Friday, August 28, 2009

My Five Stones Home


Welcome to my new home

Come in come in. Let me show you around.

This is my living room.

This is me getting drinks for my guests at my kitchen.

This is me entertaining my guests on my balcony

This is me watching football with my friends.

This is me deciding what to wear on my dinner out in my huge ass walk-in closet.

This is me reading a book in my bedroom while waiting for Princess to get ready.

This is me relaxing in my living room on a nice Sunny Sunday afternoon

This is me in my home office at home where I do some work over the weekends.

This is me taking a crap in my nice beautiful toilet.

This is me scolding my son for having an untidy room….

And this is my living room with…. With some strangers in it.

Ok fine… I’ve snapped out of it. This beautiful exclusive condo isn’t mine *cry
Last week Selangor Dredging Berhad invited me to view the show units of their new development in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Desmond and Paul came along as well for the little advertorial adventure. We were given a tour by a nice lady named Lina.

Just listening to Lina, you could feel the passion she had for the development that was called Five Stones.
Everything down to the principle of it.

Each stone in the name was meant to represent the 5 precious values that create a great living experience: A spacious home, a lot of outdoor space & facilities, the sense of a community to grow up in (where you would know your neighbors’ well), getting to spend quality time with the family and being in the middle of all the action in PJ. The sculptures in front of the show room represent the Five Stones.

I thought the facilities were really cool: the gym, the sports complex, the huge swimming pool but what caught my attention was this modern looking playground from Denmark apparently meant for kids.

Heck even swings these days have gone modern. Look at this!

I was sitting there for like a minute trying to figure out how to “play it” when the security guard came over and spun me round and round. My guess is he was probably playing a lot of it to become the expert he was.

But as much as I thought all that was cool, the most important thing to me was the space. The units I saw were about 1.800 sqf & 2,400 sqf which is a lot of space for a Condo. Yet, it’s only about RM450 per square feet so the price of the unit starts from about RM 800k. In some other areas around the Klang Valley they sometimes cost 50%-100% more than this.

My Hong Kong friend Joe was down from Hong Kong. I showed him photos of this apartment and told him how much it cost he was shocked. “RM 1,000,000 will get you nothing in Hong Kong” he said. Then again, Hong Kong’s property prices are just insane!

I don’t know whether it’s something you experience when you grow a little bit older but I kinda grew to like shopping for houses (or at least looking for them). When I was younger, I only thought about buying cars. How it would be nice to have a Lamborghini… but somehow those luxuries don’t matter as much to me now.

*looks at picture of the beautiful car*
Okay fine… I mean the Lamborghini is really nice but it still don’t really matter as much.
What matters to me now is the home that I choose to buy and stay in for the rest of my life. 

When I think about this home, I think about the memories I will have in my many years staying in it and I think of the kids that I will eventually raise in this home and the memories that they will have in that home.

Then I think of how that home will always leave a mark on my life, more than a car or any other material thing will. Growing up, I will always have a nostalgic feeling towards the home I grew up in, but not as much of a feeling towards the car my Dad used to drive us around in.

So now every day when I save as much money as I can, believe it or not I’m not saving towards buying a nice car or to go for a luxurious holiday somewhere. I’m saving to be able to buy a nice home one day. There are so many nice homes out there….

The Five Stones development is one of them.
I guess that’s why according to Lina they’ve sold over 65% of their units just a week after launching.

I think I’ve found a new hobby… looking at beautiful homes and dreaming of buying them. I just gotta make sure I start saving enough money to have one of these beautiful homes some time in the future.

If you already have saved enough and are looking to buy a beautiful home… you can check out Five Stones here.

Thank you for showing us around Lina.


Anonymous said...

woh..nice playground there...Denmark always has those funny and special playground..i remember going to denmark when i was 7 or 8...couldn't remember well...they had those things where you can jump on those for a whole day all around the place...they even have the famous 'legoland'...haha...

nice house there...i like the design of it...very special and huge of course...even the bathroom is so big....crazy...

Anonymous said...

hey... i send u a msg on fb on places to go in melbourne a few days ago... really hope u can read it and go to some of the recommended places to enjoy... :)

Boss Stewie said...

cheong hao: aww lucky you. i've never been to denmark myself. :( would like to visit legoland...

princess: hey juju. thanks so much!!! i haven't checked it out yet cuz i don't login to my facebook much. but will go in now to check it out. thanks again

KY said...

oOo the apartment really does look very nice. 450/ft is still a pretty reasonable price i think, especially since i believe it is a freehold property

Kristine said...

WOW nice home. I should start dreaming of my future home ahhaha.

Mark said...

These are the units right next to Jasmine Towers, the low cost flats and Ken 3 Damansara right?

Boss Stewie said...

ky: yeah :) quite reasonable. Are you going to buy one?

Shinwei: hehe yeah... really nice... something for us all to dream off.

mark: Ermm I think so. There are some really old flats not far from there. Think it['s Jasmine Towers. But it's basically on the same row as the restaurant Paris

Vy said...

Yeah, the show room is really nice...Since it's in SS2 area, I guess the price is okay...but still a tad bit expensive... (for me la) =( (how to afford? pay installment till like 60 years old?) lol

I also hope to get a new house within the next few years too...Boss, I'm sure you can get one of these really soon... ;P

Ken Wooi said...

woah neat condo.. and the playground, never seen such thing before! LOL.. i wish i own a condo like that too. =P

uLi.佑莉 said...

I really tot that's your condo :S

fureusch said...
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magicwizard said...

for a moment i go like "lucky of a b**ch. rich kid home!". sekali see the smirk in ur photo as i scroll down, tau dah, must be review. hahaha.. had a good laff :P

fureusch said...

oh my god this condo unit is tempting and beautiful...must go and visit this weekend!!!

can anyone tell me the exact location?

Suet Li said...

scolding son hahahha the room damn neat ok! and why u look so excited in all the pics wtf

fureusch said...

i think it's because his in love with the house already

Nicole said...

right about now I wish I have 1.1 million ringgit in my bank account. T_T

Daniel T said...

god damn i ingat this is your house..
anyway u r cool!

Anonymous said...

haha..u will have the chance to go to denmark...

can the glass of the balcony open?? or is it just transparent for you to look at the outside view??

Boss Stewie said...

vy: haha i think I'm pretty far off from getting one myself

kenwooi: yes we can all aspire to get one like that some day

uli: no unfortunately it's not =(

magic: hahaha yes yes... i don't have a place like that =(

fur: do u know where Paris restaurant is in SS2? it's just further down from there

suet li: hehehe i look excited because I almost believed myself that home was mine.... only to wake up later to realize it isn't =(

nico: yea... i think we all do

daniel: hahaha thank u

cheng heong: you can open up to step out of the balcony.

Anonymous said...

This showroom is just few metres away from my!

800k.. a bit too much for me though!!

fureusch said...

but i think for the quality your paying is really the catch i say

Terri said...

awww i suddenly felt all fuzzy inside when you talked bout home n all that is beautiful about it :)

Wear, Show & Tell said...

Heys that playground looks awesome.... like it would double as a clothes hanger. Hmmm should think of getting one for our new house, so i can hand my clothes while the girls play on it. Of I can just hang the kids out if they get wet hehehe... or I can Spin dry them! hahah.. ok I'm feeling so corny now!... sorry...