Saturday, September 05, 2009


The T. Music Festival is a concert by Tiger which will bring in some of the top artists in Asia.

So when I heard about T. Music running a campaign on Nuffnang to promote the T. Music Festival I jumped at the opportunity and begged they give me the advertorial.

Begged… as in I almost went down on my knees and said

I also begged that they give me not just tickets for myself… but also for me to give away to some of my readers who are equally huge fans as well. 

Let me first tell you what the “T. Music Festival” is about. It’s a 5-hour long marathon concert brought to you by Tiger Beer and it’s going to be held in Bukit Jalil National Stadium on the 12th of September.

The singers who are going to be there are….

From Hong Kong: Joey Yung, Justin, Kay Tse, Khalil Fong, Soler and Kenny Kwan.

From China: Jade Liu and Ocean

And from Taiwan: Power Station, Sam Lee and DAVID TAO!!!!


I LOVE DAVID TAO. Let me show you guys his songs that I love.

First there’s this one

Then there’s this one

And this one. A song about a situation a lot of guys face in their lifetimes. About a guy liking a girl and wanting to be more than just a friend. Ahhh we’ve all been there.

And then…. There is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE…


The tickets though are RM268, RM168 and RM118 for the numbered seating and RM68 for free seating but I have something better.

Tiger has given me 10 pairs of tickets to give away to my readers!!! So 10 of you (with a friend or a date) can go for the concert as well. If we’re lucky we might be able to go together.

Don’t you guys just love Tiger?

The thing is though, there are thousands of you out there and I need to figure out a way to narrow down who to give the tickets too. 

So I’m going to run a simple contest okay?

Leave a comment and tell me what you would do if you had a chance to meet any of the artists that were going for the T. Music Festival. (I’ve opened it up so anyone can comment as opposed to in the past where only Blogger Account holders can comment) I’ll pick the best few comments ok?

Please also email me your comment at so that I can contact you if you’re one of the winning comments.

Deadline in 2 days (Closes 7th Sept, Monday 12.00AM)!


Hon Mun said...

If I had a chance to meet any of the artists I'll take out my camera and camwhore with them.. *chik chak*

Wen Xuan said...

Oh gawd...tim you gotta give me one...I totally love Khalil Fong! And I do love David Tao! If I do see Khalil, I would REALLY CAMWHORE WITH HIM!!

I have to tell you something. Last time when David Tao was in Ipoh for his showcase, me and my brother who were HUGE HUGE fans started thinking: "what if we go up the stage and begged him to take us as his disciple'??!!

Too bad we didn't have the guts to do so. TT_TT..

anyway I love Khalil and David Tao!

PUHHHLLLEEEAAAZZZEEE gimme the ticket! thank you timmmmm!!!!

Jacquelyn Ho said...

If I had the chance to meet any of them. These are the things I would do.

1 - take LOTS of pictures. close up, picture with them is a must also! (who doesn't want to take picture with their favourite artists?!)

2 - ask them questions which are not usually asked by media. (Silly questions maybe, so they will remember that a "weird" fan of theirs asking a stupid/silly question, in that way, I'm remembered =p *although not really in a good way*) Example of question: *hand gesture indicating Superman flying from left to right side* This is Superman. *hand gesture indicating Superman flying from right to left side* Now, what is this?

3 - This is perhaps the most important part of the whole agenda; to ask the artists to write down words of encouragement; it could be for me, or for my friends. So that when we're stressed, a little encouragement by our favourite artist will bring a smile to our face and motivate us to strive harder. Imagine this, I have a video of David Tao saying "Jacquelyn, don't give up!" *fan girl scream* I'm sure you want that too timothy hehe!

Hope to get the passes!
*fingers crossed*

Boss Stewie said...

Hon mun: hahaha i would do the same but i think i would just freeze from being starstruck when i see David Tao

wen xuan: hehehe i would pay to be his disciple. But i know i don't have the kind of voice he does

jac: would u make that video for me? So he can say "keep it up Tim... don't give up".. that'll be priceless!

