Monday, August 20, 2007

Boss Stewie is in Sydney!






SYDNEY!!!!!That's right... that nice little city in Australia.

Let me tell you why I'm here.

Weeks back my family decided to make a trip here because my sister is coming to Australia to further her studies next year and she wanted to check out the universities here that she was applying to.
My sis is the chick in the middle (oh... and she hates being called a chick)

Lucky her because I didn't know how my university in the UK looked like at all until I went there for my first day at uni.

At first I refused to go because I had work to do at Nuffnang but my parents insisted I needed a break and convinced me that whatever work I had to do, I could do it from my hotel room in Sydney as long as I had an internet connection.

Plus they felt that at the hours I was working each day, I needed a break... or I will soon burn out.

So I went along, also partly to visit one of my favourite cousins there who was studying at UTS.

Now let me be honest with you guys...

My trip so far has been a difficult one and I am actually a little bored.

I don't know what to do and I can't stop thinking about the work I have back home... I wanna go home!!!

I told Nicole that I miss home when she asked me how I was liking it here in Sydney...

And her reply to me was

"Miss home or miss your office?"

I guess she had a point.

Anyway... back to not knowing what to do.

I walked around Sydney, did a bit of shopping and had plenty of food, went to the casino and even followed my sister to check out some of her universities here but now I'm out of things to do.
My only consolation is that we're staying in a really nice hotel with long corridors like this.

And a consolation it is... because that's where I'm actually spending most my time here, connected to the internet and working.

There isn't even a nice Australian lady to share my lonely bed with me here.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

The worst part is this... I have plenty of friends who're studying or working in Australia right now... but believe it or not... NONE OF THEM ARE IN SYDNEY.

Just about a million of them are in Melbourne, a few of them scattered are all over Aussie and ONE dude in some island called Tazmania, mating with the koalas.

For a minute I thought that maybe... just maybe I might have a couple of readers from Sydney... but I highly doubt it.

Anyway if I do.... MY DEAR SYDNEY READERS!!!

I'm staying at the Radisson Plaza Hotel!!!

I'm supposed to be in Sydney till Friday... but now I'm having second thoughts.. thinking of cutting my trip short... I miss Nuffnang

And our Nuffnang team misses me too? Right guys?

(If you guys ever want to tell a lie... now is the time).


TNS said...

go darling harbour lim teh

chanraymond said...

Fly over to Perth, I bring you to my uni. Haha :P Why not go out of the hotel room to work?

TNS said...

curtin? miss the fish n chip at cisserella(i never get it correct, damn)

Nicole said...

stay there for a year and i'll meet you there :D

YT said...

Your bed got three pillows and you take 1, the other 2 is for who? :P

pinkpau said...

tim faster come back. the pink toilet paper issue akan diperjuangkan oleh aku

♥ sarasuyin.9teen.daydreamer ♥ said...

i know ur cousin...=p!

Tine said...

*cough* WORKAHOLIC *cough*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah have fun lar..maybe get a few ideas from staring out at the harbour having a few beers..

Unknown said...

Your sister gonna get bored studying in sydney cos im been studying in sydney at uts for nearly two years now and im dying to fly back

Boss Stewie said...

jason: yah yah going there!

little : like where leh?

jason: eh london fish and chips also nice to eat!

nico: hahaha no i can't stay here for a here a little too relaxed for my liking..

yii toong: all for me lor.. one for me to lie on.. and two to create the illusion that there are two girls sleeping with me

pink pau: hahaha fine fine

sara: u do???

tine: *sniff*

joe: ahh... ok lah.. shall go there later

edmund: hahahah!!!! but my cousini s there and she doesn't mind it

Wilson J Q Quah said...

boss: slack boss SLACK. holiday is about staying in hotel rooms and sleeping long hours.

Danny said...

If you want a white chic beside the bed, you're going to need to stay until Saturday. Seek out on Friday's night when most working people go out to release tension. :P

Ahhh, I wanna visit Sydney.

electronicfly said...

Sydney! Eh boss, your sis is the same age as Michelle isit? or a year younger?

Jason Lioh said...

Your sister looks very much like you, a guy too. :P

Cely said...

ur sis, a slim version of timothy! wah cow...

whisperingshout said...

your sis, what a beautiful girl like her doing with that hairstyle? change change change!

Anonymous said...

Was in Sydney two months ago. If you are still in the city area, drop by for cupcakes at this place on Pitt Street.

Cupcake place on Pitt Street

*~eRisLaiNe~* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*~eRisLaiNe~* said...

Try Jap food in chinatown area eg: menya, kura... they have nice and tasty food.

You can also go to the Sydney Fish Market, where you can have cheap seafood.

Oh oh, if you want to give a try, you can try Pancakes on the Rocks! It's available at the Rocks or Darling Harbour. Try their nachos, pork ribs and surely pancakes!!


-student of Usyd-

Boss Stewie said...

boss lepton: yah ... sleeping long hours but only if got a nice girlfriend to sleep with right

danny: hah... it's surprisingly quite quiet here on friday and sat nite... except for a few places

jason: haha yes yes.. she's a little tomboyish

cely: except no mole

whispering: hahahaha she likes it that way

hinching: yes boss!!! shall check it out

eris: i tried the pancakes on the rocks di... was ok ler... but id idn't know they had good ribs

KaizenKuok said...

Which one is ur sis?the one in the middle with brown t-shirt?

chanraymond said...

Like... Dome/Starbucks.. or... Baskin Robbins! LOL.

Siew Chien said...

go to paddington market for dim sum. it is at level 5. it is near chinatown.

if u go to chinatown, try chu mama which is a taiwanese restaurant. very yummmy.

and a hongkongnese porridge at the end of chinatown. the sydney's chinatown is not that big one! YUMMM YUMMMM YUMMMM!

-frequent visitor of sydney looo

nadnut said...

i want krispy kreme!

Unknown said...

If ure going to chinatown, go to jade tavern on wed night, im the bartender over there. Ill buy you a drink

kahpeng said...

I'm @ USQ, Toowoomba, Queensland, haha :P come find me la boss, wakaka, or come Brisbane? :D Juz realised Hong Kiat also graduated from USQ, keke :P

♥ sarasuyin.9teen.daydreamer ♥ said...

Yeah...i do know her =P...
i dont think she remembers me though...=(...hehehe...
i used to chat with her loadz last time...xD...

KY said...

sorry boss, there's no koala in Tasmania. lol

Boss Stewie said...

dreaming: yah

little ray: that wan back home also got diiii

schien: wah all chinese food wan ar?? what about what the australians normally eat?

nadnut: so do i :P

edmund: eh really? jade tavern.. okok what time?

kahpeng: how far is that wor

sarasuyin: ohhh okok i shall ask her to see if she remembers you

Boss Stewie said...

ky: LOL... hahaha only you bothered to correct me

Unknown said...

7pm onwards....but i cant entertain u cos im working