Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Little Bit of Attention on Nuffie

Last week while I was in Sydney, I learned that Sin Chew, the largest chinese newspaper in Malaysia came up with an article which mentioned Nuffnang.

Then just yesterday morning, I received a flood of SMSs from my friends and associates talking about the latest article about Nuffnang that came out in The Starbiz.

My mum was one of the first to pick up the paper too.

Afraid my head will grow to the size of a durian she reminded me,
"Son... remember one thing.. you haven't quite made it yet... you have a long way more to go".

I nodded immediately and said
"Yes mum.. I know...".

My parents had always taught every one of us in the family the art of humility.

To my mother, a successful but humble person puts him/her a class above everyone else.

And if humility is the root of success... arrogance is the root to failure.
Oh I also got some messages from some ex-girlfriends of mine that I haven't heard from in a long long time (and are as usual happier without me).

That was fun.

Thanks so much to Hung Yee of The Star who wrote the article.

I still remember her telling me that I was the youngest person ever to be interviewed for that column.

Hung Yee, thanks for believing that age is no barrier :P

Credit also to Kim who handles our PR and for whom without, much of our media coverage would not have materialized.

If you guys want to read the online version of the paper, click here.

To all of you who left me the nice messages on my blog or by e-mail, thank you so much!!!

But as my mother would tell you if you ask her, DON'T get carried away... we have a lot more to do and a lot of expectations to fulfill.


Mr Gin said...

Sigh...and i thought i was all famous for coming out on newspaper for accidentally appearing to buy dvds..sigh...i have a long long long way to go...

Christine said...

Haha.. Congrats to you.. And your mum is so right.. "evil laugh".. All the best to you and continue to work hard to make nuffnang a success.. Take care

lovey said...

Long way to go, and motivations like this will make you all fired up I hope!
Boss Stewie boleh!

Horny Ang Moh said...

So good to know that u r a humble person! So more ads please! I am desperate for money! Have a nice day Bossy!

Sharon said...

lol, ex gfs making a comeback for you perhaps. they must be thinking "dang there goes my jackpot!"

Evelyncyl said...

hey, congratulations!
oh and...nice to know that u'r a humble guy... keep it up! =D

Adino said...

Congrats!! That's a great honour, and your mum is a wise woman. You must listen to her :) Btw now that you're so famous, why not host your blog in your own domain?

TheBeerCrusader said...

Nuffnang !!

I support you !!

Muaks !!

Adverlets will be doomed !!

Kimberly Low said...

thanks for the plug boss! appreciate it, wouldn't have been able to do the work if i had not believe in the product. nuffnang ftw cheers!

KY said...

ei who's that other good looking guy in Sin Chew's article? :D

Utterly Frustrated said...

i haven't been dropping by for ages and whenever i do, nuffnang just soar and soar away!


i await the day for that leetle dotcom to be the talk of the country.

well done boss!

TNS said...

ky, is u lar

Aco Lim said...

Haha, i read the article, thats why i am here..:)