Jackie said...

what I would do if I had a chance to meet any of the artists that were going for the T. Music Festival?

Basically i love all the artist from HK and Taiwan that are coming to the T.Music Festival! So the things i'm gonna do first if i had chance to meet any of my favourite artists is sing songs or duet with them! For example i would love to sing 刻不容援 by Joey Yong ft Hacken Lee, 男人KTV by Justin, 爱爱爱 by Khalil Fong and 今天没回家 by David Tao! I am pretty sure alot ppl would love to sing together with their idol on the stage.

Second, i would like to promote my blog to them if i had a change to meet any of them that were going for the T.Music Festival. I believe they have the right to know their fans blog/site and would like to see how their song been features in our blog (though i dun have it now due to my comp prob) or promotes.

Third, i would like to give them try our local traditional food such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Birani, Roti Canai and etc. I want to let them know that Malaysia got alot food that represent difference culture but under one identity, which is Malaysian! In addition, it can instill new knowledge to them about our cultures.

Forthly, i believe all fans will do it when meet their fav artists. If i had chance to meet any of the artist that were going for the T.Music Festival, i would like to camwhore or take pictures together with them. Arter that, i'll print it out as big as possible and frame it and put it at my room as memory!

Thanks Tim, Nuffnang and Tiger for giving me chances to get close with my favourite artist =D

Joshualaw said...

Owh~ how nice!!! Enjoy, Tim! =)

Jacquelyn Ho said...

If I had the chance... definitely!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Omg! I love David Tao. I'd tell him because of him I can speak chinese! :D Before this I was a total banana. But listening to his songs made me learn Chinese.

If I meet any of them I think I'll just be gobsmack and just stare at them grinning like a total tool. But anyhow...for the purpose of being able to go...I shall remain calm and collected.

If I meet David Tao, I'll ask him, since you wrote a song about Melody (I have a friend named Melody), Do you think you can write a song name entitled Kristine? Because I think Kristine is hard to rhyme with any nice lyrics.. And I'll get a song name with my name! Wah seh...(dreaming)

But yea..If I meet any of them, I'll ask them to hold up a sign that says "Kristine is Awesome with a capital A". Then I'll take a picture with them. *double thumbs up*

kAhYe3 said...

hmmmm... basically im not going to ask you to give me the tickets for that cause seriously, although i like some artist, but i wont hav the feeling of dying for it.... u get what i mean? but I was just thinking if you could let me hav it, i will just thought of giving it to one of my fren... as u c, when u said david tao, the first response from me is, i got a friend is a hardcore fan of him... that the only thing come in my mind... let me just tell you that he can actually so supported david tao by purchasing all of his album(nv miss) times 2 which means 1 is for his collection, wil nv unwrapped it, and 1 for him to enjoy the music from david... the best thg is, he wil nv ever download david tao's any single song and he told me he did that bcoz he respect him! b frankly, i nv seen any super hardcore fan will think in that perspective..
I told my frien, he might come to my uni for some performance, and my fren told me, no matter how, he wil try his best to come... but in the end, this thing not going to work as how it should b, but i really hope this friend of mine will have other opportunity to get close to his only providing if he managed to get free ticket from u... who doesnt want to b lucky?

Anonymous said...

I wanna meet Kay Tse and David Tao!!! LOL

If I would be given a once in a lifetime to meet any artistes of T.Music Festival, I would:

#1 - ask for their autographs and take photographs with them like any usual fans would do (then show around to friends and boast boast a bit XD)

#2 - then offer myself to be their tour guide, bringing them to places in Malaysia that are less well-known but worth visiting (Imagine travelling around with your favourite artistes)

#3 - ask if she(Kay Tse) could give me a peck on my cheek XD (syok sendiri now)

plantagirl said...

I want to tell cold jokes because I always want to see what are their reactions towards cold jokes..HAHAHAHA!!! This is not a cold jokes.

