Friday, December 22, 2006

"Smelly Tofu"

In my last blog entry, I left off where I was with my bro, sis and my newly made friends on board the Taiwan MRT.

Now after we were all done with making poses on the train, we finally reached our destination.
The girls were taking us to a little street market kind of place that was full of young people.

Young people went there to shop and more importantly... to try the yummy yummy junk food.

Now I urge my dear readers not to be deceived by the food in Taiwan.

While the Taiwanese have lovely lovely munchies like these sugar coated munchies
There were some that were much less exciting.

So listen to Boss Stewie when he says this.

Here's how the story goes.

When the girls asked us where we wanted them to take us, we told them that we wanted to eat all sorts of Taiwanese food... especially the deserts.

All of them were quick to say that we had to try this thing which directly translated to English means "Smelly Tofu".

Now at first I thought smelly was like.. durian or garlic... smelly to some people.. but delicious to others, especially me!

And Boss Stewie lurrrrvess tofu, so I made sure they took me to a stall that sold the famous "Smelly Tofu".

Thus while walking down the streets of the street market, we came across this store selling the "Smelly Tofu".
The girls giggled excitedly and were quick to buy us a couple of the Tofu.

I was excited myself!

I lurrrveeeeee tofu... and if the Taiwanese love "Smelly Tofu" and I love the Taiwanese then I love "Smelly Tofu" too.

I removed it from it's paper wrapping and slowly took a bite.
All the girls looked at me intently seeking approval...

It had a very unique taste to it at first... then after a while I began to taste something different but I couldn't seem to pin-point what it was exactly.

Then I looked over at my brother who asked me how it tasted and then went on to take his own first bite.

I knew exactly how to describe it but I didn't know if I should say it in front of my newly made friends.

So I said
"It tastes like.... uhmmm... "

By then my brother had tasted it and had the disgust in his face.

He completed my sentence for me
"SHIT..... it tastes like SHIT!". And I said
"YEAH!!! It tastes like SHIT!!! LITERALLY !!! I've never eaten shit before but I'm pretty sure this is what it would taste like.".

Our Taiwanese girl friends burst out laughing upon hearing us say that.

Then I asked them why the hell they brought a bunch of tourists to eat something that tastes like shit!

But they went on to say
"EH!!! 很好吃的!!!" (Very nice wan!!!)

So there you have it everyone.

When in Taipei, please stay away from the "Smelly Tofu".
Then again, I never once thought that there would be once in my life when I would say that something tastes like SHIT... and actually mean it literally.

You gotta love Taiwan.

PS: Apparently the "Smelly Tofu" is actually an acquired taste. Just like blue cheese or even durian.


MaN|acZ said...

1st again!!! woo yeah

MaN|acZ said...

maybe i am ... ahah.. or I'm just at the right place the right time.

J said...

I can imagine the smell will stick on you for the rest day+night....
(Not a very sexy scent though, is it?)
(Or maybe it's very attractive to Taiwanese girls?)

Unknown said...

wuih Boss... smely tofu damn nice wuihhh, u go and waste food... the last time i went Shanghai, if not for the bus was going to chao, i would've bought more to eat... (we were allowed to bring on the bus though :P )

you cant find those good quality ones back at home.

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: are u really? :P

J: yes.. possibly the scent of love to some taiwanese girls :P

william: do i need to say it again... CONFUCIUS SAY... MAN WHO EAT .....

MaN|acZ said...

Boss: yah. i am really. at the right place the right time.
tell your friend.. resistance is long I'm here, ur fren can't be the first poster..

Anonymous said...

But... but... it looked so appetizing... like a hashbrown... =(

Anonymous said...

hi Boss!! Long time since I last posted.. T_T well chao taufoo is indeed an aquired taste but not tantan mee!! (i think that's what its called) I just came back from macau and darn the tantan mee there is good :P anyways.. merry christmas boss!! :D

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: LOL!!!

lance: trust me.. don't!

belinda: ah... i see.. u must've acquired the taste pretty quickly then :P

mae: hey! nice to have u back here! merry christmas to u too

Anonymous said...

gyaa~ i lurve smelly tofu =P
merry x mas in advance to everyone.

Unknown said...

Confucius said: Man who eats smelly tofu gains more popularity with cute Taiwanese chix.

how about that!

Belinda must've tried putting those things in the microwave. Can't imagine the smell lingering there for sooo long. Anything u cook with it, smells of shit.

p/s: shit rawks

AhPau said...

Does it "smell" like shit or "tastes" like shit?? =P

As far as I know, I've tried the "chau tau fu" in Shanghai and yes it does Smell like shit but it was really good! Haha...

