Saturday, April 28, 2007

South Park's Wheel of Fortune

It AMAZES me how Southpark manages to get away with jokes like this.

Check it out.

Okay... now after watching the video... be honest and tell me...


This episode even made it on to CNN.


mae said...



thanks to Willie for letting me take first place, lafu youuu!! :D:D

Unknown said...

2nd~!!!! yaaaay~!!

oh wait, i not yet watch the videos yet. but seeing that its south park, should be nothing good one la.

Rebel said...

ok so now it's a competition to see who write the first few comments!?

- _____ -

Anyway, I agree with CNN. I mean that episode was good because they actually manage to educate America about the N word. I guess this time it's more then a joke eh. Thats the best thing about south park. they get to get away with anything and everything.

Unknown said...

simple cheryl, ur new here aren't you?

hao said...

I made that mistake when I first saw that vid... hehe...

electronicfly said...

agree with simple cheryl.

and ya, i made the same mistake but was thinking before the ending how south park can get away with that.

mae said...

I always say it by accident, my Mum scolds me like hell when I do. :P

andrew said...

Will said...
"simple cheryl, ur new here aren't you?"
aww feiness, you've played the first game too, dont be shy now :P

anyway, this same concept was used in a scrubs episode before too.
exchanging the word nigger for nagger to create awareness. its good in a way, but still if majority of the african american community won't stop using that word on themselves, how can they expect the rest of the united states to stop..its not so much discrimination now, its uncommon to see racial fascism at all now. and thats good hehe.

Unknown said...

question: is it REALLY that bad a word that you REALLY REALLY cant say it in front of them african americans?

andrew said...
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andrew said...

its damn degrading lah, cause thats what the white people called the african american slaves last time..its as bad as the term 'chink' is to chinese.
the thing is, so many of the youths in the african american community use the term as a slang on each other and they dont find that wrong, then when someone from another race uses it in front of them, even if they arent being racist, the same youths will get worked up and be angry at the user.

Jackson said...

Guilty! Although I did get the right word after a few seconds... It's just that the first word comes into mind instantly, since it's been way overused

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with Andrew man. You don't even have to go to the US to see how they use it on themselves all the time. Just listen to rap/hiphop music and lalala it's everywhere in their songs. it's just good that nobody (from the vids) have taken offense. Oh and I made the same mistake too, but I got it right in the end okay?!?!? :p

willy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA don't be so direct laaaa wei. make me shy only seeing how I always spam in the rare occasion I'm first.

Unknown said...

American sometimes are being too politically correct till the extent of them being politically wrong. You just got to chill.

Unknown said...

suicidal, hahha, i cant help it. coz its been such a long ongoing 'game' it just seems odd that someone suddenly comment about it.

andrew, chink? i have no idea what that means. never heard of it before and thus me no feel to that word. am i supposed to get angry at the usage of that word? oh ok, grrrrr..... im angry... grrrrr!

Unknown said...

n. Offensive Slang
a. Used as a disparaging term for a Black person:
b. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any dark-skinned people.
2. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any socially, economically, or politically deprived group of people

chink 1(chngk)
A narrow opening, such as a crack or fissure.
tr.v. chinked, chink·ing, chinks
1. To make narrow openings in.
2. To fill narrow openings in.

chink 2(chngk)
A slight, metallic sound, as of coins rattling in a pocket.
intr. & tr.v. chinked, chink·ing, chinks
To make or cause to make a slight, metallic sound.


bukan cina: hey you chink! waddup!

chinese: you calling me a narrow opening? you @%$$^!#@$#! I angry at you.. bad boy!

Rebel said...

[William Leong ]

oh it's a game eh? I guess I didn't notice it before. Nope I'm not new here. I read boss stewie's blog for some time. I do randomly write comments but I guess I never notice the 1st few comments.


Unknown said...

hahhaa, its been like 4-5 months d. great that u know now. bigger crowd, more fun ;)

Unknown said...

and btw, did u know there's a 'LAST game' as well? works the same way ;)


electronicfly said...

It's insulting if others use the N word. but it's just a word if they use it themselves.

Now that's discrimination.

btw,thanks william for reminding me.

Gwendolynne said...

From someone living in the black central hoodstate of USA ...

Yes, you can say it in front of them, but only if you're black. If not, then I suggest you don't or you might get shot. Stick to safe words like
"Bro" "Girlfriend" "Homeboy" ahahaha ... "Dawg"

On WoW we have a race called naga (which are fish people of a sort) and we end up using that word instead. Going around saying "What's up my naga?!" On a side note, I call my husband "Cracka" all the time :)

But anyway, you don't want people walking around pointing at you and calling you Yellow Demons and glaring right? That's what happened to the black people last time so I guess they have every right to be sensitive.

pj said...

haha i guessed niggers first....then naggers came next....and i'm like 'whooooooooops..' lol

andrew said...

bukan cina: hey you chink! waddup!

chinese: you calling me a narrow opening? you @%$$^!#@$#! I angry at you.. bad boy!

HAHAHAH WILLIAM HAHAHAHA omygod i cannot tahan your response hahah damn lawak!

damn funny haha!:P
got laa!
i dont know where i learnt it, but i think there are people who use that word, hahahahaa not narrow oopening lah! hahah
but if you know, you get offended by the narrow opening calling then im sorryyyy hahahaha :D

Sapphira said...

Haha, I'm a Scrabble freak so I thought about the vowels from a e i o to u. Hehe..

CLare said...

They showed us the video during break time when I joined a debate tournament in Cyberjaya...that video got me and everyone in the room...and that got us ROFL!!! LOL!!!