The cold jokes are like..

"One day... A cabbage is hiking. He feels hot and he starts to take of his clothes. Suddenly.. he disappeared."

Perhaps cold jokes can make their day. Like I always do.

Huai Bin said...

Powerstation! It's the only band I know and it's coz one of my friends always plays in it the car.

He yi pei jai yi pai he dau wo sing sui. Me you ne, zhe me he dou he bu zhui.

Drink another, yet another, until (something something). Coz I lost you, I can't ever get drunk no matter how much I drink.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

What will I do??

Take picture together is a must!!Cam whore is preferable as we dont usually see a group of Asia's singers gather together and perform at one place.Not to say they are in Malaysia!!

secondly, signature on a Orange shirt specially for Tiger and myself is a must
*To remember it was Tiger who sponsor this!*

If I can talk with them I will go to ask Power station how to be so energetic everyday; David Tao on how to be so creative with the duet songs; Sam Lee on love theory and Z-Chen to congratz him glow brightly as a Malaysian star..++++ more

But after all, this could only happen if Nuffnang and Tiger Beer give me a pair of tickets to get closer to them right? =D

So Timothy, can I be 1 of the ucky 10? >.<
*finger crossed!*

keili said...

Bukit Jalil is so near my uni! i am a dental student and i will definitely bring them to my dental school there to get free scaling haha. it will be fun to check on their oral hygiene wuwuwuwu. and also really give them good dental check ups. i think it will be something they have never ever experienced before - going to a dental school and get free treatments! and most of my friends in school really love all the artists mentioned above so it will be a really good treat for my friends to meet and greeet them!!!

i love david tao so so much i would really love to take a picture with him! it is a must! hehe.

Lisan said...

I wanna meet Khalil Fong and Kay Tse!! They brought back hope for the Hong Kong music industry.

Anyway, if I were to meet them, I will definitely tell them a very lame joke and do some stupid pose after the joke just to make their day.

Oh another thing, if I were to meet Kay Tse, I'll definitely buy her a can of milk powder and baby's napkin since she is working very hard to raise her baby. At least lessen her burden for half a month....maybe.

Kelly said...

I love David Tao also!!!
i would so go up to him and ask if i could learn some music stuffs from him. or record him in a studio. and he's also wang lee hom's best friend, so then i can also meet wang lee hom because i love wang lee hom a lot, and he's talented person!!
would be great if i could work for them too. studying audio engineering now. :)

cheekeong1986 said...

i'm his big fans too..
and i'm listening his new released album..
what a good quality album although the media didn't like it much..

but no doubt, i will be his fans forever!

joshuatly said...

Wow! Great! I hope i can win this! LOL

What i would do.... actually for this concert, many many many artists i wanted to meet. Like David Tao which i wish to hear him sing his new album's song LIVE!

Then also a lot of malaysia artist like ManhanD, which very good at rap, i think is the only group of people still rapping around in malaysia, then Z-Chen... etc

I will take my n82 and snap as much photo as possible.... and blog about it...

I will sing along through out the concert!

If there is a chance, sure i would like to take photo with those super star, esp DT and Khalil Fong...


And at last, if possible, i would bring them to my house! LOL

MooNkitty said...

I'm big fan of Justin. If I meet him in person, I ll ask him to exchange his cap with me. ;p

weiqi said...

If i got to see Khalil Fong and Power Station, i'll invite them to sing K with would be really great to hear them sing live next to me..get to listen to power station's powerful vocal live!!it's already excited writing about it!!

Jessying said...

If I have the chance to meet the artists that were going for the T. Music Festival,

1) I will treat them with tiger beer to encourage and energize themselves for the show and sing like a tiger !

2) I will want to hug them 1 by 1 to enjoy the moment and asked for their signature to be on my face! Of cos must make sure the camera is ready! Blogger ma ..

