Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dad's Birthday, Our Filipino Nuffies in KL & MAMEE!!!

I've been meaning to write about the Nuffnang Blog Awards but I'm waiting for pictures from our official photographer so I'll save it for the next few days ok?

Here are some other things I've been busy with lately.

Dad's birthday.

Yesterday was my father's birthday. Right after the Nuffnang Awards in Singapore I flew back to Penang just to have dinner with him then rush back to KL early next morning.

On Monday morning I had to leave for the airport by 6.30AM to catch a flight back to KL. I was in the KL office by 10 something.

I had to get there because some of the Nuffies from Nuffnang Philippines were visiting the KL office and we had some things to catch up on.

Some of the Nuffnang PH Team.

Everyone was busy working with some of the Malaysian Nuffies.

Here's Carlos, busy busy man.

He was one of our photographers at the Nuffnang Awards.

Meet Judd!

I think he's single and available.

And here's Patty, Anne and Eric having a discussion with Nicholas. Our teams were exchanging ideas and learning from each other all day.

Some of the Malaysian Nuffies held our almost weekly brainstorming session and this time we included some of the Filipino Nuffies.

We're having so much fun. Went for dinner at Duck King today too. They loved the food but Patty said she the highlight of the day was the Durian Pancake I ordered during lunch at Shanghai 10.

MAMEE and Corntoz

Another highlight of the day though was a special delivery we had.

I realized this morning that we ran out of MAMEE in our snacks cupboard so I called Pierre and asked him if I could order some from him. He sent me a few boxes that reached me by the end of the day and refused to take any money from me.

The Nuffies thank you Pierre.

It was the first time the Filipino Nuffies were trying Mamee Monster. They loved it. Before Eric left he even stole another packet of it from our snack cupboard.

I know I know we eat a lot of snacks in our office.

It's all part of being a Nuffie :)

Ok everyone, off to bed now. Have a long day of more work to do with the Nuffnang Philippines team tomorrow.

Good night!


goingkookies said...

haha.. junkie monsters!!!

how do u guys stay slim?? =p

JD said...

Wah...so many chips! Er, NN is not promoting eating healthy ah?

Jun King (JK) said...

hmmm, i just realised that my office also has mamee as compulsory snacks right now. maybe in the future, mamee will be a national snack!

ahlost said...

Wow.. that's a lot of stock ler.. *jealous*

pinkpaperplane said...

I still haven't had Mamee yet since your last tweet. Sigh. Can I be a Nuffie? Don't know what I'll do though. :P

messi said...

i think i need to talk to Pierre. i am a shareholder of MAMEE, how come i dont get any? U tell me Tim! LOL

joshuatly said...

share share a bit of your snacks lah... OK har! later i go to nn office to take. OKOK.
thanks you!

Boss Stewie said...

goingkookies: we don't... we're fat! HAHA

jd: hahaha no we're promiting happy eating!

jun king: yeah! that's a truly malaysian snack!

ahlost: hahaha yah... come to our office. i share one with u

pink: well we're actually hiring! just apply througho ur site

messi: haha... that I will leave it to you to talk to Pierre about. How come you own Mamee shares? when did you buy ?

joshua: okok! come i share

Cindy Khor said...

wow, that amount of snack could certainly last me 1 year.. that's very sweet of mamee boss to treat you to this much of mamee.. happy belated birthday to your dad!

vialentino said...

wow....that is a lot of snacks....must be very nice working in NN office...keep it up...love ur office concept!

Churia said...

Oooooh who's that cute guy Nuffie!

pinkpaperplane said...

Tim! Very tempting to be a Nuffie, but I looked and I definitely can't do any of those things! Haha. Maybe I can be a "kitchen stocker". Or a tea lady and serve Mamee. Haha.

michleong said...
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michleong said...

Wow! So many corntoz and Mamee. I want some too =D