Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hive Hosting

I was looking for hosting options for my up and coming dotcom.

We currently run on a webhost but I was exploring other options from getting our own server to renting a dedicated server or even seeing if there was a better we hosting package out there.

So I came across a webhosting company called Hive that I thought looked very impressive to me. But I've had bad experiences with web hosts in the past.

Almost all webhosts promise you 99.9% uptime guarantee but 99.9% of them don't keep up with their promise.

So I googled Hive and tried to find reviews on it and I came across this site that was dedicated to being Anti-Hive.
Apparently one very upset customer took it one step further.

What I thought was funny was how the creator of the site had a sense of humour in him.

Upon entering the site I read it's introduction.

"This site is dedicated to all victims of Hive Hosting who's massive downtime lasting more than 20 days had caused many webmasters to lose their search engine ranking and livelihood.

Since this is officially a
hate site, it contains expletives, provocative graphics and inane rants not suitable for young people in their formative years. Staffs of Hive Hosting and their relatives are not welcomed."

Then came the instructions of what to do next

"To proceed, please indicate that you're the right target audience by selecting a link below."

And there were 3 links there.
One saying "I am below 18 years old" which takes you to a Mickey Mouse site ... LOL

The second one said "Hive Hostin da Best".

And the final one said
"My site was down for 3 weeks and all my files were gone along with all my emails and database and no one bothered to inform me and I'm really MAD".

I decided to check what he had to say so I clicked on the third link.

And it brought me to his horror stories that I wouldn't talk about here but you could read on your own later if you like.Then out of curiousity, I went back to the front page and I clicked on the link which said
"Hive Hostin Da Best"

and it took me to this page
Saying "Hive da Best?"
"Please scroll down".

And there were these images at the bottom of the page.
I don't know about you guys. But I thought he was hilarious.

If you want to check out the site for yourself... click here.

Disclaimer: I don't know whether anything on the site is true or not nor am I endorsing the hate site or ANY hate sites. I just found the site to be rather funny.


Anonymous said...

today i m the 1st???

Booo~ :p

the showing middle fingers are super hilarious ! ahhaha

My webhosting is
maybe u wanna check it out.

Anonymous said...

Searching for a good webhost is often a problem. I'm in Australia and most Australian hosts rip the hell off you with hosting packages starting at AUD30.00 per month.

American hosts are cheap but they lack support and are more often then not rip offs like Hive Hosting. Mind you, I have heard of how bad Hive Hosting is from a majority of webmaster forums.

Currently, I'm with the Malaysian Exabytes. So far, I haven't had a downtime or any problems. Their support is efficient, though I do hate their poor command of Engrishhhh.

Boss Stewie said...

cely: shinjiru? hehehe that sounds like such a typical webhost for ur blog

raven: i signed up for exabytes as well partly because of their good reviews and partly cuz they're based in penang! WOoohooO!!

Anonymous said...

i dun go for msian hosts.. and aussie hosts are freakin exp too. i'm with hostingzoom and i'm reli pleased. excellent cust. service too.

Jason Lioh said...

And I was one of the victim for the 3 weeks downtime with all HDD gone. My blog nearly went missing because of that.

Mz said...

i dunno which ones are good, but i'm certain shinjiru isn't one of them. they don't pick up their phones during normal office hours(dat excludes meal n tea times), their customer service reps aren't knowledgeable enough n they're not really friendly. PLUS about 2 months ago they switched us to another hosting service without prior notice or permission, causin me to be the constant firing target at work. :(

p/s: i'm not from the IT department nor have i been professionally educated in dat sector. communicating in the IT language is tough.. for me.. hehe

Boss Stewie said...

alex: ahhh too bad i've gone to get myself an exabytes package already... i should make it a point to consult my readers before i made decisions like this :P

jason: ahh poor poor u... did they do anything to compensate u?

mz: why did u get fired if it wasn't ur department?

Jason Lioh said...

Nope. Nothing.

I gave up then, and then someone offered me his webhosting package, which is the one I am using currently. :D

Anonymous said...

I was one of the victim la ... lost everything on my previous blog, but since they changed their serve location there wanst anything like that edy ...

***crosses finger ...

still on hive now ...

Anonymous said...

waaaaiiiiittt a minute. u're just getting hosting for ur dotcom and not ur blog right? don't change blogs again please it took me forever to memorise this blog add.

love the middle fingers btw HAHAHAAHAHAHA poor thing Hive gets hated so but serve them right for giving bad service! hehe

Boss Stewie said...

jason: ohh yes yes... now i remember.. i remember ur blog being down for ages... i was one of the disappointed readers

earl: i heard that they were upgrading some packages for all their affected customers...didn't u get an upgrade?

suicidal: hahaha no lar dun worry.. my blog is too small to afford its own domain

Mz said...

stewie, coz my mum's my boss n she's too lazy to do it, so i have to. plus we don't have an IT department in our small company. haha

Anonymous said...

Avoid Hive hosting at all costs.. I've got really bad experiences with it too..

I'm hosting on, great servies. They have servers in Malaysia AND in the US, so you could probably choose the one you prefer based on your target audience. Ask top Malaysian bloggers about their hosts. Recommendations from the likes of Kenny Sia (and etc) cant possible go wrong..

Anonymous said...

nak dotcom url dotcom url dotcom url cepat cepat cepat

Boss Stewie said...

mz: ohh now that's interesting.. what kind of business does ur mum do?

jonathan: ahh.. thanks.. i'm yet to hear a bad review on hive hosting

suicidal: hahaha cannot yet.. website under contruction!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... shinjiru's cust service is bad. yes... Bensi Berlit

but anyway.. that time i buy the package... it was cheap.. so i just use it... see next year whether i need to change webhost or not :p

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHA.... Not bad man... So I presume you're not going for Hive Hosting lah?

Mz said...

stewie, i work for my mum n she works for my dad. keke more like a lil bit of construction n mostly dredging. civil eng stuff lar.. not very interesting.

how's the exabytes package workin for u?

Merv Kwok said...

Hahah. I don't think there are any good hosting companies in this world. My companies webhost just disappeared one fine that. That was totally sh!tilicious. We lost so much data thanks to that.

Wingz said...

Hive is de bezt!!!!!! kakakakaka

Anonymous said...

My current webhosting is cheap but they always got downtime since too many people on it. But it's just a blog, nothing really important.

Since your up and coming dotcom are way more important, you should get a very2 reliable one. Like the hosting that host

Boss Stewie said...

cely: how cheap is cheap?

ian: of course not :P

mz: ahh so far they're yet to transfer my domain to the new hosting... will call them tomorrow if it's not done by then

merv: what company is that?

wingz: long live hive!

chapree: what webhost does low yat use?

Anonymous said...

dun go for cheap cheap.. unless its reali reliable. check out hostgator, nt reli cheap but known for its reliability. so i chose hostingzoom instead. i always email them tech support and get answer within 3 hrs, not bad.

oh yeah someone said about kennysia's recommendation, etc? he's still with site-5 if i'm not wrong. DON'T! host with site-5. they suck big time now, and my old blog was gone coz of them :(

Boss Stewie said...

alex: thanks for the tip alex