3) To submit my lyrics to them to share with them my thoughts, and that lyrics will consists of things I wanted to tell them

4) Use my hp to cam-ho with them and insist to MMS(not bluetooth) to them, then I can have their hp number to contact them in the future

5)Will give them my blog's name card to them to check it out the review of the event I have blogged out later, and also to show them that I am their loyal fans and I'm doing free publicity through blogs for them

6)I want to join them in stage sing and dance, duet with them !!!! Don't think we fans cannot sing okay, maybe we can sing better somemore!!!! Hahaha.. well probably I'm drunk by that time I wan go to the stage!

Melody Ng said...

If I was given a chance too meet any of them,

~ First off I would ask Justin to take off his always-on cap to see if he's really bald as what the media has always suspected and I'll tell him that he's the only artiste that I've like each and every single from his first album though after being in the backstage/behind the scenes all this while.

~ I'd thank David Tao for having a song named after Melody cuz it brought me lots of good memories as my name is Melody.

~ I'd ask Khalil Fong where he got those inspirations for all his simple yet meaningful songs.

~ I'd try to make her sing "Hei Tip Gai" acoustic-ly, it'd be SO awesome x)

~ I'd serenade them with their first single x) because that's how I felt when I first heard it and I'll take A MILLION of pictures with them, especially Julio :) :)

Hope I can win this :)!

Melody Ng said...


*though he has been in the backstage/behind the scenes all this while.

mykie said...

If I'm given a chance to see David Tao, like really see him.

I wanted to play the guitar and sing-a-long with Taozhe. It would be the best experience ever because he's the one inspiring me to play the guitar.

I hope I could really win the tickets. I really wanted to see and listen to DT in person!

Thanks Tim :DDD!

Unknown said...

i can`t attend the concert cause i`m 4000 over kms away from home :( but... i just wana say i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee justin lo omg!!! if i had the chance, i would run on stage and hug him when he`s performing hahahahah!
can you believe i`ve never been to any chinese singers concerts(wtf this sounds wrong but you understand yeah haha ^^)
and i love david tao toooo! hehe. favourite pick during karoke session heehee.
anyway have fun... please take pics of justin if possible and post it up haha! :)
(shit i sound like some lunatic T_T)

christal.loh said...


Khalil Fong will be here too !!!!
*i'm super all over knees over his songs* and I've never hear him life, I bet it should be 10000x much better then I saw him on TV...

and Joey Yung, have always wanted to see her life convert, but her tickets are always super expensive...

I am a fan but I could not afford to support super star financially... therefore, I've never had chance to go to any of these life concerts.

What will I do if I ever had a chance to meet these artists I will definitely snap an INSTANT PHOTO with them (maybe more)... aaauwwwww..... and get their autograph right there... HOw memorable moments & memory I can keep.... kakakaka....

*i'm already drooling wet, thinking of it*

while day dreaming (ironically, I just woke up & read about this)and wiping my drools all over.... Allow me to "Wipe & clean & polish time" my Instant Camera, another worthy moments to use them...


Winn said...

If i'm given the opportunity to meet up with them , i would do the Michael Jackson's crazy fans' stunts!!

1) go overboard - climb over the fence and shout my lung out! i LOVE YOU JOEY YUNG! (i love joey)
2) get all tear-up when singing along with david tao ( His 'pu tong peng you' always brings back memories:( haih)
3)propose to Power Station ( ...what? cannot propose to both of them meh? fatter chances than if i propose to just one solo artiste right:P )
4) wrap malaysia flag around myself and shake my bon-bon ( ok lah i'll probably replace the flag with my twin-tower t-shirt. it's just too sensetive to play with jalur gemilang nowadays:p)

dannyooi said...

Let me guess. I would like to try something different and daring. I would like to kiss David Tao on the cheek. I'm no gay okay! Just wanna try something that has not been done before.

Before I can even get near him, I suppose I'll be drag away by his bodyguard!

theprovence said...

I <3 Justin x100.

