Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Blogger Choice Awards

Apparently Shireen nominated my tiny blog for the Best Business Blog category in the Blogger's Choice Awards.

I'm flattered Shireen.

Thanks very much, though I was a little embarrassed when she first told me about it since... who the hell would vote for my blog.

But I checked in today and I surprisingly found 7 votes!

To the 7 of you who voted, thank you very much... but I'm not much of a blogging award kind of person.

The joys I get from blogging are far from any recognition I get for the things I write on this blog.

I love blogging not because of any fame or money that I could potentially earn, but because it gives me a private space to share my thoughts, views and experiences with the most wonderful and responsive readers that any blogger could ever ask for.

If that doesn't make me lucky enough, the list keeps growing with hilarious readers joining in on the comments like Hor Ny who consistently makes me laugh with his replies.. and Giovoni who seems to be this very mysterious Fortune Teller that keeps advising me on what to expect next (there are so many more of you out there that I didn't manage to name but that doesn't mean you're any less important).

That to me... is far from what any award can ever bring me.

So instead of voting for someone like me... go support Kid Chan and vote for him. The man deserves to win.

They did give me this thing to place on my blog's sidebar though.

To tell everyone that this blog got nominated....

My site was nominated for Best Business Blog!

But I think I'll pass.

On another note...

Check out Shireen's blog.

She apparently broke the Nuffnang Da Vinci Code.

LOL Shireen.

Sorry I wasn't able to reply your MSN messages that night Shireen. I've been so swamped with work it's not even funny.


Anonymous said...

Anyway back to business. I also wanted to nominate ur blog! but i didn't quite know what category it falls under.. some more i guessed ur reaction would be something like this. don't so modest laaaaaaa boss you are something ok? especially now that your actions have spoke louder than whatever very FEW words you have said. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH and i'm 2nd now! WOOHO!O!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in such a good mood again even though I failed my 1st paper today. bwahahahahaha being 1st rocks! and 2nd too! and OH LOOK! I'm third too! I can't stop spamming this is so much fun. :p *rolls around in lab roller-chair*

Anonymous said...

Ok now i'll just be very gracious and leave the 5th spot for the next lucky dude/dudette. sorry for being so obnoxious, it's just that i haven't been first for so darn long.. :p

Wilson J Q Quah said...

wah liu....

Kiss my ass said...

hah... willy... akibat trying to be first in this blog all the time la..

thanks... i had the same thinking with willy.. didnt know how to vote for what and who.. but i guess yours is worth a shot.. no worries :)

dont worry bout not replying my messages.. :)

Kiss my ass said...

eh... err.. on second thoughts.. can i share some cheezels? :D

andrew said...

suicidals name is also william?
really one ah?
eh boss, you damn suck up ah!
don't worry laa, we'll still love to read your blogs, don need to say stuff like "i love my readers, they are my life" :D :D :D
awww im so touched on behalf of everyone!

on a side note, WEIH SUICIDAL YOU JANGAN MAIN-MAIN AH! so ber-lansi that you got firstHAHA kidding! hehehe
which paper did you fail? issit an important test that counts ah? shit weih, stop reading the blog and trying to be first laa, let others do that in your place *cough*me*cough* :)

Anonymous said...

oh! and now I have so many replies to my verbal diarrhoea. :p

Boss: oh I failed coz I couldn't wait to come back and be first. lol. but actually it's because I really hate engineering math too much. on my way to comm studies woohoo!

Boss Lepton: let me indulge a bit bit laaa u were pretty enthusiastic about being first too, no? haha though my 4 comments might be a tad insane. :p

shireen: errrr i'm not willy laaaa. that would be william leong right? *sulks*

andrew: I berlansi you chooii ah? bwahahahaha i kinda failed one of my final papers. but never mind that, changing course soon. inconsequential stuff hehe. lucky u sangat the observant, never mistake me as "willy". *thumbs up* i might consider letting u know when boss posts, u know, form an alliance of sorts. *deadpans* :p

Boss Stewie said...

shireen: hahaha can can.. just come to the office

andrew: nono suicidal is not william!!! lol lol

suicidal: aiyoooo...comm studies??? don't fail that wan ar

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Most Obnoxious Blogger, behind Perez Hilton. Jason Calacanis can smell my farts. 143 votes already! Tumpang - while you are all there, vote for me too! *working hard to live up to the name*

Unknown said...

Who would vote for your blog? We the loyal readers lah! Who else? :P

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi bossy!!Happy that I can brighten up ur day. Waah go so many contest wan ahhh!!Will go over there & give u support.

HK said...

Boss, you should put that little blog-got-nominated thing ler.. feels good looking at it. =)

Sharon said...

u're just too humble. be proud and good luck! i'll be rooting for ya :)

AaronWoolala said...

Come together-gether we vote~

Jen said...

haha everyone will start making banners proclaming their support real soon!

SR215 said...

I've voted you. Good luck. :)

Unknown said...

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But cyberspace is different: being a bit anonymous, I can leave comments on several individuals which I think I have an affinity with (through various esoteric divination methods).

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What else can I say....hmmm there's a lengthy and scholarly article on what to generally expect during Period 8 at

And she gets the endorsements from the top grand masters in the world!!!! Fu-Yoh!

ps Do take care of your health.

Boss Stewie said...

5xmom: eh u are there ar? vote for 5xmom!!!

chapree: no larr... no need ler

ho rny: ehh.. i said vote for kid chan and lilian wei

ares: hahahah no ler it's okay ler :P i'll do without it

sharon: aww thank u for ur nice words

aaron: eh dun ler.. vote for kid and lilian

jen: hah... no need lerrr weiii

sr215: aww thanks but... come on...

giovoni: eh what u mean take care of my health wei? and waht u mean... my sister gets endorsements from the top grand masters in the world?

Kiss my ass said...

woah this is serious... if u win u better buy me one lorry of cheezels..

suicidal: sorry... pls forgive me.. i will give u half the lorry of cheezels.. but MEMANG PADAN MUKA fail akibat mocking to be #1... :X

and i also lap u long long time.