Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Official... My Balls are Broken

I've been getting some e-mails from readers lately. Many which I haven't really had the chance to respond to yet.

But one e-mail caught my attention.

It was from another Penang programmer and wanna-be entrepreneur like myself.

He was telling me of a little experience of his

"I did a couple of programming but it always failed at the marketing part. You know stock market?

Around 2 years ago, there is this craze where investors want a program that gets the latest price (real time) and then do a chart and then advice them based on the formulas (eg. MACD) and then advice them to buy or sell.

Well, I did the entire program and tried to market it. Too bad it didn’t work. Some people are willing to try but then they all went quiet."

I guess failure is something we will all have to face one day.

Perhaps the good thing is that his next success is probably on the way. His new creation (and work in progress) is a little blogger shoutbox called

Check it out and tell him what you think.

On a seperate note, today I had to pay a visit to a computer shop in this little building somewhere in Penang.

Inside the building was a little door leading me to a little shop called CG Computers.

I went in carrying both my balls but came out without one.

Yes... not long ago I thought buying Windows XP was painful.

Little did I know that I was to buy more software that put even more pressure on my poor little balls.

Hello Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop!

Each copy of Dreamweaver costs something like RM1700++ and Photoshop somewhere in the region of RM2600++ each.

My balls are officially broken.


Jason Lioh said...

Sakit loh.

Can borrow me the CD to install anot? :P Or burn another one for me.

Anonymous said...

ouch. i got basketballs the many, you is wanting them?

russell peters making fun of indian movies is F***ing funny! i don't know which i prefer..

HOOOOOOOO (the gay we all love)


AAAAGGGHHHH (a la prelude to female protagonist breaking into song)


MaN|acZ said...

so boss stewie, u really bought them?
I think there are cheaper alternative.

for example, you can get GIMP which is quite powerful as Photoshop (and FREE if I'm not mistaken) but with a slightly high learning curve(again If I'm not mistaken).

Dreamweaver, I guess there are cheaper software than Dreamweaver.But I don't know any.

Boss Stewie said...

jason: not like you'll use dreamweaver would u?

suicidal: russell peters? ok i'm off to youtube

manjaz: ahh i never knew about GIMP. but for dreamweaver i know there are some open source editors out there but my programmers are used to using dreamweaver and i don't want to reduce their productivity just for saving a one off cost that i probably would have to incur sooner or later anyway

Anonymous said...

The price of legality!

What can you do? To be legal, you need to pay for it. But I am sure you'll earn back every cent spent here. No worries.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I just can't work Photoshop

Boss Stewie said...

lasker: yes.. the price of legality.. and it hurts

skyler: ahh... i thought photoshop is every bloggers' best friend

Anonymous said...

BS: if you really need good price on computer drop me an email. i will teach you a method of getting the best price for everything. I notice you have been visting retail shop for your stuff which will be expensive in the longer term. should be able to save 10-15% on my method ;-)

MaN|acZ said...

fat4, would you mind sharing your knowledge with me oso?

Anonymous said...

Ouch... Well, it'll be worth it! I like Dreamweaver. ;)

Jason Lioh said...

Photoshop mah!

But then I thought got this type of license where u buy 1 copy of original software and can install into various computer in your company one?

Wouldn't that be cheaper than buying 2 3 copies of the same software?

Boss Stewie said...

fat4: ehh.. share with us fat!

alynna: now i didn't know u do programming

jason: yes.. volume licensing but my company's not big enough for that. i don't need that many copies

MaN|acZ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Tony had to get dreamweaver and photoshop the other day as well. Bloody expensive, I agree. But in the long run, you can't cut back on these costs.

Boss Stewie said...

why does tony need dreamweaver/photoshop?

Unknown said...

I used to have Photoshop CS installed in my laptop, but after formatting, it's gone, and now i dont know who has the cd. Installed GIMP and Paint.NET, but there are so many things missing from those offered in Photoshop, and its freaking hard to use, eg. u cant even put a pic into another pic, it will just overlap the 1st pic and when u move the 2nd pic, that chunk of 1st pic will be dragged along -___-"

And oh, Dreamweaver, once you get a hang of it, its really easy to use, just click and drag. Used it for assignment 2 years back.

Too bad it's all down to the dough in the end. No dough, no (cash)flow.

Anonymous said...

Unclean! How could you set foot into a Mac store. I am severely disappointed, no wonder they got your balls in the end!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, wank me if you wan ...

thats fucking expensive man ...

when i was in college doing my final year project i used dreamweaver too .... for RM15 DVD, comes with Dreamweaver 4.0 to Dreamweaver MX ... and has a lot of e-books inside ... wakaakakakakakkakaka

Anonymous said...

Not one as dumb as me!

I see Photoshop, go O_O, close it.

You should teach meee

chocolat-latte' said...

I have never seen broken balls before? Can I see it please? ;)

Anonymous said...

photoshop cs is the bomb of all software

they are the best.

good luck

Leon said...

I was wondering when you'd be buying these bunches of software......can't have web company without these two =D. Ask people to donate to "save stewie's balls foundation"

Anonymous said...

Nahhh, I only did the extremely simple stuff (that I can't remember) in high school. :)

Boss Stewie said...

william: ahh.. why didn't u just buy another photoshop...?

hasan: ahahaha i'm sorry to disappoint u

skyler: hehehe i don't really know how to use photoshop as well.. my colleague is the one behind it

choc: definitely not here audrey.. mebe in person :P

yothemans: yes yyes photoshop is da bomb

leon: yes and when are u going to get urs for ur company

alynna: they teach u IT in high school? why didn't they teach me something liek that in school.. instead i had to learn a lot of rubbish

Anonymous said...

four days never update already, what happen leh?

Boss Stewie said...

ehh patienceee patieeenccee