All his song is so nice and soothing that I've fall head over heels for him.

And i've heard from people that Justin is those seriously good boy type.

Guess I'll just run over to him and give him a hug. Shouting YOUR THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

woh. I can really see so many people want the ticket so badly. Which also includes me. Well, I can't be going since I can't really leave here. I will still tell you the reasons.

David Tao. Hmm. Mind went back years back. *Just kidding* Back to topic. He is my first taiwan singers ( I mean male ) even before the Jay Chou thingy and others. Love his song since I was small. I have his old music album, but later need money to study so gave up on buying. Hehe. Among all the singers that are going, I am only interested in him, or actually only know who he is better than others. So you can say I am going just to see him, listening to others are fun as well.

End of story. Haha. Have fun going there. Post lots of pictures for me to see in my place.

~niCoLe~ said...

Uhhh! What would I do if I meet them? Camwhore is a must. But I surely want to take them for FOOD! *Burp!* Endless food galore! Don't care if they're on strict diet or not! Spend time with famous people over good food! Yummy!

amyliew said...

Hi Boss,

I think I need the tickets....badly...hehehe

See, I am not a big fan of David Tao. But I am a big fan of his rival...handsome sweet talented Wang LeeHom.

And always...attract to each other. My bf likes David Tao... and thinks Wang LeeHom is nothing but a pretty boy :S Last time when I wanted to go to LeeHom's concert and begged him to come with me, he refused!!

So now I will repay his lack of appreciation to my taste of music with a life concert of his idol. (Also, to show him how good I am as a gf, and make him really guilty)

And when I meet David Tao, right after he finishes his song, I'll give him the verdict, right in front of my bf!!!!! So can David Tao beat Wang LeeHom? I'll need the tickets to tell right ;p

jaecywong* said...

Hi Tim~ If I win, I would give my tickets to my beloved sister... because she deserves it. She has been very supportive with anything that I do. She's working very hard at the moment to pay for my tuition fees in Australia and I know it is a burden.. that I feel I can only repay when I graduate and when I get a job in the near future. But for now, I feel very hopeless as I have done nothing much to help her. She has been having many depressing moments this year and I would like to cheer her up by giving her an opportunity to meet David Tao, who is her BIGGEST FAN. She owns all of his CDS and loves the way he sings and plays his instruments. I know she will appreciate it because she loves music and will totally be freaking out if she gets the chance to see him.. i hope you can help me to cheer up my sister... thank you tim..

michelle lee said...



Well, what's Khalil Fong without the geeky glasses right. So what I'm going to do is to wear geeky glasses as well and when I see him, i'll start serenading Love Song (his song wtf). "wo xie le zhe shou ge, shi yi shou jian dan de,bu fu za ye bu nan chang de na yi zhong geeee~~~~~" (because im banana, the lyrics have to be romanized).
at first he'll brush me off as an overexcited fan. as he was about to turn his head away, i accidentally tripped and in an instant leaned forward and caught me before i fell (ala drama scenes), our eyes locked and we realised that we're just meant for each other. and so we live happily ever after. wtf.

OKAY LA TIM. khalil songs had been accompanying me during my lonely studying nights in my final sem, so it would be really awesome if i had the tickets and watch him live. awesomeness. thanks

aLe said...

Well, I shall shake their hands and touch their chin.
I never think that they are real, as I never ever get to see them in real. LOL ~

Unknown said...

Forget bout camwhoring or chanting their names, etc. I would walk up to them, shake their hands and ask, "Who are you...again?" The looks on their face should be priceless. Come on, Tim. Gimme the honour to do so. I promise I'll snap some pics of the priceless moments for your blog.

JD said...

Bossstewie, wah you really like David Tao so much? Did you sing his song on Karaoke session?

