Friday, August 10, 2007

The Nuffnang Team in Singapore (Day 1) : Sentosa

On Tuesday this week, we decided to bring the entire Malaysian Nuffnang team (both Penang and KL) down to Singapore for our Singapore Nuffnang Rush Hour Event (all expense paid by the Company).

Not everyone could make it down, but most of us did.

The trip provided an opportunity for the team in Penang to bond with the team in KL and most importantly, for both the Malaysian teams to bond with the team in Singapore.
I decided to take a drive down and Cheeserland wanted to follow us so she tagged along with the team.

The idea was to have a half work/half play trip.

So the day after we arrived in Singapore, we all went to work in our Singapore office as usual with Ming explaining to the Malaysians exactly what was going to happen for the upcoming Singapore event

Some were paying attention.

And as you can see from the next picture, some weren't :P

After a long morning of working, Ming brought us all for lunch at the exclusive Tanglin Club in Singapore where apparently there's a waiting list to get a membership there and you'd have to find yourself waiting for years before you get one.

Suet Li, Ringo and I decided to camwhore a little in that club... since for all you know, that might be our first and last time ever having the chance to get in.

(I like Suet Li's dress in the picture.. so cute leh!!!)

I had my favourite Pesto Penne for lunch.
And spent most of lunch getting to know better one of our Singaporean interns: Hui Wen.

Now the thing about Nuffnang is... most of the team are bloggers themselves.

And you can tell you're eating with bloggers when every time just when your food comes, everybody whips out their cameras to take a shot at it before you can even have a bite.We took our time to finish lunch and on most days... after lunch everyone heads back to the office right?

Not that day... and not for us.

After lunch we all headed to Sentosa for a good time completely funded by Nuffnang.

When we got there, we put on our helmets.

Joined a queue.

And sat on a ride called the LUGE!!!

Where you would basically sit on this slide thing and roll down the hill as breakneck speed.


All of us raced with each other... and the girls just wouldn't stop complaining that they were slow because their bodies were lighter.

Now the ride down the hill isn't exactly the only fun part.

Even coming up the hill is fun... because they put us on these little ski swing thing called the Skyride.
Cool huh!!!

The good thing about the Skyride is that up there you're treated to a beautiful view.
But the bad thing is...


I'm not extremely afraid of heights but I don't like the idea of hanging on a cable, a hundred feet above the ground.

The guys were all scared the first time we got on the ride but for some reason... the girls didn't seem to be afraid of heights.

Especially Suet Li who enjoyed taunting Ming, calling him a chicken and even shaking the swing as much as she could.... the notty notty girl!

Look at this picture.

And notice a few things about it...
(Ming is on the left btw)...


Even if he had the BIGGEST ITCH on his crotch, he wouldn't have moved a muscle!

And look at how happy Suet Li is sitting in the middle of them.

But ai cheh...

We men learn fast.

After the first ride, all our balls grew bigger.

See how all the guys are acting cool now?

Ai cheh ai cheh!!!

So it is true when they say.... bola ada kembang ada kecut.


Cely said...

no call me join :(

Boss Stewie said...

aihh sorry..

forot that you were around!

iwan c.m.n. said...

eh.. why this time if look at suet with the cute dress, suddenly feel hungry ah? (I mean literally..!!)

*gotta find some food immediately now*

p/s: thighs maybe?

electronicfly said...

I've never been to Sentosa before! Everytime I go down to SG sure stuck on the main island oni one..=(

Did you sit the ball thingy which propels you into the air using bungee cords?

Nicole said...

you... left me alone in KL.. *sob*

Caneeliea said...

Wah so syok oh u guys! How come I've never been with a company that does all the fun things that u guys do one! Jealous oh!

lovey said...

your malay funny la boss.. ahahahahhaha... bola ada kecut ada kembang..

Seizhin said...

Please dont tell me that you all vomitted after that. At least that's what happen to a guy friend.

princessladyjane said...

wahh... sentosa sounds fun! I have never been to sentosa eventhough i have been to singapore several times!... sure looks fun!

and i think Singapore will be more fun with the casino coming around! eheheheee...

iwan c.m.n. said...

suet: nooo no wasn't in my mind.

you see, a quick reaction; look->hungry. without thinking.

jesspoh said...

I think Ming was afraid of the girls, coz they were trying to scare him :)

that's why he was so brave in the picture with da guys :)