastern European countries, which were torn apart by politics, sunk by the consequent economics, and are now slogging their way back to normalcy. And then there's the Caucasus and the Middle East; if these areas were safe they would be absolutely beautiful places to travel through.

LimKahYee, Kylie said...

I won the tix from Princess but how am I going to get the tickets?