Hmm, if I am going to meet one of them (either Justin or Kay Tse), I would definitely ask them what they have gone through to achieve their current status. For Justin, I would ask how he could have a very own concert after just 1 album. For Kay, of course her perseverance of a very tough career. Not to mention I will of course ask them how to sing better. (Haha, bossstewie, apart from playing xbox, I like to sing too!)

uzhe said...

What would i do?

Hmm. I'll make them sing live for me everyday. I'll make them sing to me until i get sick of the songs. But how can anyone get sick of their songs?

Especially David Tao. lol. i like the ai hen jian dan so much. well, one thing, it has accompanied me thru all the love life in high school.

So, basically i will just kidnap David tao. haha. If mr. tiah wants it, i can also share with him. Lol wtf.

val.t said...

I'm a huge fan of both Khalil and Justin. If I can meet any of the two, I will ask them to sing acoustically while playing organ or guitar. Or perhaps the two of them can jam together and I will capture the video.

Both of them are great musicians and it will be great to be able to see them singing live for me, only. Hahaha. They inspired me a lot, seriously.

seon said...

what you would do if you had a chance to meet any of the artists that were going for the T. Music Festival?

I will print MY FACE on the t-shirt then ask them to sign on it then i will keep it and frame it.

sure want to take photo will all the superstar rite..then i will ask the artist to help me take photo with others artist.. and then take some jay chou cd and ask them to sign on it..i think they sure blank for few second thinking whether to sign or not to sign...HAHAHA...

LingDi said...

First of all,
I want to win the tickets so badly!! Why? As I'm from Sarawak, we, Sarawakians, don't normally have the chance to have such a big artist like David Tao to come and perform. This is such a sad case coz' if we would always have to travel to KL just to watch the concerts. And since I'm in KL now, I really want to grab this opportunity to win these tickets!

Ok, so, what would I do if I have the chance to meet any of the artists. I'm a big fan of David Tao and Z Chen! I love them not for their looks but I really admire their hardwork and talent as an artist. So, these are the list of things I'm going to do:

1. I'm so definitely going to snap pictures with them. Don't need so many pictures. Just one will do for me to keep as a memory.

2. I love David Tao's music. He is a superb singer and with a great music talent. As I'm just starting to learn how to play guitar, I would just really like to ask David Tao to just teach me one of his songs. I know it's easy to learn from internet or any guitar tabs but, to have him teach me will be a great experience! This is going to be awesome!! And I'll get to learn his original style of playing. Awesome...

3. I would like to invite them to write on my blog!!! Just a short one would do.. By doing so, I will be able to increase my blog traffic!! Coz' my traffic is very low and it'll be awesome to have them write on my blog although just for one sentence.

4. Last but not least, I had just celebrated my birthday 2 days ago on 3rd Sept. It'll be cool if I could get them to sing a Happy Birthday so for me! It'll be the coolest birthday ever! (And it'll be great to win these tickets as my birthday gift!!)

Amilyn said...

okay, when i heard David Tao, OMG i want to go!

then i saw khalil fong in the poster, I AM DEFINITELY GOING!!!

but then, i'm just a student, and the tickets are a bit pricey....

however, i must tell you, i'm a super big fan of both okay! i know ALL of their songs by heart and i will totally grab them and squeal with delight if i manage to see either of them!!

and take lots of photos! and post them on facebook! because i once told my friends that in my bucket list is "I WILL MEET DAVID TAO/ KHALIL FONG AT LEAST ONCE!" and i will show them exactly that!

and tell them how talented i think both of them are, and how much i love their music, how it makes me happy listening to it, or how they sing how my heart feels (David Tao's Pu Tong Peng You is my absolute absolute favourite) and i will tell both of them how their songs are my karaoke staples and how i can`t wait for them to release new albums!!

just today, i attended an international youth conference and met a guy from hong kong who dressed in the khalil fong style and i totally wanted to grab him and tell him i love him. must be thinking about going to the concert too much. lol.

so please please please please let me have the tickets, i'm going to come up all the way from singapore to go there!

Vy said...

Wow, Boss you are awesome!

