Saturday, May 08, 2010

Recurrent Corneal Erosion again....

If you've been following my blog since 2 years ago you'd know that I once had a recurrent corneal erosion. If you want to know a bit more about what it is and how I got it, check out my previous blog entries here, here and here.

In a nutshell though I got it more than two years ago when I happened to injure by cornea by scratching my eyes hard one morning. Scratching your cornea I guess is something that happens to a number of people but if you're unlucky your cornea doesn't heal well enough on its own.

Then whenever you sleep at night and your eyes are dry, your corneal sticks to your eyelids or something. So when you wake up in the morning and open your eyelids, it pulls out a piece of cornea with it and you experience really bad pain. To make matters worse, sometimes if the area of cornea pulled out is big enough, it will hurt so bad you won't be able to open both your eyes for a few days until your cornea heals back again.

Fortunately, the cornea is a part of your body that heals really quickly on its own. There are many ways to treat it so I went for laser surgery two years ago and since then it's healed. Had no problems with it at all until last night when I woke up experiencing the pain in my eye that I know so well. Surprisingly since I wrote about recurrent corneal erosion I've had quite a number of readers who e-mailed me sharing their experiences as well. I guess it helps to know that some others go through this with you.

I'm going to see a doctor on Monday but now I'm worried. I'm worried that it might be bad enough that I won't be able to go to New York and meet My Hello Kitty there for this trip I've been looking forward to for a very long time. I used to feel really sad when I had this problem. But I've learned to look at it more positively. While this is a big inconvenience for me, I'm glad that it's nothing permanent and something that can be solved. It's nothing that would affect my living a normal life. So well... that's it. I'm just a little worried about having to miss my New York trip. Everything's already been booked and paid for. I hope I'll still be able to go and have fun.

Anyway on the happier things, catching up with some Project Alpha episodes.

Here's episode 15 of Niki Cheong's interview with Xiaxue

If you haven't seen London.. check out this episode where Niki and Xiaxue go sight-seeing around London with Ming as a tour guide.

Makes me really miss London myself. I wanna go back!

Told My Hello Kitty that I'll take her back next year if I have the money to. You also get to see Boss Ming featured in there !!! We were in London for the shoot. Well I was behind the scenes but Ming was the guide since he's been in London for years and still finds a way to go back there a few times a year. See the camera he was holding though, that's the infamous "Beast".

It also features Borough Market. I blogged about it some time back. Remember?

This episode is of Jojo, Niki and Xiaxue right outside the stadium of the big Chelsea Vs Arsenal game there. Love the spirit the English have for their football.

And here's the least episode with Niki and Xiaxue where Xiaxue talks a bit more about her husband Mike.

I love how in this episode Xiaxue talked about Mike being untidy and Mike defended himself saying "You have understand... she has OCD". HAHA! I have OCD too :(

Ah love catching up on Project Alpha on the weekends.

Have a great weekend everyone. It'll pass much quicker than you think :)


Suying said...

I hope its nothing so you could go new york! best wishes~ =)

Lisa! said...

Feel better Tim! :D

Shoes, shoes, shoes said...
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Boss Stewie said...

suying: thanks a lot su ying :) i'll pray that it's nothing serious

lisa: thanks very much Lisa :)

michleong said...

Hope you're all well Tim, though you say it's not serious, but it's really painful ><

lc Song said...

aww.. seriously my heart is kinda pain after reading this post! must get well soon k..

Lemon said...

Omg! I never know scratching one's eyes might leave such a great impact!May you get well soon and manage to meet Audrey at NY! =)

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Look at the brightside! This is a war that you've won before, just that it is tougher now for u to breakthrough

Jessie said...

Hi Tim, jus wud like to say tat u guys did a great job on project alpha. but am having sound issues wif the videos. oredi blast volume to the max but still cant hear the bloggers clearly. hope this can b improve in the next season. ;)