Saturday, October 31, 2009


Gosh it's almost 2AM and I'm still up watching these videos.

They're cracking me up so much I'm tearing. Both Princess and I are laughing like shit.

His name is Ray William Johnson and I think this guy is great. Let me show you some of the videos he shares.

Gosh I laughed so hard I'm afraid to go to sleep now. When I was a small boy my babysitter told me that if I laugh too much before I sleep I will have nightmares and true enough that one night I did have nightmares.


See the rest of his videos here.


Unknown said...

hey bro!

You may not remember me but we met in the ribena's event in sunway pyramid some time back. I found ur blog only a few days after and hav been an avid reader since.

Any advice for all the aspiring bloggers out there like yours truly?

Boss Stewie said...

ian: hey! thanks for already reading dude. Not much advice on that front. It really depends on why you blog. For me it's for fun and to document my life so I'm happy with what I'm doing now :)

Me said...

OMG thanks for introducing me to RWJ

i have been watching it all day long...he cracks me upppppp

Jia Hui said...

I don't really find the videos funny. Sorry boss stewie ><

Lee Kai Chi said...

you want comment is it? I give you la! Haha. Funny videos by the way

Nasim said...

yeah its funny Tim...haha..

Anonymous said...

heyy i read this blog post while i was tired from revising the other day (actually its bored of revising.) And the videos you put up distracted me so much from my revision that I felt so guilty and went right back to revise there after. Thus, no comment. HAHAHA

but those videos were quite good. I went to subscribe to it even =D Thanks for sharing.