Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Meeting William Leong

Yesterday I met up with one of my most faithful readers, William.
William studies in MMU but decided to make a trip down to Penang this holiday to pay me a visit.

We agreed to meet for lunch and I spent the morning thinking of where to bring the dude.

At first I thought that maybe I could bring him to a nice place like The Ship
to have a steak like this.

Or even to this nice Italian restaurant at Batu Feringgi called Mario's.

Where I will always remember that I asked for a "Mushroom Soup" and they gave me a bun that was shaped like a titty with an abnormally large nipple.

Surprisingly, just like all 'titties' in real life, what was inside it was yummy.

One of the best mushroom soups I have ever had.

I even thought about the yummy pasta I had at Mario's...

But before I went on to make the grave mistake of bringing him to any of these restaurants, I remembered that people come to Penang not for its restaurant food... but for its hawker food.

I thought of bringing him to the best beef ball noodle in Penang but it was closed... so we settled for... DUCK (which honestly happened to suck that day)!!!
Over the duck lunch we had, I got to know what a nice guy William is.

He's one of those guys that is most certainly a keeper (girls if you would like his phone number, please e-mail me at lengmoublogs@yahoo.com).

Yet, what was more amazing was finding out how much William knew about all my blog entries.

He kept making references to my previous blog posts in all my conversations with him.

He even went to the building where I bought my computer software from and thought to himself
Which was probably how he spotted me in real life...

He was probably waiting for me in my office lobby when he saw a man with a mole walk out of the lift and thought to himself


And went on to shout my name (William you bassstarrdd).

It was almost as if he's a
"walking Leng Mou/Boss Stewie directory".

William brought a friend... a nice girl named... Lean Shin... (or some name that sounds close to that).After lunch we popped by Gurney Plaza for me to buy my weekly dosage of magazines which is when I found out the TRUE reason for William's trip down to Penang.

William 'casually mentioned' to me that I am just too free to be reading so many magazines every week.

That's right... the 22 year old man travelled all the way up north...

Thanks William... you basssstaarddd...

Or like they would say in some European countries...


Oh and I forgot to mention.. William has a blog too.

Feel free to pay a visit and leave the following comment


Anonymous said...

YEs yes.. i m the first !!!


wei, out of so many food in penang.. u bring him to DUCK? u haven had enough?

i will reconsider whether to come penang or not liao...

no good food one...

Boss Stewie said...

cely: hahahaa why u all still fighting for being first... eh.. the duck normally is not bad one. just that day not nice only

wingz: hahaha CEO.. u are the one who should take me

Anonymous said...

wah..free publicity for william in boss stewie's blog..i also did a free publicity for him le..

J said...

Eh, read your blog + visit you in Penang = free meal?

Can I choose the restaurant?
(And bring a few friends too??)

Boss Stewie said...

ricadoe: i love meeting readers... just make a trip down to penang and we'll do lunch

yatz: aihh.. publicity from my blog also no big deal... considering my small readership

j: hahahaha... no u may not choose the restaurant.. but u may bring a few friends :p

Jason Lioh said...

And to think that I was in Penang, boss decided to go to Singapore to avoid me. *sobs*

Boss Stewie said...

i wasn't avoiding u lar jason
i had to go singapore for work!!!

Unknown said...

appeared in boss' blog *fooooOOooOoo*

happee happeee~!!!!
dun worry boss, a very memorable day indeed

Unknown said...

and boss, it's holiday ok, i was sooo busy these few days walking around town here and there, so busy u know. been busy keeping my tummy full.

okla, okla, boss not that free then. very busy man indeed.

And oh guys!! Boss rolls in a 3 series Beemer. In case if he still ever denies it.

Anonymous said...

I can only afford this after readong this post:


Anonymous said...


aL said...

eeeeyerr! i also want DUCK...rice lah =P

and how come the duck dont looks erm..appetising wan? haha..

try the one in Lip Sin lah...sedap ooo!

Gwendolynne said...

My gawd ... stalker.

I'll surely drop by Penang to visit you too when - ever I get a chance to go back. Which is probably not for another few years since we're trying to buy a house. o_O

Boss Stewie said...

william: william william.. it's not nice to bluff everyone into thinking that i drive a car that i can't possibly afford... tsk tsk.. shame on u william :P

suicidal: afford what?

al: ehh.. how u know about lip sin garden ?

gwen: gwen.. bring ur family and we shall go for duck rice together... get ur priorities right gwen... who needs a house when u have duck rice :P

aL said...

how i know...cos i stay there? muwahhahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

eh didnt know u guys knew each other! small world sial


Gwendolynne said...


Here also got duck. The ducks here go "Cheep cheep" instead of Quack! If you tempt me with char siu-siew yoke fan that's a different matter!!! Or HK chee cheong fun ... or asam laksa, or yim kuk kai, or ...

Jason Lioh said...

Who doesn't know boss drives a BMW.

Anonymous said...

afford my jealousy lorrrrrrr, and no I'm not jealous of u driving a 3 series beemer. :p

Anonymous said...

wah looks like the boss is moving from women to men... or at least one of his faithful readers is hoping he is...

i wonder if he has a shrine for you in his bathroom.

Boss Stewie said...

al: so u're a penang blogger as well? how is it that i never knew that

max: yes max.. it's a small world indeed

gwen: ok.. here got very good laksa also

jason: i don't lar jason... i drove a vios to pick u for bak kut teh remember?

suicidal: don't be jealous just cuz u think i have something that i really don't have :P

sammy: i'm sure he doesn't sammy.. don't worry

Eve said...

Lipsin one only available afternoon. Go Tanjung Bungah near Maxim cakehse ler..it's nice!

Boss Stewie said...

eve: tanjung bungah near maxim cakehouse? har? u mean near the market? where got? i didn't know about that!

MaN|acZ said...

"He's one of those guys that is most certainly a keeper (girls if you would like his phone number, please e-mail me at lengmoublogs@yahoo.com)."
eh, boss..I didn't know you also into match-making business oso.
So, all single guys (including myself) should pay Boss Stewie visit to boost your popularity/celebrity status, and get a gf soon(???) courtesy of the free advertising from timothytiah.blogspot.com???

MaN|acZ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aL said...

hey boss! what lah u?! remember the comment i posted up here sometime ago. i commented that the KFC you're at is the one in 1-Stop wan? u then said im a true penangite or something? hahaha.

eve and boss: its the one inside the coffeeshop wan rite? the rice stall in frontta shop wan rite? selling duck, chicken, char siew and siu bak wan rite? hahaha! opposite market =) if dats the one, ok eve its damn nice! heh!

Gwendolynne said...

Post deleted???

Maxim cake house ... do they have the actual Maxim magazine models serving ppl there arr ... that would be a dream lo~ omg laksa


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Errr... This isn't William's blog now, is it?? ^^;

Anonymous said...

no, serious. i'm not jealous of of the 3series beemer la. i've got over tt a long time ago.

now i'm jealous of good ol' william. hehehe

Unknown said...

suicidal: I'm pretty sure if u bring a busload of ppl to hunt down stewie in penang, he wouldn't run away. u might even get to go to the ship

Anonymous said...

I'll be going to Penang too, when I go back...

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: haha the truth is... appearing on my blog might actually act as a woman repellent rather than bring more girls to you.

al: ohh sorry sorry.. pai seh ahh

gwen: hahaha no no .. unfortunately maxim cake house has nothing to do with the magazine

lance: u bastardo!!!

suicidal: there is no 3 series beemer to be jealous about.. so pls don't be

ian: look me up then

leon: ok nig

Anonymous said...

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