Monday, April 23, 2007

MyEG Services, a Pioneer in Blog Advertising

When you're running an internet startup like Nuffnang, you're bound to have a lot of ups and downs.

The downs come when you find out you've made a mistake somewhere and find it in yourself somewhere to pick yourself up to fix it.
The ups come at the times when you know you've done something right or achieved something that you've always dreamed of.

One of my dreams was to one day have a massive advertising campaign that runs on print media, television and/or radio... and also on Nuffnang Blogs.

Such a moment came to me just recently.

Just a week or two ago, I remember driving on the roads listening to Mix FM when I suddenly heard a radio ad that caught my attention and made me smile.

It was an ad for MyEG, a new website that allows us to do everything from checking and paying police summons, pay fines and/or DBKL assessment and compounds.

Most importantly, it finally allows us to renew our driver's license ONLINE. Something I will definitely be using the next time I seek a renewal.

Gone are the days where you have to wake up early in the morning just to go queue up to have your license renewed.

Now the particular attachment that I share with MyEG is that it's the first time Nuffnang blogs have been involved in a multi-prong marketing campaign alongside other forms of traditional media.

Massive advertising campaigns traditionally cover everything from television, print media, radio... and now we can start to say... blogs too... not just one blog... hundreds of them.

I owe this to James of Mantra, and to MyEG for giving us the opportunity.

So to my dear readers... please support our advertiser by clicking on the MyEG ad right after this post.

Check out their website, sign up and bookmark it. You're going to need it sooner or later... I know I will.

If you'd like to hear the radio ad I heard in the car that day... here it is.


Nicholas said...


Boss, we have to register an account in order to check for police summons ah?

VIn©ëNt said...

lol good for yall can renew licenses online ^^ i wont visit the site tho... xD i not malaysian... or isit international de XD guess not...

unnamed said...

i like this ad!

Unknown said...

I dig the idea! They should done it sometime ago. It's even better if JPJ upgrade the license with embedded chip, so if we want to renew it, just got to a machine and put money in it.

slacker said...

congrats stewie.... surely more ads like these to come :P

electronicfly said...

hmmm..i wonder p lesen can change anot leh? hehehe

Boss Stewie said...

nicholas: hahaha register and you'll find out :P

vincent: you're not malaysian?? really?

vicky: hehehe that's credit to them

chapree: haahah maybe they're already working on that right now

slacker: thanks dude :P

her feiness: i think u might be able to... check it out and see.

Horny Ang Moh said...

Me no problem wan! All ad supported that include all sort 'service' ad. All strongly supported by me.

VIn©ëNt said...

i fren of peng peng xD was browsing thru his blog then saw ur blog was on his "must see" blog links so i took a look =) im from SG
xin ga por lang rox =P

hao said...

Yay~! No more wait n queue for hours!

Anonymous said...

It's a long overdue idea, though my skepticism still beats me. congrats boss for this up! don't slacken horrrr :p

Boss Stewie said...

hor ny: hahahaehh.. i thought normally in your comments you always end with "Have a nice day".. why this comment dun have

hao: YAY!!!!!

vincent: ahhaha my partner Ming is Singaporean and he tells me that all the time :P

suicidal: why are you skeptical bout it?

JonehRC said...

Great Ads. Definitely a useful website and im definitely gonna use it. The best part is, my foreign visitors at emailed me "... you have interesting banner ads there. Wish we all can use it. Fed up with queuing!". LOL.
Thanks Boss. Thanks Nuffnang. Tag: "Thank You GOD". ;)

Daphne Maia said...

BOSS can u add me on MSN? daphne[dot]loo[at]live[dot]com

got smtg to ask u... hah.

Lance de'Cypher said...

interesting... very interesting...

Anonymous said...

oh skeptical because of the government side la of course. definitely not MyEG nor blog advertising. :p paisehhhh

Boss Stewie said...

joneh: i just happened to check your stats and more than 70% of our visitors are from Malaysia... i'm surprised the remaining 30% actually emailed u to ask about ur ad hehee

daphne: sure daph

lance: hehe okok

suicidal: eh no lar.. this is a good step forward