Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bittorrent Pirates Make Plans to Buy Independant State

A friend of mine recently brought to my attention an article on Pirate Bay.

For those of you who don't know what Pirate Bay is... shame on you!

Pirate Bay is the world's largest Bittorrent Tracker (or at least it claims to be).

"Pirates" like these normally find sanctuary in countries like Russia or Sweden where American Copyright laws don't apply. Which is why they can rightfully afford to be cocky!

Apple sent them an e-mail saying
"We demand that you immediately disable the torrent and/or tracker and prevent further distribution of Apple's trade secret and copyrighted material".

And they replied saying
"We demand that you provide us with entertainment by sending more legal threats. Please?"

But recently even the Swedish government has been under pressure to shut them down resulting in their servers being taken away in a police raid on May 2006.

So now they've all decided to purchase (or at least try to) a country of its own in the form of a man made platform called Sealand.

Sealand will allow them to host their servers in PEACE since they'll be free of all copyright laws!

The island is expected to cost GBP 504,000,000 and they have already raised uhmm... about $15,327 through a website they set up to collect donations.

But lets just say they DO succeed to come up with the money to buy Sealand.

They're gonna be able to host their servers in peace without worrying about any cops showing up at their door.
I mean... no cop is going to bother swimming far out into sea just to confiscate their servers right?

The cops won't bother they'll just send the Aircraft Carrier.

But how how how how how can they simply invade another tiny country like that?

Easy... all Bush has to say is...Oh and of course throw in a few words like
"Axis of Evil", "Terrorists" and "Al-Qaeda".

Check out the article on Sealand here.

And the legal threats to Sealand (and their responses) here.


Anonymous said...

FIRST AGAIN!!!! FUIYOO!!! i MUZ log in more often at this time!!!! muahaahahahahaha

thank u, thank u all you're too kind. i love you all too!!!!

*kisses and excessive flamboyance*

Anonymous said...

and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they mustn't shut down.. where else will i get my source of free piracy????? shiver me timbers! :p

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha suicidal! ok i better start posting at night!

electronicfly said...

lol! I likey the bush pic. So ngam. Seriously though, can they really escape all the legal huuhaa?

Boss Stewie said...

e-fei: well... in theory yes.. in practice.. we're going to have to wait and see

Kiss my ass said...

wonder whether we can take holidays there or something...

Jackson said...

Heard about the self-proclaimed Sealand being up for sale, but I wouldn't have thought about pirating sites buying it to avoid lawsuits... :P

Aren't there like international laws about copyright?

They'll have a hell of a hard time installing internet cables and stuff ^^

Infectioner said...

got such place called Sealand wan ger mer o.O

so small that one tsunami could wipe if off lar -__-

Boss Stewie said...

shireen: hahahah can take holiday there but there's probably nothing to do there apart from fishing

jackson: i think international laws apply only if the country is recognised by other nations as an actual country.. but since it is not...

infectioner: haha.. but it's made of steel.. could possibly tahan tsunami also

Anonymous said...

bosss fund them fund them! for pooor ppl like us who cant afford to buy ori stuff! long lives boss!!!

Anonymous said...

ya boss.. start blogging at night la.. I can't quite manage to tag first on comments ALL THE TIME cos when u put up the post im bz studying.. Anyways sealand sounds more like a land where seals and penguins live then a country o.O if I owned a zoo, I'd name the aquatic area Sealand XD

Kiss my ass said...

eh so quiet geh... this is it...


Anonymous said...

Well, before the Sealand thing, there's rumours that Pirate Bay want to open up political party so they can take over the country thus international pressure will be fruitless.

Boss Stewie said...

belle: hahahahahah.... even if everyone in Malaysia donated RM10 to them, they still won't have enough money.

mae: i think there has to be an aquarium in the world called sealand

shireen: haha everyone got tired

chapree: then the U.S. might have to declare war on Sweden :P