If I had a chance to meet any of the artists that were going for the I. Music Festival, I would:

1. Hug all of them to wish them health, happiness and to do continue making good music. I think everyone deserves a good hug and a pat at the back for their good work.

2. To encourage those especially from Taiwan for the recent disaster and flood. To let them know that people care and will support them. Always.

3. And the obligatory picture taking session. It's a MUST!

Thanks in advance Boss!

hanchuin said...

Leaving those apparent acts of what I'll do when meeting those stars, witnessing these stars performing live on stage is gonna be one of the best birthday present that I can give to my girlfriend :) Having survived through a 1 year period LDR, whats better than letting her listen to songs performed live by the original artists which represents everything that i wanna tell her..

Tickets issues aside, happy birthday huiyi :)

Su Ann =) said...

i would like to win those tickets for my best friend Lee Ean! because she is a really huge fan of khalil fong and it would mean the world to her to be able to watch her idol! and she'll probably would die of happiness on the spot to be able to see him! and since i'm a gazillion miles away from malaysia right now... this is probably the best way to put a huge smile on her face from afar! =)

as for your question, i would make khalil fong ride a white horse to her house in subang and serenade her with his most romantic song with a guitar =D haha! something no girls could resist especially from their idols! and maybe be her own personal maid for a day! hahaha kidding =D bet she would like that!

anyway, thank you in advance for the opportunity to win those tickets! and i hope to win those tickets.. pretty please??? =)

Joshualaw said...

If I had a chance to meet any of the artists that were going for the T. Music Festival, I would:

1.) definitely jumping here and there with joys! I seriously couldn't fall asleep and keep on thinking about it whole day whole night! Every seconds of time, i keep on thinking..."Is this a dream or what? OMG!". Sound crazy, right? Let me be...XD

2.) SERIOUSLY I will grab any opportunities that I have to get near to the artists and take pictures with them! A cam whore pictures with them is a MUST!

4.) Not only that, getting their autographs are one of the things that I'm not gonna miss it! I want their autographs on my t-shirt as a collection!!!

3.) If got chance, I definitely will video-capturing them during their awesome performances on stage! I will keep these as my videos collection!!!

4.) Going to this concert..FOR SURE I will be pay my fullest attention enjoying each of their performances that night!!! Thanks to Tigers & Nuffnang, I got the chance to listen to their singing LIVE!

5.) I definitely will blog about this event with big thanks to Tigers & Nuffnang for making this impossible become POSSIBLE! Plus, I will post all the pictures I've taken with all the artists in my blog and make my blog even more famous and increase my blog visitors! ;p

Last but not least, if I had a chance to meet any of the artists that were going for the T. Music Festival, OF COURSE I WANT TO THANKS TIGER, NUFFNANG, TIMOTHY, MY PARENTS, MY RELATIVES & FRIENDS FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE~!!!

So, how is it? Truly one of the best commentators you ever have, Timothy! ;D

p/s: hope to get the passes! ^^

Anonymous said...

i wanted to meet khalil fong, cos he's the 1st bespectacled guy i find cute. and i can play most of his song with my loyal guitar (though i sound awful most of the time). i might as well offer myself to be his personal assistant just incase he reaally looking for one. please give me the tickets T_T!! meeting him is always my prayer to god. please please.

thanks in advance boss! T_T

Love a Lot said...
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Love a Lot said...

If I had the chance to meet Justin, I will tell him one thing and that is "Pls dun stop contributing to the entertainment industry, I love you!!!"

His songs are sweet memories to me as my bf played it in his car on our first date... A very memorable day, where 2 become 1

I really hope to see Justin live with my bf and together we bring back "those days"

Do you and princess have any memorable songs that you'll think of her when the melody plays?

May C said...

