Thursday, August 30, 2007

Times When You're Reminded You're Single


I have been single for almost a year now.

Something I have always been very happy about, especially since Nuffnang launched... I have no commitments to hold me back.

But there are times when the feeling of single-hood catches up on me. And no it doesn't have to come in the form of just seeing happy couples when walking around Ikea furniture shopping for their home (damn I hate those happy couples!!!)

It comes all in the form of a simple invitation.

This Friday, I got invited to this private event for the advertising industry.

I was told that I can "Bring a date".

Which sounds all fine and dandy right?

Except for one problem.


And for some reason, I am surrounded with girls who are all attached.

That's right!!!



So there I am going to be this Friday, when everyone else, and quite a number of our clients are going to be there with their wives and dates.

Then they'll all ask me
"Oh Timothy!!! You're here... great to see you mate... who did you come with?"

And I'm going to have to say...
"Oh I came with my pet dog Ah Bop. He's getting wasted at the bar right now... going to go save him in a sec."


Suddenly I begin to feel the way Richard Gere felt in Pretty Woman.

Needing an 'escort' to follow him for events like this.

Where is my Julia Roberts? Where where?


Jacquelyn Ho said...

Bring me along then :) Plz plz plz?

*big watery eyes*

Boss Stewie said...

okok!!! come come come

FeR said...

is this your "subtle" way to promote yourself to girls? or are you giving someone around you now a BIG hint (who knows? maybe you're shy to make the first move so gotta hint to that girl that you like her? *hehe*)

*thumbs up*

Am sure if BossStewie just say the word, plenty would be your date! :D

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Aiks. You must be joking la hor?

But I wasn't, haha! -_-

Arghh, I shouldn't be sitting here reading ur blog lar, must study for finals ><

And yeah, I agreed with fer, plenty of girls out there would definitely say yes IF you actually ask them to be ur date :p

Jason Lioh said...

I don't remember Wen Qi saying that she is attached or something. :D And most importantly, she's always beside you. :D

YT said...

Boss Stewie so famous. Sure no prob finding a date. Showing up single at the event may possibly send magnetic chick vibes to the swinging and unattached. Cheer up man!

TNS said...

u can have a contest. winner will have a date with boss stewie

Bliss said...

Bring me along hehehhe, btw i think u and nicolekiss would make a great couple, hint hint hehehh , your blog is very entertaining :)

TheBeerCrusader said...


Boss ar !

Relax la .. Being single is good too !

*wink* Can go to Geylang anytime you want without being caught and butchered ma... XD

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahahaa..u sure or not??..

Boss Stewie said...

fer: hah... i wish what u say is really true

jac: where are all these girls ?!?

jason: well... she's a different altogether

yii toong: pls lar.. nobody will even notice me there... don't give me too much credit

jasontan: hahaha win a date with boss stewie... lol.. reality tv show

bliss: hah... i'm sure she would think otherwise :P

gila: hahaha lol lol

Boss Stewie said...

joe: sure lar!!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

U can always bring ur mummy or aunty along if really no chick available! He! He!Have a nice day & enjoy ur hornyday Bossy!

Nicole said...

oh dear... tim tim, merdeka and u're out on a function? my my, u shud be having fun outside. LOL

chocolat-latte' said...

oh. Ive been single for a long long time too. a month now?


no no. Serious this time. ;) he's got someone else de. 10 years older by his age and twice my size. SERIOUSLY.

so im a happy eppy single now. *winks*

Zp's Word Of Wisdom said...

state yr gf criteria on yr next post!

pinkpau said...

tim are you paying yourself for this advertorial of yourself!

Boss Stewie said...

hor ny: hahahaha how can i bring my mum and aunty for an event that will have alcohol??

nico: hahaha ahh.. well.. half work day lor

choc: twice his sizE? seriouss?

zp: hahahahaha easy... short skirt, low cut top

Boss Stewie said...

pink: hahaha i'm paying myself.... thorugh nuffnang..

chocolat-latte' said...

twice my size. if you seen him, he's quite well built..

so his sister was complaning that his new gf is as big as he is..

and 10 years his senior..

but.. but.. I'M YOUNG! wtf.

being young is not everything now.. hmmmm

electronicfly said...

eh, don't complain can anot?

I've been (and still am ) single for 19, almost 20 years already k!!

*sniff sniff*

JacJac said...

Ah Bop makes a splendid date you know...

make sure you don soak him too much with alchy ;)

if you don want to go with ah Bop.. i dont mind dating that plushie eh!



Michelle said...

well yea.. same feeling..
being single at times.. i hate happy couples too.. a lil' eyesore.

Boss Stewie said...

choc: hahaha lol... older women have their draws

fei: tsk tsk.. why so poor thing

jac: hah.. no he's mine!

michelle: yah!! agree!

NoHz said...

Haha! boss, i like the way you "advertised" urself! hehe...nvm la...maybe you will find someone at the event...who knows???

Boss Stewie said...

nohz: next step... banner ads on Nuffnang.. hahaha!!!!

Utterly Frustrated said...

at least you have an event to go to.
i'm stuck at home :(

MaE : ) said...

with ur sexy mole! no prob!
plenty dates laaaaa

Cheng Chun said...

I don't think you want guy companions right lol. Have you tried the opposite sex yet. :P

Boss Stewie said...

kristin: ahh... well the grass is always greener on the other side.. i feel like staying home too sometimes :P

mae: hmph! if only

cheng chung: no nooo.. definitely straight!

Patchay said...

How come? Next time Nuffnang need to employ more "single" girls lah haha!