Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nuffie's Corner

About 1-2 weeks ago I wrote about putting together our little Nuffie's Corner in our little Nuffnang office in KL.

Now let me be honest with you guys.

When I put together Nuffie's Corner, I had my own share of doubts.

I didn't know if people would really go about using it.. hence I couldn't decide it if was going to be a good investment.

Today, my fears are gone.

EVERYONE... that's right EVERYONE uses the little Nuffie's Corner.

Starting with Samantha.

Along with Arsyan and Suet Li.

Who sometimes make it a point to fight and hit each other there.

Heck even the guys use Nuffie's Corner.

Especially Firdauz who more often than not uses it to sleep.
Now the thing about our KL Office is this.

Our air conditioning is way too cold... it's almost below freezing temperature in there during the day.

Which is why we have a little blanket that Suet Li mostly takes her time to HOG when she's seated and doing her work at Nuffie's Corner.

Or even when she's on a table itself.

But the most ridiculous thing I've seen Suet Li do is this.

Dear Suet Li... is this a hint for us to remove the air-con in our office?

Because I'm sure we could survive with one or two standing fans...

Look closely at the picture. You can actually see her right hand on her laptop's keyboard.

On another note.

You guys have to check out this animation video that one of our Singaporean Nuffnangers did.

All the effort he put in... UNBELIEVABLE!!!


CRIZ LAI said...

The Nuffie's Corner is a good idea but the carpet is a bit small. Hehe. The video rocks! The person deserved more than 2 tickets for the effort.

Anyway, I love the pets adverts. I changed my whole blog theme to blend in with the adverts.

Boss Stewie said...

criz: thanks criz.. hehe thats actually a charity ad from SPCA

Boon said...

hahaha! suetli ci sin already.but is it because is cold? or because of the glare from behind which make her hard to look onto her screen?

Boss Stewie said...

chan: maybe a bit of both :P

Nicole said...


TNS said...

wow, mean i cant wear my lubang socks!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

I wish I have a 'hor ny' corner in my office!Nice day bossy!

hao said...

Suet Li must be looking at "something" inside the blanket *cough*


KY said...

I think the guy deserves like 5 tickets!

Suet Li said...


boss haven't got blinds therefore i had to use the blanket because of the glare and all. cis bedebah wtf was watching porn also wtf

crazyhamster said...

thanks boss stewie! hahah I deserve 5 tickets! GASP. Thank you! it was a great pleasure doing the animation too!

Boss Stewie said...

nico: yah creative leh!

jason: kenot wor... hahaha otherwise we will all see ur lubang

hor ny: hahahaha u damn fahney ler u!

hao: yah ya... lol

ky: yah,.. mebe even 10 lol.. if ming has any left

suet li: hahahah!!!

crazy: loved ur animation dude!

Caneeliea said...

Hahahahahah.. Nuffnang staff all got personalities one lah! Very funny lah that Suet Li!

eyeris said...

nuffie corner so kecik where got enough? afterwards when ALL the nuffnang ppl want to use at the same time all end up fighting how? :D

ahlost said...

hahahahahahaha... boss so bad... :D

electronicfly said...

boss need to get a big big proper blanket la, so kecil how to sleep properly? (what is work when you have nuffie's corner?)

Sabrina Woon said...

That little corner looks really good..hehe.. and comfy. Suet Li's so cute with the blanket.. LOL