If I have the chance to meet David Tao, I would invite him over to my house for a potluck session! I would get my friends and families to attend the potluck too and ask them to bring the best Malaysian delicacies! Good things are meant to be shared with loved ones - so is meeting a superstar! It should be shared with my loved ones too :)

Besides, getting David to a potluck session will also ensure that they will want to stay longer and I will thus get to talk to them longer! I've always loved to listen or watch David's interviews coz his comments are just so insightful and you can really sense his passion and his matured thoughts in his views :)

ms.bulat said...


i know i sound crazy but...i missed it the last time he came and you don't know how much i regretted it. haha T_T and i only memorize all his songs so i can belt it out loud in karaoke! okay...maybe a few khalil, jay chou and wang lee hom. laughs*

des said...

if I had a chance to meet David Tao, i'd tell him that he sings the only Chinese song i can sing along to because the whole song is just made out of "I love you"s.

Viv said...


I was recently hospitalised for a couple of days last month and I had to say that I was really touched that a good friend of mine actually took a day off just to accompany me in the hospital. =)

So, if I had the tickets, she would be the one and only that I'll be bringing to the T Music Festival not just because she's a huge fan of David Tao, Justin, Khalil Fong and Sam Lee like I'm but because I want to thank her for being there for me esp during rough times.

meei yih said...

if i had a chance to go for the concert..i will 1st appreciate to the fouder of the NUFFNANG that is Timothy Tiah..2nd..if i had a chnace to go for the concert.n have a chnace to let me talk on the stage..i will announce to everyone..n shout out "I LAVE BLOGGER" pls support to NUffnang !!if the guard is allowed me to do so..even though u may think i'm the bootlicker..haha..i dont mind..

emilia said...

OMG!! can you pls give it to me!! i will beg you like how you begged T.Music....pleeeeaaaassseeeee. To be frank to you , i never been to any concert b4 T_T , and I really wish my 1st concert will be the most fantastic one cuz mostly all my FAV singers are there and i got the chance to enjoy it with my love one !!!!

oh ya, if i got the chance to go for this concert the 1st and last thing i will do is give u a big HUG, because you are the best santa !!! lol

Chloe C said...

hi there!

im a huge fan of DAVID TAO like you too! all the song u posted up are all my fav too! his voice is really good. to be honest, i love jay and leehom too. no doubt. they are just equally good in my opinion. the best of all is most of the artiste who will be performing at this concert are goddess!

i don't want much from the artiste who's perfoming. if i could meet david tao,i would just wan his signature again on his latest album, tons of pictures WITH him, and get to sing his songs with him. =) hope im not too greedy. =) went for his autograph session once but never get the chance to go for his concert. hope this time u can help me to make this dream come true! =)

dear timothy, thank you so much for being kind to share your tickets with everyone! =)

p/s: i've never won n e thing in my entire life! hope i can get the passes just for ONCE =) thank you so much for your consideration! =) much appreciated!

Anna said...

i HEART david Tao.... my 1st love song,my 1st rock song, my 1st chinese album.

if i were to meet him, i will asked for

1. One Picture with him
2. A date - simple dinner will do
3. Some time to hang out and tell him how i heart his work.
4. (if can) ask him to write me a song!


PLS... i want to watch the concert! I hate crowd, but this is exception.

Eve said...

I'll ask for a kiss and that will be it :)

Boss Stewie said...

okay guys.. the contest deadline just passed. thanks for participating. I'll go through all your comments and pick the winners ok?

I'll e-mail you if you win :)

cLiu said... i little bit too late.
however, even can't join the context. just wanna leave a comment here.
if i am able to meet Fang Da Tong, i really wanna to have a close look to his spec. Wheather is powerless, and try it on me. His spec is cool!

Simon Seow said...

Where's Manhand? I support Manhand :p

Charlie Chan said...

LOL, didn't know that you like this kind of music... You should have told me, we might end up singing karaoke with chinese songs lol, I like David Tao, but my super favorites are not on the list, Wang Lee Hom and Jay Zhou Jie Lun! Well, anyway. Enjoy watching david, hehehe!