Well I guess it's just one of them food where, it's either you like them, or hate them. Like Durian!~!

Boss Stewie said...

belle: merry xmas to u too belle :P

suicidal: i think the reverse is more likely to occur.. ur clients will leave and never pick up your calls again

william: are u questioning confucius's wisdom?

little ray: hahahaha i didn't think people would actually find it funny but i'm glad u do :P

andrew: hahaha again i'm gonna say that i didn't think people would actually find it funny but i'm glad u do

ahpau: yeah!! durian is an acquired taste too.. and yes it doesn't particularly smell like shit but it most certainly tastes like it

Gwendolynne said...

Your sister is too freakin hot.


Looks like you had a blast in Taiwan. My friend also went for a week and was back by the time I got back from Savannah, GA. She didn't have anything nice to say about her tour group but she mentioned Taiwan is a lot of fun. Wish I spoke Mandarin. The balls on top look like kushidango ... and I think you should ENCOURAGE your readers to try smelly tofu.

You never know, when someone will repay you for your kind suggestion.

Kiss my ass said...

got to agree with maniac being ...a stalker.. but what the heck..

yeah been through that stinky experience when i was in HK.. it stinked so bad.. i had to walk a street far away from it.. i couldnt even bare the smell of it.. better yet put that piece of tofu in my mouth...

then i saw this pretty good looking guy and with him was his pretty looking gf... holding hands and the other holding a 'chow tau foo' and i was... eww.. they are not gonna kiss right? like grosss!!!!!

but bet you had fun in taiwan.. not my place to go cos i cant speak mandarin..

Boss Stewie said...

gwen: lol! i'll tell my sister that u think she's hot.. lol!!!

shireen: hahahaha... so you put the tofu in your mouth so that you won't have to smell it? ... hmm.. that's one way of getting rid of the smelly tofu... i was soo unoriginal.. all i did was throw it away :(

Unknown said...

eh boss, one must think out of the box. maybe not all that confucius said would be true.

ah pau: that's da way. smelly tofu rawks~!!! lemme rephrase, shanghai/taiwanese smelly tofu rawks... m'sian smelly tofu sux

Boss Stewie said...

william: malaysia has smelly tofu? where?

Anonymous said...

Haha, I know the Klang pasar malam does! ;)

Anonymous said...

did u go to seduce club??

Anonymous said...

had them twice in m'sia. once at pasar malam over at Sri Petaling, another at pasar malam at connaught.

Boss Stewie said...

alynna: oh please don't try it!

invisible: hahaha no unfortunately i dind't :(

william: and... u liked it?

Kiss my ass said...

Stewie.... errr i didnt even buy the tofu.. there are many things i regretted not doing in HK but... i dont think i regret not eating a chow tofu.. i seriously couldnt believe you ate it..

i salute you.. hhahahah i think i would rather die than asked to eat something i dont like.

Kiss my ass said...

to alynna and william.. i dont think you have experienced the wafting aroma of the original stink bomb tofu.. it's far more different than the ones you most probably rarely can find in malaysia.

no no .. it's not the same... serious..

Boss Stewie said...

shireen: lol i've never tried malaysian smelly tofu before

Anonymous said...

the 1 i tried in HK smell n taste like shit n cost me HKD 5

aL said...

hahaha! you're one funny man lah boss. belinda and me tried the one from connaught, cheras. and we heated the heavenly smelling tofu in the microwave...go figure. LOL!!!

sigh. jialat. sigh.

Boss Stewie said...

invisible: yes.. how does it feel to have paid for shit once in your life

al: lol... you should've been arrested for heating smelly tofu in the microwave al :) !!!

Anonymous said...

shit happens

Anonymous said...

Boss: i liked the smell, dun like the texture of the tofu.. not original

Shireen: yes i did try the Real McCoy, when i was in Shanghai 2 years ago. And its like some of them put it, 'heavenly'. The smell, you can detect the entire street away. Luurvee it!

Kiss my ass said...

William you have some real serious problems...

stewie: dont think u wanna eat that anymore huh.

n i l e e y said...

You have just reminded me...My friends and I tried this in JB, really is disgusting, even up to the next morning we had to go to the toilet!

J2Kfm said...

wait a minute, its not THAT bad rite? I love smelly tofu, Malaysian version though.
not that smelly/shitty la ... like normal tofu plus some diff smell only ... :)

denise said...

if u gonna date a girl
make sure u dont eat it ealier
or the girl will run really fast like forest gump
and u will never see her again ..haha