Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh Come On !!!

I've been getting an increasing number of e-mails from my readers in the past couple of weeks and somehow most of the time when I reply those e-mails, the responses I get run along the lines of

"Wow I didn't expect you to actually reply my e-mail!!!".

Come on guys! What the hell is this about?!?!

Just like how I reply comments, if anyone takes the effort to write me an e-mail I WILL reply.
(Sometimes I may take a little longer to reply but I still do)

What's interesting though is that one of the readers that wrote to me lately is a very nice girl named "May" from the Netherlands!

Another reader from the Netherlands... WOOOHOOO!!!

The first being Jackson of course (Yes Jackson... I haven't forgotten you...).


Where weed is legal and sex is museum-worthy...Note: In case any of you are wondering... as much as I look high in the picture above... I wasn't... honest...

See??? I don't look high here right?

Anyway, on a completely different note... I forgot to mention that my Singaporean business partner (Ming) has set up a blog of his own some time back.

Check it out here and give him some love... his dog just died and he's very very very depressed.


Boss Stewie said...

ricadoe: as much as i know i should be happy that people think that I am a 'celebrity'... i have to say that is far from the truth.

perhaps the reason why i can afford to apply all these emails is because i am simply a personal blogger and not a celebrity one

yet.. thanks for your nice comment

Anonymous said...

yea yea yea.. thanks for boss to reply most of my forward emails... telling me his comment on those mails..

so nice of u... seldom got ppl rreply with comments :p

Jackson said...

Actually, it was May that introduced me to the LengMou blog.. She's been reading your blog even longer than I have :P

Boss Stewie said...

cely: yes cely.. i enjoy all ur fwded mails :P

jackson: ahh... she's been reading my writings longer than u have? poor poor may... imagine all the damage i must've done to her

J said...

Awww.... Boss Stewie is such a sweetie pie.
Really "tai sak" ("worth loving").

Keep it up, Boss!

Anonymous said...

i get very high when you reply my comments too! and even higher when i saw a little something else just now.

holy cow i'm so high now lalalala

oh and on a completely un-related note, boss ur abdominal area has DEFINITELY seen better days. unless u just went to the netherlands yesterday. muahahahahaha

Applegal said...

So. What was in the sex museum?

Unknown said...

c'mon boss... we all know how 'celebritized' you are among the blogsphere. everytime i mention boss stewie to my blogging frens, they all say they know who u are.

Anonymous said...

I wanna be like Boss Stewie one day too ..hahaha..
Love ur blog anyway.

Anonymous said...

We all see you as Mr Asian Hollywood! And you have been to THE places in Amsterdam =P *Sex museum* My bf wanted to go there and my friends said it was very educational...I thought why would you pay 3 euro entrance to see porn? Well it was porn history..or sex history..a real must see!

Boss Stewie said...

j: i can tell that you're just as 'tai sak'

suicidal: are u calling me fat?? DID U JUST CALL ME FAT?!!!??

applegal: ermm... porn from the old days :P and big statues of penises

william: ahh... i guess it's coinsidental that the friends you ask seem to have heard of me once

ellone: aww don't be silly..

may: uhmm.. actually i wasn't really that great.. but it's just something that we never find here in malaysia so it was a must see for us